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  1. N

    What voltage should i set it to?

    I was just going to overclock my ryzen 3 1200 to 3.8GHz i changed cpu Core ratio to 38 then i nedded to Change the amount of voltage to give my cpu i could not find manual instead There is a mode called offset mode how do i use offset mode? And how Much voltage do i need to overclock to 3.8GHz...
  2. E

    Enabled optimus, now opengl being ran off integrated graphics

    I've recently been tweaking my dell m4600 precision, trying to get it to run a little faster, and enabled NVIDIA Optimus in the BIOS, I read up on it and thought it would be a good idea, so I enable it and restart my system and attempt to benchmark it using MSI Kombustor 3, only to be presented...
  3. G

    What Not to Buy on Amazon Prime Day

    The items you should avoid purchasing on Prime Day. What Not to Buy on Amazon Prime Day : Read more
  4. H

    Dell T5500 - connect Sam 840 SSD to Raid?

    Hi peeps, read a lot of info on here that is a little old so wanted to check.. I have a Dell T5500 and wanted the Samsung 840 Pro SSD's I have (2) to work faster than the sata II interface. I've read that I can install a PERC H310 raid controller that will speed up my drives somewhat :) ? There...
  5. R

    Stuttering in most of my games

    So I manage to buy a fairly new rig, couple months ago and I managed to play quite a few titles (both recent and some old ones), like: TEW2, RE7, Mass Effect Andromeda, COD Black Ops 2 etc. And I'm getting stuttering in most of my games. I tried to lower graphics on most of my games like The...
  6. D

    Frames dropping because second display.

    Hello, so my problem randomly started yesterday, my computer will at random times drop down to like 15 fps. After messing with it for a while I realized if I turn off my second monitor, it fixes the issue. I had never had a problem with this untill just yesterday, if anyone knows why or a...
  7. The Tiger

    Is my ISP blocking ports?

    Recently, I have shifted from a regular DSL based ISP (BSNL) to a cable broadband ISP (Meghbela) due to very cheap rates. I never used to have any sort of problem of port forwarding while on BSNL. But after I shifted to Meghbela, I found that all ports are closed. There is not a single port...