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  1. [SOLVED] 4 pin vs 8 pin connector

    Hi, my name is Matthew and I recently purchased an Asus am4 x570 plus motherboard. As I was installing it, I ran into a problem with the 8-pin connector. The motherboard has an 8 pin along with a 4 pin connector right beside it. However, my PSU only has an 8 pin. Is it fine if I only plug in the...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] B550 vs X570

    I'm looking to switch to AMD and I know that the recent Ryzen CPUs use the AM4 socket. There are all these different chipsets but two that seem recent are the B550 and the X570. What are the differences in capabilities of these two, and is there a price difference?
  3. B

    [SOLVED] Are the plastic plates around the AM4 socket needed?

    Removed them when I installed my Ryzen 3 2300X, I assumed I'd never need them. I got my Ryzen 3 2300X because a store in my country (Bulgaria) was selling them for like 70$. When I first installed it I thought the cooler, since it was meant only for OEM, didn't use what I presumed were...
  4. ScarfWizard

    [SOLVED] Very specific motherboard

    Is there such a thing as a motherboard with am4 or better socket as well as ddr3 ram? All the one's i've seen have been ddr4. I'd like to be able to upgrade my cpu and board without having to replace all my ram. Thank you!
  5. Camilolsl

    Question x370 Upgrade

    Hey fellas, Everyone's good? I'm from Brazil and I recently purchased a 3800x to replace my current R7 2700. The CPU has not arrived yet. Thing is: I have a BIOSTAR X370 GT7. The 3800x should probably work fine with this board, but I'm concerned with ram speed issues, right now I can't post...
  6. mranimo

    [SOLVED] I want to upgrade from an FX processor

    Hi! I have an FX8300 processor and now I want an upgrade. Would be the Ryzen7 2700x a good performance jump from the previous CPU? In my country the Ryzen7 2700x only 130$. I have a MSI GTX1060 Gaming X. I already have a MSI x370 Gaming Plus motherboard for a new ryzen processor.
  7. Nx2

    [SOLVED] Fresh build no post

    Hello guys, so I just finished up building my first pc ever and I'm not the best with it and I boot it up and the fans and RGB are on and running smoothly but no display is showing ... and the weird thing is that I tried to plug 2 different KB one with RGB backlight and one without .. the one...
  8. A

    Question Cheap Motherboard compatible with Ryzen 3 3200g

    Hi! Recently I've been finishing searching for parts so I could upgrade one really crappy pc I have for cheap, and wanted to go with the Ryzen 3 3200g with Vega 8 Graphics since I've heard a lot of good things about this APU, plus 8gb of RAM. I started looking for the motherboard and started...
  9. C

    [SOLVED] What is a good option following these needs (AM4 / Ryzen 5 3600) ?

    Hey, there is a long time I don't check what's new about hardware, and I would like to ask for some help to find a motherboard that covers my needs. Purpose: Work / Virtualization(Docker) / Image Editing / Games Motherboard needs: ATX / Tower CPU Socket Type: AM4 (Ryzen 5 3600 processor)...
  10. A

    Question Best AM4 Motherboard under $100?

    I'm planning on upgrading to AM4, since my currently only supports a very outdated socket (FM2+) I'm also looking for a Motherboard that doesnt require a bios update to run with Ryzen, since I dont have any other AM4 CPU
  11. J

    [SOLVED] Should I try to clean the cpu and/or socket?

    So I did something kinda stupid. I now know not to use gloves, but since I get sweaty hands I used some to install my cpu. The only gloves I had on hand for some reason were lightly dusted and I didn't notice until it was too late.. My question is can the dust (I'm guessing it was cornstarch)...
  12. J

    [SOLVED] Replacement motherboard AM4 2700x

    Hello, I bought a new PC in december and since that day I had an issue with my PC that freezes. I've tried pretty much everything(really, everything) and I think that the only think I can still think of is that the motherboard is faulty(Asrock Phantom Gaming 4). I don't think I can return it by...
  13. J

    [SOLVED] Choosing budget motherboard

    I bought ryzen 5 2600 and i need to choose best motherboard that can support 3rd gen ryzen without updating bios. I can currently choose betwen these: Asus AM4 prime B450M-k Gigabyte AM4 B450M S2H ASRock AM4 B450M-HDV And if nether of these cant support 3rd gen ryzen which is the best quality.
  14. O

    [SOLVED] FX-6300 (AM3+) to Ryzen 3 1200 (AM4)?

    Hello everyone! So im wondering and thinking of upgrading my PC, my question is that should I upgrade FX-6300 to R3 1200? (38€) I know that Ryzen has faster single- and multicore speed, but im playing kinda heavy games like Division 2, Fallout 4 and 76, Apex, WWZ etc. so is Ryzen lacking cores...
  15. thetechissue

    [SOLVED] Ryzen compatibility without updating the BIOS

    Hello, Does anybody know if a Ryzen 3200G APU works on this motherboard without updating the BIOS? Thanks.
  16. F

    [SOLVED] My next build.

    actually i have a ddr3 system with fx 6300 gtx 960 8gb ram, in 2 months im thinking of changing to am4, with a ryzen 2600, Gigabyte B450M DS3H, and Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 8gb 1 single kit then imma buy another stick of 8gb to get 16gb and dual channel, and get a better graphics card. what...
  17. Z

    Question Rubber on AM4 Backplate

    Hi I’m currently get no post on a new water cooling loop. I have a red led light and orange/amber light lit up on the Qled light on the motherboard and the error code doesn’t say anything other than 00. After looking round the case a little stupidly realised that I haven’t installed the...
  18. J

    [SOLVED] Which motherboard to choose for an oc R7 2700?

    I'm from Costa Rica so mentioned prices might differ from the usual. I would like a board that if I wanted to, be capable of going with a nice overclock in the CPU but I'm on a limited budget (still have to buy another memory stick). I'm choosing between these two: MSI B450M PRO-VDH MAX ($95)...
  19. R

    [SOLVED] AM4 Motherboard with a Half-Mini PCI Express

    Hey, I'm hoping this is a quick question. The basics of it is: I'm looking for an Mini AM4 motherboard with a Half-Mini PCI Express slot, as I recently bought a wifi card that uses it ( ) and it's been working...
  20. D

    [SOLVED] New system recommendations

    Currently I have a system with a FX 8320 a 980 and 8gb of ram I have a 700w psu (thermal take smart RGB) and about 6tb of storage I am looking to upgrade to ddr4 because of how much power the new games need I have been looking around and put together a system like this ASUS TUF AMD B450 PRO...
  21. N

    [SOLVED] Should i just buy an i5 3470 or save money for an ryzen 3 system?

    I have a lga 1155 system with a celeron g530, i recently bought an rx 560 which was on sale new, i am thinking of buying an i5 3470 and just replacing my cpu or saving money to cross onto an am4 platform. My system: Celeron g530 4gb ram RX 560 Random 500w psu(replacing it before cpu) Ga h61m...
  22. cmwi11

    [SOLVED] Mini ITX Ryzen Boards

    Which mini-ITX motherboard would be best for this proposed build? I've looked at so many different ones, but they all seem to just have bad reviews. I don't want my computer that I will be spending $$$ on to crap out on me. I don't want it to overheat. I want the M.2 to work properly!! I want it...
  23. J

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 1600 AF Motherboard

    Will an AMD Ryzen 1600 AF processor work with any AM4 motherboard or will I need to update the bios? I want to pair the 1600af with the ASRock B450 Pro4 because the motherboard is cheaper than the newer ones. Will the motherboard require a bios update? I need to know because I don't have an...
  24. dadashali

    Question How to find an open boxed AM4 CPU got used or not

    I have to buy an Open boxed AM4 CPU that seller said it doesn't got used but how can i find he said the truth or not?
  25. Vaip3r

    [SOLVED] Should I wait for the B550 motherboards or go for the B450 ?

    Hello I want to upgrade my current PC setup and I want your opinion. Here is my current build: Case: Thermaltake Chaser A31 VP300A1W2N Midi Tower Extra fan: Noctua NF-F12 pwm chromaxblack 120mm CPU: Intel Core i7 4770 3.4 GHz Motherboard: Asus Socket 1150 Z87-A GPU: ASUS ROG Strix Radeon Rx...
  26. B

    Question Dram Led light

    Just built a gaming pc for my girlfirend and it wont boot. The fans, PSU, RGB Ram And Liquid Cooler all come on but the Little led error for dram stays on. Specs Aorus B450M Motherboard AM4 Corsair Vengeance rgb pro Ram 16gb Ryzen 7 2700x cpu Kratos 750w psu rx 580 8gb gpu. ive tried reseting...
  27. J

    [SOLVED] Cannot install amd chipset driver

    Hello all. So recently I got a x570 tuf gaming and ryzen 7 3700x. Installed OS and everything is fine, except for the chipset driver installation. By clicking in driver installer exe, show "please wait extraction in process" or something like that. Then if I click in install, it says that will...
  28. J

    [SOLVED] Benq XL2411Z - 120/144Hz not working with AsRock AB350M

    Hey guys, after Reddit failed me, I now am desperate to find an answer. The main problem I can't find to solve is that my BenQ Zowie XL2411Z won't work with my mainboard/onboard Graphics correclty and won't display 120/144Hz with ANY cable I used. After trying the DVI-D cable, the HDMI (which...
  29. O

    Question LGA1151 vs Ryzen 7

    So I have an ASUS z170 gaming PRO MotherBoard with an i5 6500 and I was thinking I would just upgrade to a newer cpu if I could find a good deal on Black Friday. But then I learnedthat the best I could go for without switching platforms is an i7 7700k processor... which goes for the same as...
  30. J

    Question Bootable NVMe RAID with AMD Ryzen 9 3900x

    I want to build a PC with AMD Ryzen 9 3900x CPU and I would like to know if the Asus ROG STRIX X570-E Gaming motherboard together with the Asus Hyper M.2 x16 PCIe x4 v2 extension card allows me to configure 4 Samsung 970 EVO Plus M.2 NVMe SSD into a bootable RAID 10 array (Windows 10 Pro) and...
  31. rcald2000

    [SOLVED] Asrock vs MSI bootup times on B450 chipset?

    I have two Ryzen machines with Asrock B350/B450 Pro 4 motherboards, with Fast Boot enable with the specs listed below; they both boot phenomenally fast. My primary machine is the i7-5820K build (specs in signature) and it's bootup time is just reasonable. I intend to build my 4th computer (3rd...
  32. PrinceTexasLoaf

    [SOLVED] Best budget AM4 cpu cooler

    Hello, I have a ryzen 5 2600 mobo is b450m gaming plus and I'm using the stock cooler I do wanna oc it a little but it gets too hot for me to be comftorble with it what is the best cpu cooler for the price super cheap I don't care if shipping takes 3 months just what'd be the best cooler on a...
  33. H

    Question Upgrading my am3 spec to am4, how can I continue to use the current am3 cooler?

    I am getting a 3600+b450m Motherboard. I am using a Cooler Master TX3 cooler on the old amd 1055t. That is a pretty old cooler. You can't even buy it now. But I want to use it on my ryzen 3600. However, the socket won't fit since it is am4 and I can't seem to find a separate am4 kit to purchase...
  34. Zzzyonix

    [SOLVED] Should I buy the Gammaxx 400wh or something else for overclocked 3.7 to 4.0ghz Ryzen 3 2200g?

    Only have a 40 dollar budget. Shopping Cheers!
  35. JaSoN_cRuZe

    News AMD's next big launch is set on October!!

    According to some latest info, AMD is expected to launch the Navi 12 (RX 5800) and the Navi 14(RX 5600) graphics cards next month along with the Ryzen 5 3500 and the 3500X and the B550 chipset-based motherboards.
  36. G

    Question Ram upgrade

    I have got this mobo and RAM for now: MSI X470 GAMING PLUS + Hyperx fury 2x8gb ddr4 3200 MHz (code HX432C18FB2K2/16 which is also in compatible list of ram so it is running in dual-channel). I want to upgrade to GSkill 2x16 GB 3000 MHz with code F4-3000C15S-16GVR which is not in compatible...
  37. X

    Question X570 Taichi and GSkill Royal 3600 Problem

    Hi to all :) I'm new to this forum but I've seen that your collective knowledge has helped thousands of people, so I'm here humbly asking for your help I have a big problem with my new config I bought AMD Ryzen 5 3600, ASRock X570 Taichi and GSkill Trident Z Royal 3600 CL18 Problem is that...
  38. G

    [SOLVED] gigabyte B450 M DS3H

    gigabyte B450 M ds3h i wass going the buy the ds3h but i am skeptical about the fans headers there is just 2 and i want to use a case with 3 to 4 fans + cpu fan. with R5 2600 rx 550,or 570 not planing for an upgradability path. its okay to use the fans splitters? one header for cpu fan +...
  39. K

    Question My Gigabyte B450 Gaming v.1 Motherboard won't enter POST.

    So I got a Gigabyte B450 Gaming v.1 paired with a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU, I know they're not compatible and you need to update the BIOS. When I got it I built my PC I went into the BIOS and I forgot to check if my memory, hdd etc is running correctly as I was too eager to update my BIOS. I first...
  40. C

    Question Old H60 AM4 bracket compatibility

    I got an old Corsair H60 (I believe is the first edition) from a friend who no longer has a use for it but they didn't have a am4 bracket on hand. I was wondering if this bracket is compatible. If not then could you direct me to the correct bracket?