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  1. R

    Question What causes VGA errors?

    Hi, I've been having some trouble with my computer giving out a VGA error light whenever I try to boot. I've tried switching out my GPU, motherboard, and have performed troubleshooting to the farthest extent that I possibly can. I've tried looking online for a knowledgable source or database...
  2. xrique007

    Question M5A97 R2.0 not booting

    I have m5a97 r2.0 whenever I turn it on it runs for few secs and the turns off. Is it dead?
  3. C

    Question Blue screen on startup or OS installation

    Hello all and thanks for reading my thread! Sorry, it's a long one! Recently, while I was using photoshop on my windows 10 pc I was suddenly faced with a blue screen causing my computer to restart. Everything had been running very smoothly up until this point, no odd behaviour. After...
  4. 6henny

    Question HELP! Installed new CPU and PC will not boot with 8-pin CPU power cable

    I was having overheating issues after 3 years of solid running with no problems. I boiled it down to a failed h100i cooler pump. (which started making whining noises) I swapped my i5-6600k for an i5-9400 just to use the stock cooler for now, and bought a GTX 1660S to replace my RX480 all for...
  5. Y

    Question Ryzen 3600 / x370 bootloop. Nothing works!

    Hi I recently upgraded my cpu from a 1700x to a 3600 and at the same time replaced the cooler with an aio water cooler. The system powers on but either freezes at the bios screen where you hit f2/DEL to enter bios or just endlessly sticks at the screen directly after the bios entry screen...
  6. V

    Question System crashes and overheating after upgrading components

    I originally built my system in 2016 with an i5 6600k, Asus Z170-A board and Asus ROG Strix GTX 1080. Decided to upgrade the CPU and GPU recently (see specs below) to get better performance but I've been having many issues since the rebuild. CPU, motherboard and GPU were upgraded, no other...
  7. Bulger

    [SOLVED] PC Won't boot with certain GPU installed

    So recently I put together a new system and it was working fine for about two days until I was in the middle of playing a game and all of a sudden my screen goes grey and the whole system crashes. I then power down my PC and when i go to turn it back on it wont boot, I cant even get to the...
  8. L

    [SOLVED] PC turns on after turning psu on (black screen)

    So earlier today, I wanted to update the software with MSI live update 6 and it also included a bios update. I ran the live update and the screen went black and nothing else worked other than fans (i couldnt see if the mobo was also working, i just heard fans spinning). So i opened it up and...
  9. TheSaddestGamer

    Question PC boots but won’t display to screen (No signal)

    Hi, I recently purchased a new set of components for my new build about 6 months ago and everything’s has been fineness until recently I tried going on my PC and it come so on but I get no display on my monitor. For Info my build is AMD Ryzen 5600x CPU Gigabyte RTX 2060 mini-itx GPU Gigabyte...
  10. R

    [SOLVED] ASROCK b450m Kernel security check failure.. please help me

    New pc build has been working great for little over 2 months. The pc went to sleep yesterday afternoon for like 4 hours, tried to wake it back up and nothing but black screen, 34” LG monitor not responding. I forced restart and the BSOD showed up “Kernal Security Check Failure”. I couldn’t...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] PC boots slower than paint dries with equally disappointing results

    I recently transported my PC in a car to a new city. I run Win10 on a 7200 rpm hard drive, the boot process usually only takes a couple minutes. This is not the first time I've moved it, but this time around, this happens: I turn it on. I get a black screen - there is signal, but nothing is on...
  12. C

    Question PC booted one time after new PSU, after a hard reboot it will not boot anymore

    Here are my specs: And the old PSU: I suspect the video card is unstable - the reason I bought the new PSU is actually because the PC crashes when I run FurMark, and someone suggested...
  13. Mooshy

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 Won't Boot

    Hey everyone, I have a problem. My PC refuses to boot. It will get to the splash screen and then freeze, upon rebooting I get a bsod and a "critical process has died" error. It then boots to repair functions but none have worked. It won't restore, or reset, or auto repair, all end in "no changes...
  14. K

    how do i keep form losing passwords?

    CCleaner keeps deleting my passwords and i don't have the saved passwords checked under windows. This started after i installed CCleaner. How do i stop losing my passwords?