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  1. WildTemp


    Hello people I come to see if you can help me, I bought this mb and when I enter the bios and activate the xmp profile the screen goes black and already three times I had to reset the bios. It may be that where the bios version I use is 1.10 I throw error to use the profile and should update the...
  2. Danixhd10

    Question I Bought a new gpu and after installing it its showing blackscreen

    My config: Intel Xeon X5670 12Gb 1600mhz SABERTOOTH X58 RTX2060 (worked) My new 5500xt Koling Kl-600 Psu I tried bios update and not worked i installed it in to my friend's pc and its worked in his pc. When i start my pc its starts to boot up but when it needs to show the windows logo its shows...
  3. G

    Question PC black screen, powers on but restarts every 20 sec ?

    The computer was working fine and I took it out to clean it, now its black screen and stuck in a boot loop. The computer powers on, fans running, but after 20-30 secs, it tries to restart itself again. Nothing shows on the screen. The problem started occurring after I removed the hard drive and...
  4. Topkda

    Question Radeon rx580 colorful stripes created by dots and than black screen ?

    Pls help how to fix these dots and black screen. It is only caused when i click on some icons.
  5. Jake8800gt

    Question rtx 2060 and it keeps black-screening ?

    Okay I just upgraded my Gpu from a 1050ti to a rtx 2060 and it keeps black screening on csgo when loading getting in game but it will run witcher 3 max everything with no problems for hours My new GPU is the ASUS Dual RTX 2060 6gb. Installed fresh clean drivers and uninstalled all drivers and...
  6. T

    Question No display after PC restarts following GPU driver install

    Why is it that every time I have tried to download the AMD drivers and my computer restarts for it, it won't turn back on? So I am a occasional gamer and I use a rd 580. Anyway, I was noticing low candidates on bf2 which wasn't normal for me so I went to download the AMD Adrenalin software. It...
  7. P

    [SOLVED] Random black screen. Works after re-starting monitor.

    Hi guys, I am having this weird issue where my screen goes black randomly anytime with audio playing in background. It could happen every 5 mins or won't happen at all. All I do is re-start monitor and it comes back on. It started with graphic intensive games and now it just happens anytime...
  8. jang16

    [SOLVED] need help on my laptop which does not boot after upgrading to 32gb ram.

    Hello, can someone help me with my problem with respect to my acer nitro 5 which does not boot after upgrading my ram from 8gb-32gb?? I have tried to insert the ram one by one and they work perfectly fine on the second slot. However, whenever I insert the 16gb ram in the first ram slot, my pc...
  9. K

    Question Black screen after trying to open BIOS settinga

    Hello hello, So today my new ssd finally arrived and I was excited to install windows 10 on it which I couldn't because I can't access my BIOS settings no matter what. I've basically done everything I could find and nothing really worked. The thing is, the PC boots normally, it's just when I...
  10. Jerry03

    [SOLVED] Laptop black screen after clean install Win8.1

    My Laptop: Samsung Notebook Serie 3 300E5C S04 Info: The Laptop has a broken screen so I need to connect a monitor or tv. Yesterday I started my Laptop and it worked. I can login and so on. Now i wanted to make a clean Win8.1 install or Win10 because this was the Laptop of my sis. But I wasn't...
  11. meep_meep

    [SOLVED] New PC randomly crashes/freezes when playing games

    I have recently built my first PC, keeping the case and storage from my old PC. At first the PC used to not even boot or not even have a video output but somehow through my disassembly and reassembly I got it back to normal with one problem. Sometimes, and randomly the game will crash. It...
  12. H

    [SOLVED] Screen turns black while gaming

    Hi Everyone, So I recently updated my GPU driver as well my BIOS and now when I start playing any game, my screen turns black after 5 or 10 min. PC fans are still running but keyboard lights turn off and nothing works. GPU temperature is around 60 to 65 degrees. I uninstalled the previous...
  13. B

    Question Spotify is laggy

    Hello i've currently experienced lag with spotify. Reinstalling it doesnt work. Everytime i open it the mouse lags and it feels like im browsing in 40hz while my monitor is 165hz. And when i click on a song or a thing in the client, the whole monitor gets black/grey for a couple of seconds.
  14. I

    Question The computer can't handle two monitors

    Hi everyone, i have a sapphire rx 570 pluse gpu and i bought another monitor but the proplem is when i install the two monitors it work for a bet then the pc stops working, the two monitors work on HDMI so is this the issue? I mean shoud i use another input for the other monitor? first monitor...
  15. SSJ1NOT

    [SOLVED] Windows work, but cursor beefore logo of motherboard shows up

    Hello, I Just switched ny motherboard from a asus Z390-F to gigabyte aorus z390 Ultra. When i inserted everything to my New Mobo. Windows was installed, but i did get blinken cursor with Blackscreen at the beginning of the boot beefore logo Mobo shows up. I tried format the disc, install...
  16. annas307

    [SOLVED] black screen with small numbers?

    so, i was playing fallout 4 on my pc when i got a sudden blue screen and my computer crashed. i wasn’t worried until my computer started to refuse to start up, whenever i turn it on all i get on the monitor is a black screen with a small 99 in the bottom right corner. i've included the link to...
  17. M

    [SOLVED] Blackscreen, keyboard and mouse not working, but PC on?

    I tried toying around in the BIOS, because my CPU was always at around 70 degrees, and enabled the Precision Boost Overdrive option in the BIOS. I ran Cinebench a few times, but the program always crashed, the voltage was at 1.36. So i figured maybe the voltage was the issue. So I went back in...
  18. D

    Question Screen goes black a second after startup

    Hi all, I just received my Asus ROG Strix G GL531GU-AL097T, and I'm currently setting it up which required some restarts. But everytime I restart it, the screen goes black for just a second and then turns back on. No other issues, only at startup. It also only happens after I've typed in my pin...
  19. S

    [SOLVED] Specific games crash 970 GPU

    Hey guys, I recently tried playing Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Path Of Exile: Blight. But they all crash my GPU, or atleast that's my guess. The screen goes dark. As in "searching" for an input device, the sound however continues to play in my headset. I just ran the new...
  20. N

    [SOLVED] GPU crashing under load

    Hi guys I turn towards this forum because I’m all out of ideas. I have build a new watercooled pc since 2 months and since (estimated) 2 weeks my GPU has been crashing under heavy load: sudden black screen with PC still on. From there on the only thing I can do is a manual shutdown. Specs...