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  1. TheSaddestGamer

    Question PC boots but won’t display to screen (No signal)

    Hi, I recently purchased a new set of components for my new build about 6 months ago and everything’s has been fineness until recently I tried going on my PC and it come so on but I get no display on my monitor. For Info my build is AMD Ryzen 5600x CPU Gigabyte RTX 2060 mini-itx GPU Gigabyte...
  2. R

    Question ASROCK b450m Kernel security check failure.. please help me

    New pc build has been working great for little over 2 months. The pc went to sleep yesterday afternoon for like 4 hours, tried to wake it back up and nothing but black screen, 34” LG monitor not responding. I forced restart and the BSOD showed up “Kernal Security Check Failure”. I couldn’t...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] PC boots slower than paint dries with equally disappointing results

    I recently transported my PC in a car to a new city. I run Win10 on a 7200 rpm hard drive, the boot process usually only takes a couple minutes. This is not the first time I've moved it, but this time around, this happens: I turn it on. I get a black screen - there is signal, but nothing is on...
  4. C

    Question PC booted one time after new PSU, after a hard reboot it will not boot anymore

    Here are my specs: And the old PSU: I suspect the video card is unstable - the reason I bought the new PSU is actually because the PC crashes when I run FurMark, and someone suggested...
  5. Mooshy

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 Won't Boot

    Hey everyone, I have a problem. My PC refuses to boot. It will get to the splash screen and then freeze, upon rebooting I get a bsod and a "critical process has died" error. It then boots to repair functions but none have worked. It won't restore, or reset, or auto repair, all end in "no changes...
  6. K

    how do i keep form losing passwords?

    CCleaner keeps deleting my passwords and i don't have the saved passwords checked under windows. This started after i installed CCleaner. How do i stop losing my passwords?