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  1. C

    i5 safe temps?

    so yes i know, there's plenty of threads of this but i just need someone to tell me specifically about it. so i have my 4690k at 4.0. it fluctuates from like 57-68c while playing DayZ. are these temps safe?
  2. not you

    Should i buy fallout 4 for this pc can i run it?

    Hello I would like to run fallout 4 on this pc gigabyte gtx 970 g1 gaming I7 6700k Asus maximus viii hero 2x4gb ddr4 corsair vengance lpx 2666 Xfx pro series xxx 850w Samsung sm951 pcie ssd 128gb 1tb wd black hdd Zalman z11 plus Raijintek triton aio In 1440x900 resolution My pc shoudl handle...
  3. zingstars

    what heatsink best for many case fans

    I have lets say 8 case fans and I want to really utalize that factor with a cooler and idk if I'm going with a huge heatsink or just wide, what's best cooler for that, price isn't a problem within reason and yes I know watercooling but I want air
  4. H

    New 'Hitman' Game Set For March 11 Release, Will Include Intro Pack For $34.99

    IO Interactive released new details about its March 11 release of the new "Hitman" game, which will have an Intro Pack for $29.99 for those who want to see if the full game is worth the full price. New 'Hitman' Game Set For March 11 Release, Will Include Intro Pack For $34.99 : Read more
  5. D

    No signal to monitor after resetting bios battery

    I want to start off by saying that I know very little about computer hardware, so please talk to me like I am a complete novice. I was playing a game with a friend, and my PC suddenly shut off and would not turn back on. My friend brought up that taking the bios battery out and putting it...
  6. D

    Missing some screws for H105

    Hey There, I am missing the 8 X short radiator screws for the H105 (probly lost them or didnt even come with the box). Brand New the water cooler is as well. I asked for Cosair to send me the screws and agreed and didnt even send me them. Is there a way I can just buy them with out the £10...
  7. K

    Turn on Z97 G45 Mobo with no case?

    My case isn't here yet and I want to start downloading games and such so I'm trying to set up an out of case build, I just don't know how to turn on my computer. Thanks in advance :D
  8. S

    new build trouble shooting

    Okay, so I built a new gaming desktop. The build worked perfect for about 2 weeks and then I noticed a heavy performance drop. I ran memtest 64 and found a bad ram stick. I rma through newegg and got my new ram. I installed it and everything seemed to work. So here is the issue. When I...
  9. S

    G.Card and PCI problem

    So I recently started building my new pc and it turns out that my wifi pci card and graphics card don't fit next to each other.My motherboard has only 3 pci slots but my pci card aND g card fit in a specific slot.If you guys have any suggestions please let me know and thanks in advance.(Graphics...
  10. HappyHambo

    Will my PC Run Skyrim at 1440p with an ENB?

    I'm planning my new PC and I have decided to get an I5-4690 and a Gigabyte Gaming G1 970. What i'm wondering is, will I be able to run Skyrim @ 60ish FPS with an ENB, 2k textures and maybe some other random mods at 1440p or is it not powerful enough?
  11. S

    Motherboard broken, or PSU?

    I just built a PC, and it won't turn on (although the green power LED on the motherboard is lit up). All the cables are plugged in, and my Athlon X4 860k is compatible with my Asus A88xm-a motherboard. I swapped the CPU with an A4 5300, but it didn't work. I then swapped the ram - still no boot...
  12. M

    Hard drive is failing?

    My roommate's laptop was acting weird lately, so, yesterday after it stopped responding once again, he performed emergency shutdown, and instead of normal boot, error screen occurred saying something like "Windows failed to start error 0xc000000f". I managed to start hard drive check using...
  13. D

    SAS drive on Poweredge failing.

    Have a server hard drive showing as failing. I am purchasing the a new one to put in. This is a 2003 server with hot swappable drives. If I put in the new drive will the server rebuild automatically? I am pretty sure this is the case but I wanted to check with the community to verify. Dell /...
  14. P

    Durable Mech KB with macros?

    I guess there isn't really one. I love the looks of Corsair K95, but taken back by its led issues. What the point of having backlit KBs if the leds can't last a year? How long can we expect the leds to work in KBs generally? Those who have had long term ownership pls share your experiences. I...
  15. Ryarwood99

    What size PSU do I need

    I have a 550W and just used a couple calculators to see of that was enough and some said yes some said no. CPU: i7 4790k GPU: R7 260x Mobo: AsRock z97 anniversary Memory: 2×4GB ddr3 120GB SSD 1TB 7200 HDD Some LED 120mm fans No overclocking... And please don't make fun of build, I know the GPU...
  16. FunctionalGaming

    Final Build Idea Ok?

    Will this build work, all fit together and everything? Is there enough slots on the motherboard components and fans? Is PSU good enough? Please help! http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/Yqy24D
  17. Y

    Asrock G41M-VS3 R2.0 with Galaxy FeForce 210 Graphics Card

    I bought GALAXY Geforce 210 Graphics card and tried to install it as the manual says in PCIE slot first time to use it. It didn't work. the fan is working but the display Says No signal. when I try to put the display on the VGA On boards it works normally. I reviewed the Bios and have an option...
  18. Z

    Which has better performance for gaming

    GTX 850m DDR3 with i7-4710HQ or GTX 860 GDDR5 with i5-4210H
  19. J

    What do you think of my build? Will the r9 270 OC fit in this case? and Can I install Windows 7 with just my activation key

    So I'm building my first computer. I bought a used motherboard and video card and ordered the other parts online. I'm still waiting for them; I was just looking at pictures of the case online and I'm worried the r9 270 OC might not fit with all the HDD slots. Also, will the PSU that comes in the...
  20. A

    2 questions about my case

    Hi guys, first of all after a week of getting this case http:// I realized that I didn't use any mobo standoffs, partly do to me forgetting about them and partly do to me having no issues screwing the mobo to the case, it was not loose or anything so stand offs didnt even come to mind. Is it...
  21. D

    should i switch my motherboard

    hey guys i am aiming to build a pc to game on and also edit videos for youtube. Based off of that knowledge should i use a different motherboard for my build, and i am willing to spend a bit more on it. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/wdp8yc i appreciate all feedback, thanks.
  22. Zombiefighter57

    best fan for my CPU

    i need a good 92mm fan for my cpu cooler, the price doesnt matter and i dont care so much about noise.
  23. Sarpy

    Unable to find a virualization option in BIOS MSI 970A-G46. Anyone able to help?

    I'm attempting to run oracle virtual box on my machine (w8.1 64 bit) and I am unable to install any 64 bit machines on it. I read that I need to find and enable a virualization option in bios, however, I cannot find it. Is there a way for me to check if my motherboard is compatible? my CPU is...
  24. J

    upgrades for Intel DH61WW motherboad like graphics card and RAM

    Guys i have a pretty basic system with a core i3-2100 and a 450w PSU on a intel Dh61WW mother board. Now my question is that i am going to buy the zotac gtx 750 ti 2 GB GDDR5 GPU and upgrade my RAM from 2GB to 6GB so will my processor and PSU be able to power my GPU and will it bottleneck ? my...
  25. V

    usb charging while turned off

    how do you turn off usb power/charging when your computer is shut down? mb gryphon z97 psu seasonic x 750 vc r9 280x mem 8gig 1600 ddr3
  26. R

    Booting time is more for First boot of the day, but very less in after boot for the day

    I have a 2 TB hdd set to dynamic and a new SSD 256 Gb Set to MBR, My question is that , when I start my pc for the first time of the day, it takes around 1min 8-10sec , but after that when i start it for the same day, it starts in just 12-14 sec? I dont understand why it is taking long time to...
  27. D

    New GamingRig Slow

    Hey! I just recently purchased a pre-built iBuyPower Gaming tower off of Bestbuy. Ever since getting it, It seems to be running slow in almost everything I do. In simple games I cannot even go to maximal settings. In games like MapleStory it lags and runs slow. Same for Warframe. What bugs me...
  28. A

    Upgrade RAM question

    I have a Gateway 6800-01e. When I look up the max RAM it says I can use PC3-8500 so my question is could I put PC3-12800 in and it just run at the lower speed?
  29. 7

    Isolating the two drives on a PC

    I have a PC on which I work and I game ! So now I thought of buying a SSD hard drive and install it on my PC ! What I want to do is , one Hard disk for my os printer and all other drivers that I work on ! And the other only with my os and game ! When I boot one drive the PC should not read the...
  30. QCube

    Frames keep dropping on every game.

    Hello My custom built rig has been playing up for some time now and It's starting to frustrate me. I don't know whether it's just the graphics can't handle a game or optimisation settings but hopefully someone will be able to help me out My Specs AMD FX-8320 Eight Core Processor w/ Cooler...
  31. P

    I Have a TP-LINK TD-W8901G 54M Wireless ADSL2 + Modem Router and I am trying to optimize it for watching movies and gaming. Wh

    I'm trying to optimize my Router for movies and gaming. I can't find anything to help me figure it out. Will you please help me, Thank-you
  32. H

    *Help* Upgrading from 8 GB to 16 GB RAM caused a decrease in performance.

    After installing two additional sticks of Corsair Vengeance Pro Series 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1866 MHZ (PC3 15000) Desktop Memory (4 of the exact same RAM in total adding up to a grand total of 16 GB RAM), my overall FPS in Wildstar dropped by 10-30 frames everywhere, with random ups and downs. I did...
  33. K

    New system maintenance

    hi all so I have finished building my new system for gaming but I want to keep it performing great and working well. So I downloaded the free version of AVG and got AVG tune up and 1 click maintenance but they are free and have run out now. Can anyone recommend me any programs such as anti virus...
  34. J

    Blue screen Info meaning?

    Hello, I keep getting blue screen errors, (every day or so), normally when playing on games. I just installed mantle 14.6 for my 7790, but not quite sure if its the problem. blue screen view isn't showing any info and there are no files in my minidump folder. this is the blue screen: Thanks.
  35. tom19j

    about amd and sapphire r7 250 ddr5 gpu???

    hi guys, is the new update from amd really gives good fps to watch dogs????
  36. G

    antec c40 or deepcool gammax 300

    Both are similarly priced how ever Antec has full copper base which makes contact with CPU That can provide better cooling I think?? Which will be better???
  37. J

    can you guys give me your thoughts on this gaming PC build?

    http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3oIPJ The build is on that link ^^ And do you guys think I will need to over clock? Thanks! CPU Intel Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor CPU Cooler Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler Motherboard Asus Z87-Pro ATX LGA1150...
  38. D

    I have a massive performance drop when I enable SLI (Core I5 650 and GTX760 SLI)

    Hi guys Just installed 2nd GPU (for SLI) I have a massive performance drop when I enable SLI (maximize 3d performance) in Nvidia control panel. After I enable it and run 3dMark (Firestrike) it drops to 10 frames vs. 30 frames without SLI enabled. (doing just the fist test) Is my CPU the...
  39. A

    Massive FPS drops while recording on Fraps

    So.. I've decided to record Half Life 2 walkthrough, it was going good at the beginning until frames started to massively drop. I used to record BF4 walkthrough, and there was no such FPS drops(actually I had split second ones that I dont really count as massive ones but still they're pretty...
  40. NCPereira

    Noctua NH-D14 VS Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E

    Looking for a CPU cooler for a i7-4770K. Which of these 2 do you think is the best? Do you know another good one? Thank you in advance!