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  1. T

    Question PCIe card worse signal than USB phone hotspot

    Hi guys, Recently, I bought a TP-Link AC1300 Wifi PCI Express-adapter (Archer T6E) since I can no longer connect my PC with an ethernet cable. The router is in a miserable spot two floors down, so the signal is expected to be a lot weaker. I am connected to a 5GHz connection and, using the...
  2. Moth254KF

    Question Is TP LINK Dual AC750 ARCHER C20 a good router?

    Is me again, I am in a tick budget for the moment, I did a little search and I think this router acomplish some things I need. Like 5ghz to use it on my laptop for online classes, to conect and xbox and my destkop pc for online games on in my case to upload videos. So, it is a good choice?
  3. Cubeeee

    Question Safe way to overclock

    Hi everyone, I recently built a PC with an i99900k and a 2080 ti. I ran some benchmarks and noticed that I'm not getting nearly the expected performance of my graphics card and CPU. Instinctively, I freaked out thinking that something was wrong, but after a while came to the realization that it...
  4. V

    [SOLVED] Overclocking on MSI Tomahawk Z490 with 10900K

    Hi Guys, I am about to build a brand new gaming pc, I am going pretty high-end and am currently just waiting for the arrival of the RTX 3000 series (or whatever it is going to be called). The rest of my build consists of a 10900K, MSI Z490 Tomahawk and a NZXT X63 Kraken cooler. Since I am...
  5. K

    Question Slow unstable wifi connection after installing network card into hp prebuilt

    Hi there. I bought an HP ProDesk 400 G6-Microtower-PC running windows 10 and wanted to install wireless capabilities. I bought a 2.4/5 ghz wireless card (TP-Link Arhcer T4E) and installed it in one of the free pci-e slots. Now i do have an internet connection but it is terribly slow (<8 mbits in...
  6. M

    Question endless reboot cycle at 5GHz

    Specs: CPU: 9700k mobo: Z390 AORUS PRO bios version: F12d cooler: Kraken x62 stress test used: Prime95 (Small FFTs) I have never been able to reach a stable clock of 5GHz. I received the board yesterday and spent an hour or so on the F11 bios trying to reach a stable 5GHz with any voltage up...
  7. K

    Question PCIE WiFi Adapter vs USB Wifi Adapter help

    I am looking for wifi adapters for my pc and came across this article. Here they are comparing pcie and usb wifi adapters. Two models - Tplink Archer T4U (USB) and Archer T4E (PCIE) - fall within my budget and these are available in my country. In the tests shown in that website, the usb model...
  8. Z

    Question 8700k

    is gigabyte z390 gaming x capable of overclocking an i7 8700k at 5ghz 1.35vcore? also what are those pins in the top right near the xmp led, its not written in the manual i havent overclocked it yet, and of course i will run tests to lower the vcore, do u have any suggestions for another vcore...
  9. D

    Question Core Clock Multiplier and Voltage Lowering After Startup

    I have an i5-9600k that I overclocked to 5 GHz with 1.35v. Originally, I applied 1.25v and that crashed, so I bumped it up to 1.3v, another crash, and I finally got it stable at 1.35v. I did some benchmarks and played some games, and it was fine and never reached over 80 Celsius. After I shut it...
  10. S

    Question i5 8600k @5Ghz with an RTX 2070 Super (Bottleneck)?

    I am thinking about upgrading from my ASUS GTX 1070 Dual to an RTX 2070 Super. After recently improving my aftermarket CPU cooler, I am now able to run demanding games comfortably at 5Ghz with my current setup. I just feel that the GTX 1070 is starting to struggle with certain newer games...
  11. D

    Question Connected, no internet for 5G on all devices

    My ISP is Plusnet, router is Plusnet Hub One. Devices can connect to the 5GHz SSID when the SSIDs are split, but none can connect to the internet via 5GHz. The 2GHz line is fine, it's just the 5GHz connection causing trouble, and the 2GHz line is becoming very congested. The wi fi has also...
  12. H

    Question At my wits end, 5ghz is not appearing after installing my new ASUS AC88

    Hi there, I just installed my ASUS AC88 dual band wireless adaptor into my own system, but the 5ghz channel is not working whatsoever. 2.4ghz works completely fine, but as soon as I switch to 5ghz (I use android hotspot for my wifi needs) it just doesn't want to connect. I (think I ) know it's...
  13. J

    Question Using gigabit ethernet to broadcast 5G network?

    Hello, I need to find a way to get 5G wifi at home, currently I have a device that acts as both router and satellite TV, therefore I cannot really replace it in just a new router, this device only support 2.4G wifi. I think there are 2 solution for this, the first would be using a wifi repeater...
  14. B

    Question How to check for RFI

    I am wondering what tools I can use to check for RFI so I can optimize my WiFi. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
  15. Thamer Al Hamad

    [SOLVED] i was wondering if i OC my CPU ( core i9 9900k 3.60GHz, would it increase FPS in Call of duty modern warfare ?

    i have a RTX 2070 with 1440p 144Hz 32'' monitor and 32GB DDR4.
  16. A

    [SOLVED] Unable to connect to my wireless 5ghz network.

    Hi I am unable to connect to my 5ghz network. My router provides me with two wireless options. 2.4 and 5 ghz. I am able to seamlessly connect to the 2.4 ghz network. After a little while of loading, i type in the password to get in to the 5ghz and it says i am unable to connect to this network...
  17. V

    [SOLVED] PCIe network card no longer picking up 5GHz signals.

    After I updated my GPU (AMD RX480) to the latest driver, my Archer T4E Dualband PCIe network card no longer finds any 5GHz signals, despite my phone and laptop still being able to connect and use it. I tried resetting the router and reinstalling the network card's driver again but it didn't...
  18. indianajune1

    Question first overclock to 5ghz. can you fail OCCT LINKPACK and still be " stable "occt

    hey guys , i just did my first overclock following the steps on a der8auer video for my i7700k and asus apex ix motherboard (i also have a kraken x62 aio cooler ) so far it seems stable jumping between 4.7-5ghz ( more on the 4.7 side unless its stressed ) at normal idel temps and when i run OCCT...
  19. C

    [SOLVED] Baffled by odd internet speed issues that came out of nowhere, tried many different solutions but none have worked.

    Laptop: MSI GS65 Stealth-006 - Intel(r) Wireless-AC 9560 - Driver version: Modem: Spectrum DOCSIS 3.1 eMTA Router: Spectrum Wave 2 - RAC2V1S Sagemcom ISP: Spectrum @ 400 Mbps OS: Windows 10 Home - Version 1909 My Issue: Over the last couple of days, my download speeds on my...
  20. C

    Question My 5ghz network on my pc is the same speed as 2.4 but not on my phone

    I have the Tp-link t6e 1300 adapter, I am currently on the broadcom drivers but have tried theirs already.