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Forum discussion tagged with artifacts.
  1. J

    Question Video output becomes faulty after installing GPU drivers. What is the source of the problem?

    Hello, a couple of months ago I had assembled my first PC and everything was running great until recently where my video output would produce some abnormalities. It was a few days ago while I was playing a game when I started to get visual artifacts that covered both of the monitors I had...
  2. nooneisback

    Question Grey artifact lines followed by a 5 second black screen

    This started happening about 2-3 months ago and I'm 99% sure that this isn't related to the GPU (at least not the chip itself, IDK if the DP interface is dying) as the PC is a laptop and the built in screen functions properly. The display in question is an ASUS MG278Q. The issue can manifest...
  3. T

    Question How many PSU pins does MSI r9 390 require?

    Need to know this due to me getting gpu artifacts, and my PSU only having 1 6x2 pin, which could be the reason why I get them in the first place.
  4. P

    Question Discoloration on 2nd monitor - Stumped

    Hi all, When I boot into Windows, I get odd discoloration on the rendering of images / graphics on my 2nd monitor. It looks like this: https://ibb.co/8jhw2Qh I don't think it's the monitors because I can make it switch monitors if I re-arrange the order of the slots in the graphics card...
  5. C

    [SOLVED] Just want to confirm if my Graphics card is dead

    1060 3GB version MSI card worked fine for 2 years just want to confirm if it's officially dead, i already have a different card coming in to replace, tried DDU and clean install, no luck p.s sorry for my bad English GPU failure picture
  6. xKernalSandersx

    Question Computer Freezes, POST Issues, Crashes

    I don't even know where to begin with the issues I have been experiencing with my new build. It has been running smoothly for about a month, then randomly started some major issues with freezing, artifacts, POST issues, BSOD, WHEA errors, etc. Build: Intel i5 9600KF (have have a K model coming...
  7. Question MSI R9 390, artifacts when opening things like the radeon app, any help?

    Computer Type: Desktop GPU: MSI Gaming r9 390 8gb, factory, not in SLI, was used before, but I don't know if it was used in Mining. CPU: i3 3210 (not overclocked) Motherboard: MSI H61M-P20 (G3) (MS-7788) RAM: QUM3U-4G1333C9R 2x4GB PSU: Aerocool 550w Operating System: Windows 10, freshly...
  8. B

    Question Gpu Artifacting

    Hello dear forum members, Yesterday when I was playing game, suddenly small articaft clocks started to appear. It does not cover fullscreen during game but when I run 3dmark, weird image flashed appear. My gpu is Msi RTX 2060 Ventus OC running with Corsair VS550 psu. Do you think it is faulty...
  9. K

    Question Artifacts -> Graphics card failure?

    Hello. My screen started to show tearing and artifacts. It was fine during playing an old game (Worms Armageddon), but after I quit to Windows 10 the artifacts appeared. I inspected the card and saw these: Damaged components I don't know what these are but they don't look good. It's like...
  10. T

    Question Gigabyte RTX 2060 SUPER Artifacts

    Hi, I recently got a new GPU. I use the HDMI output with my 4K/60Hz TV and, for a couple of weeks, it worked fine, but now I've been getting "artifacts" (it doesn't look like space invaders, rather several blinking colorful pixels). Thing is, it feels like a software issue. It only starts when...
  11. AugustReyV

    Question Is My Gpu Broken? Are these artifacts or are these an in game issue?

    Hello, whenever I am in the menu on rainbow six siege I get very visible lines that are annoying. Are these gpu artifacts? I know that amd drivers are sometimes really bad, so I was wondering if this could be a software issue? They dont appear in game at all, only in the menus. they only happen...
  12. V

    Question Monitor artifracting and computer crashing after hooking up new monitor

    I just bought an Asus ROG STRIX XG248 monitor, and after hooking it up, any game I launched would have purple artifacts fill the screen, lock up, crash to desktop, and eventually the screen would go black or freeze. I have tried an hdmi cable, uhd cable, different ports, and a factory reset, but...
  13. R

    [SOLVED] Weird UI artifacting in launchers (video)

    Ever since I installed new hardware (CPU, RAM, MB) I've been having this artifacting in Steam, GOG, FF:Online launcher, Stellaris launcher, Minecraft launcher and various Edge setup windows but not Origin and uplay. Reinstalling nvidia drivers fixed the issue in Steam only. I have no other...
  14. G

    [SOLVED] Possible Graphics Card Issue

    Hello everyone, I apologize in advance for the long message. Okay, so I've been having an issue with my computer for about a month now. When I play games on my computer, mainly rocket league, the screen will freeze, and blue dots will show up on the screen. It will stay frozen for 10-15...
  15. larsje99

    [SOLVED] Pc giving artifacts at startup

    Hello guys A few months ago I made a pc. Specs: - GigaByte RTX 2070 - Intel Core i5 9600k - Asus ROG Strix z370-f gaming I had some fun with it, but after a while the games started crashing and they would give artifacts. It would get even worse and give artifacts...
  16. S

    Question I was playing rainbow six siege and my pc froze

    I was playing rainbow six siege for 2 hours and then purple and green squares appeared and my screen audio started glitching and i turned my pc off. I think it's a problem with my gpu overheating. Could it be? Also my game is not running very good because my gpu is not powerful enough. Nvidia GT...
  17. D

    Question Ryzen 5 2400g 'artifacting'

    Hello, first post, looking for advice. About 2 weeks ago I started getting some 'artifacts' appear on screen when using Google maps. Didn't think much of it until it happened again and again. In the last few days it has gotten worse - I'm now seeing artifacting on youtube videos and pictures...
  18. P

    [SOLVED] Weird transparent black lines on screen.

    Specs: Cpu: intel i3 3240 3.4 ghz Gpu: galax gt 730 gddr5 monitor:dell E1920h Ram: 4gb ddr3 Hdd: toshiba 500gb Psu: dell 275w VGA PORT PC TO MONITOR Before i was using inno3d gt 220, there's no lines on the screen. I bought an galax gt 730 ddr5 and install it correctly, the lines appears on...
  19. R

    Question Graphical artifacts in specific game version

    Namely on "7 days to die": https://streamable.com/7khpm Don't have this problem on previous versions, stress tests, or other games. They only appear on terrain textures. The devs said that in this version they added brand new terrain shader for the splat maps. PC is brand new, gpu is 5700 and I...
  20. T

    Question Visual artifacts

    When i play league and start queuing for a game the client sometimes freezes. I have recently noticed that google chrome freezed at the exact same time. The lol client doesnt freeze every time i queue up but it happens often enough. When it freezes i can close the client and reopen it but...