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  1. M

    Question using a6150, i get "cant connect to this network" when trying to connect to a 5ghz network.

    i can connect to 2.4ghz networks without problems. my wireless mode is a/n/ac, as said in the user manual for my adapter. my wifi's mode is 802.11ac, but i can switch it to n. bandwidth is 20mhz+40mhz+80mhz auto(the only one). channel is 40. i tried changing the ssid. my other devices connect...
  2. M

    [SOLVED] 802.11ac not working

    my adapter is RTL8812BU. I tried uninstalling it, i even uninstalled windows and it still doesnt work. when i switch to ac, it connects for 10 seconds, and then proceeds to disconnect. my router supports it, and i dont have problems on my other devices. when i use a/n i get a really unstable...
  3. M

    Question Only PCs can't connect to 5GHz Wi-Fi - Windows 10 AC600

    Current device: Asus X756UX-T4244T Wi-Fi adapter: FRITZ! AC430 and TP-LINK Archer T2U AC600 Router: Unitymedia Connect Box ( All drivers updated ) Hey, after seeing how big the speed difference between my 2.4GHz and 5GHz is I tried connecting every device with 5GHz. My iPad and S9 connect with...
  4. D

    Question (SOLVED) Netgear A6150 Adapter can't see 5GHz anymore

    So I've looked for a few hours without finding anything that's helped me with this... here goes. I bought the Netgear AC1200 WiFi USB Adapter (Model number A6150) today, because I wanted to connect to my home's 5GHz wifi network. I've been using the 2.4GHz, which gets interrupted whenever...
  5. Z

    Question connect to 5GHz WiFi using repeater and broadcast 2.5GHz WiFi

    Few months ago I bought mobile that only supports 2.5GHz WiFi. I am paying my roommate to share WiFi and for some reason router's 2.5GHz channel keeps disconnecting randomly. I was thinking to purchase a router and be able to 5GHz network and broadcast it in my room as 2.5GHz network. Is it...
  6. Question Pci-e wifi adapter stuck at 54mbit while usb wifi adapter gets 130mbit with lower signal rate

    Hello everybody, I'm having this issue with my pcie wifi adapter. I was using the usb one but then i switched to the pcie one. Here are the adapters; Pci-e...
  7. Kmylo777

    Question How bad 5.0GHz is penetrating drywall?

    Hello guys. I need to buy some sort of antenna to recieve signal in a building that is 30mts or less away from the router. I want to buy the CPE610 from TP-LINK which is 23dbi, but the problem is a very thin transparent plastic roof and a thin drywall sheet, nothing else. My phone actually does...
  8. T

    Question Windows 10 Can't connect to 5Ghz network

    Hello, tried to find the same issue in the ocean that is this forum but can't find something that fixes my problem. Bear with me here. :) I'm using a N900 Dual Band Wireless USB Adapter to connect my desktop PC to the WiFi. It connects fine to the 2.4Ghz network, but when I try to connect it to...
  9. S

    Question Intel 8700k OC 1.42v for 5ghz Not as dangerous as people think.

    That's a statement, not a question so be mindful of that folks. I more so wanted to open a dialogue about voltages you push through your CPU's to hit certain frequencies. For some reason many people think that a majority of OC'ers can hit the golden 5.0ghz at 1.35vs or less. It is my opinion...
  10. N

    Question WIFI is not giving me the provided speed

    Hey guys, I have "MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC" Motherboard with built-in WIFI, its "dual band " and I'm connected to the 5Ghz network. Anyway since the day I got this PC the WIFI is so weak even though our network is Fiber with an average of Ping 3 and speed 80-110 Mbps, when I do speed tests...
  11. S

    Question Adding WiFi to my Network

    Hi, I have got a MikroTik Radio router antenna on the roof for my internet P2P connection and it's also my router for home devices which are connected to it via an 8 port Gigabit TP-link switch. So i need something to connect it to my switch and broadcast AC Wifi for mobile phone and laptop...
  12. D

    Question Best cheap Wifi Card that supports 5ghz?

    The speeds i get upstairs is pissing me off. My wifi card only supports 2.4ghz and my Router supports 5ghz. I've been searching around and found a couple but not sure if they are reliable since i dont know much. For example there are some that support 450mbps and others that support 1200mbps...
  13. A

    4790 (non k) and upgrading from GTX 970 to 2060/2070/1080ti

    so pretty much as the title says i wanna do that upgrade knwing that my monitor is 1080p/60ghz what you guys think about bottlenecking with my current setup ? i got 16 gigs of ram
  14. chaydon117

    running a mobile cpu on a desktop motherboard

    Hello there. I have my hands on an old Sempron Mobile 3000+ which is a mobile socket 745 CPU and I was wondering if it could run on a desktop motherboard. Any help would be appretiated. Thanks
  15. T

    USB devices plugged in nothing happens (Windows 10)

    When I plug new USB devices in my computer does not recognize them unless I restart the computer. How do I fix this? Windows 10
  16. M

    Bluetooth Audio Adapter [SOLVED]

    So I have a bluetooth audio adapter for my 4.1 audio system. But, I want to use the adaptor and listen to music. Unfortunately I can't do this. Tried to take the baterry out and just charge it via usb cable, doesn't work. It works only with that little baterry and I don't want to charge it...
  17. G

    Yes, Downloading Nintendo ROMs is Illegal (Even if You Own the Game)

    Are you committing copyright infringement by downloading emulated ROM games? What about when emulating ROMs yourself? We spoke with three lawyers to find out. Yes, Downloading Nintendo ROMs is Illegal (Even if You Own the Game) : Read more
  18. E

    Laptop GPU heating because bad settings???

    Hi everybody, i bought a gaming PC, supposed to be quit good, especially for GTA V and Rust, which are very heavy games graphically. I have both games at the lowest possible settings, but altough my CPU temp is fine, my GPU goes up and remains constantly at 93° after few minutes. After...
  19. BobMcSmith

    How much VRAM do I need?

    I am looking at a GTX 1060, but do not know how much VRAM I need for my games. I play Overwatch, Fortnite, TF2, Minecraft occasionaly, and some Steam games like Rocket League, and GRID. Would 3GB be enough? Thanks!
  20. A

    hard drive formating error " theres not enough space on the drive to complete this operation"

    i have a 2TB Seagate firecuda drive that was partitioned by the xbox one for extra storage, but due to not using it as much i decided to use it for a shared network drive, problem is after deleting all the partitions im only left with 2 but only 107.54GB is able to be formated. the error im...