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  1. I

    Question Capacitor on Motherboard

    So today i was cleaning my pc, and my GPU is a bit 2 big for my case, and while I was installing the GPU back again one capacitor just fell off, I went in panic cuz I didn't know that capacitor job on the MOBO. But I hooked everything up again and PC was running well, did some bench marks and...
  2. M

    Question Capacitor leaking?

    I’ve been trying to diagnosis some blue screens and errors on my computer lately, I’ve got RMA’s in for my gpu, ram, and cpu - but upon taking everything out today - I saw this liquid looking like it’s coming from a capacitor. could this be my culprit? View:
  3. paradox1310

    Question Capacitor fell off

    Hello, I wanted to clean my pc today, and as I opened the case, at the bottom there was a capacitor from my mother board, as I look i found where it should be placed (there were prongs still on motherboard) and i just popped it back on those prongs, started my pc and all was good stress tested...
  4. The Electro Machine

    [SOLVED] Faulty capacitor in the PSU - or on the motherboard?

    Symptoms: A] I am unable to finish making an image of my operating system with True Image. After doing from as little as 20 to as much as 75% of it my hardware just completely turns itself off or the software spits a generic error [of being unable to finish]. Mind you that this is my ~30th...
  5. X

    Question Failure of capacitors near the cpu

    Ive got an old Asrock agp8x p4i65g motherboard that has 4 16v 1200uf bulged capacitors near the cpu.When powered on the psu and cpu fan spins for less than a second and shuts off. What is the purpose of those capacitors? After replacing them all with new ones the issue still persists.Please help.
  6. binary420

    Question help identify this pcb component?

    This has gotta cost like a dime, and yet a replacement board would entail losing my original vin and would cost like ~$500 So I'd very much appreciate anyone's help in identifying this pcb part. It's very small and appears to be tan/brown colored? (The one circled in white) I believe it's...
  7. K

    Question damaged capacitor on motherboard while cleaning

    While taking out the cpu cooler i accidentally damaged a capacitor right next to the cpu. Can i still use it like this with no harm or will i need to get it repaired or replace motherboard? View:
  8. sigep190156

    Question Question about Tantalum Polymer Capacitor

    So, I am new to this whole soldering game as well as motherboard electronics along with board circuits. Excuse my ignorance if I call something the wrong name or give an incorrect reference. I have Dell 1545 motherboard and I am learning how to follow the power path and checking capacitors to...
  9. E

    Question Accidentally ripped off a capacitor on RTX 2070 Super ?

    Hello everyone! The other day I was cleaning my graphics card, during which I realized I have accidently managed to rip off one of the capacitors as well. After contacting the manufacturer, I was able to identify the exact model number of the Capacitor. However, I can't find it anywhere online...
  10. LFThunder

    [SOLVED] I accidentally hit a capacitor on my motherboard

    I already asked this question on reddit but I didn't get many answers.... a year and a half ago I decided to change my processor which was a pentium g5400 and I changed it to a core i5 9400f. when I went to remove the aircooler, I had a lot of trouble removing the pins, at the time I didn't know...
  11. nocha3

    [SOLVED] So i recently was transferring my data to another pc

    In the middle of installing arch linux i heard a strange noise coming from the mobo i thought it wasnt from there and ignored it but today i was cleaning the case and the cooler a capacitor fell off the board My mobo is ASUS M2N68-LA cpu : athlon ll x4 635 2,9ghz and the place where the...
  12. J

    [SOLVED] Scratched/dented motherboard Vrm capacitor by cooler ?

    Hello, when I took my cooler off I noticed that the Vrm capacitors had slight movement. And upon closer inspection there seems to be a scratch on the paint of one capacitor and seems like a dent (haven't seen it upclose yet). The rest seems fine aside from the slight movement it had when the...
  13. Y

    [SOLVED] Can a good psu stop pc restarts under load/gaming during power cuts?

    My pc restarts itself during sudden power cuts all tho it's connected to ups/inverter, it really annoying specially during intense co-op sessions. so can good psu stop this from happening under load/gaming? current psu - antec neo eco 550w bronze 80+ (all tho my pc don't face sudden restart...
  14. S

    [SOLVED] Capacitor looks damaged

    Hello everyone, I just received a motherboard, it should be brand new but because the box looked old, unsealed and a slight tear in the anti-static bag, i did some close inspection. I found one of the capacitors to look damaged. Would this be an issue in the long run? I'm not sure if it works...
  15. FuegoDude

    [SOLVED] PSU popped on power-up, please help

    My power supply Corsair CX750 (grey) , immediately popped when I pressed the power button. It is now dead and with a paperclip test, the PSU fan doesn’t start. How it happened was I was playing valorant with my friends and I accidentally stepped on my surge protector’s power switch (I’m going...
  16. C

    [SOLVED] Question electrolytic capacitor

    I have electronic devices from 1990 and I know that these devices that have not been used for a long time cause faults and depolarization in the electrolytic capacitors, is it necessary to use these devices in the interval of 1x a month to preserve the electrolytic capacitors from failing due to...
  17. T

    [SOLVED] Missing capacitor from GTX 1070 ti power phase.

    A friend of mine gave me an EVGA GTX 1070 ti with a missing capacitor from one of the power phases on the board. I'm afraid of testing the GPU without the capacitor. I'm not into this that much, but I want to try and replace the missing capacitor on the board to see if I can fix it (and have a...
  18. E

    [SOLVED] Bend a Capacitor

    Hi, I was trying to add a GPU into my PC but I bend one capacitor from where the sound processing happens in. Now I don't have sound in my pc. Can I fix it?
  19. alambento

    [SOLVED] Yellow sparks on GPU :((

    This is my 6 years old MSI GTX 970, last night there’s a yellow sparks came out from my CPU. A slight second before that, my PC suddenly turns off on its own, I guess thats an automatic safety measure (?) Then came the yellow sparks. I plugged everything off, and open my case, unplug my GPU...
  20. JonathanCrazy

    [SOLVED] Burned gpu capacitor

    Hello guys, first of all, excuse me for any mistakes in english and for the big text. I would like to come here to ask for help related to my Asus GTX 750TI. I was using the computer normally, and then it restarted unexpectedly and I could see a light and smell of burning coming from the gpu...
  21. tuckertheguy12

    [SOLVED] GPU Missing Capacitor

    Hello I would like to start with I am new to posting here, but have visited many times over the years to troubleshoot other pc problems of mine. So to start off I recently bought an AMD XFX Radeon 6970 2GB GDDR5 under the condition "Untested". I of course knew this GPU was probably broken but I...
  22. H

    Need to buy what appears to be an unusual capacitor for a Samsung 26" TV

    Hi all, Hoping someone who is well-versed with Capacitors may be able to assist with this one :) My Samsung 26" TV has suddenly stopped working - even the red stand-by light doesn't come on. It appears that the capacitor shown in the attached photos is the culprit, based on the bulge I can...
  23. S

    [SOLVED] Audio capacitors on motherboard

    Do the audio capacitors on a motherboard matter and can i see a difference between them? I saw one motherboard from ASrock have 2 of them and another one from Asus have 4. Do they make any difference?
  24. alexis055

    Question capacitor b450m tuf gaming plus

    I just found a broken capacitor in my case after hearing something rattling around in my case when toting it around. I'm not sure what to do about it, the computer seems to be running fine still. I've never soldered and don't know much about capacitors and the like. Should I have it fixed or...
  25. D

    Question How can I get my moterboard fixed? I ripped off some components out of it.

    Hello everyone, I got this issue (most probably) while fitting the video card in mi motherboard, a Gigabyte 990FXA UD3. I ripped off 1 resistor and 2 capacitors out of it. I already know I can buy the 2 capacitors and have a professional sold them back. What I dont know is if it would be...
  26. B

    [SOLVED] Capacitors swelled are causing the failure?

    Hi, I'm having a failure that I think it's the motherboard. It's and old MB, with 80 GB IDE HDD and IDE ODD, 2 GB RAM DDR2. It has a few Electrolytic capacitors and 4 or 5 are swelled. Maybe this is the reason it is failing? The failure consists in after a few minutes of turning it on, the image...
  27. Chowderzzz

    [SOLVED] Prevent a blown capactior?

    About a month ago, my dads PC had a blown capacitor while I was using it. We sent it off to be repaired as we had warranty and got it back yesterday. What can I do to prevent a capacitor from blowing up again. I do not know the make of the PSU as it was prebuilt by PCSpecialist (on the invoice...
  28. H

    [SOLVED] capacitor fell off gpu 1050

    i accidentally broke capacitor beside display ports in gtx 1050 asus single fan named "pcm3" 2.5 v ,surprisingly it works ,temperature is fine too ,what worst can it happen ?
  29. Abelak9902


    I was installing a waterblock on my gpu (2080Ti XC EVGA) and after removing the cooler (not forcing it and taking my time) I noticed something fell off the pcb and I think it was a capacitor, what should I do??? This is the image of the capacitor.
  30. WaltonBoyd

    [SOLVED] Please help

    Hi guys, this is the first time I post on this website, asking for some help. I own an Asus Rog Strix 2080Ti GPU, and I decided to buy a custom water cooling from EK. Everything was fine, until I tried to install the waterblock for the GPU, by mistake, I broke a little piece located on the top...
  31. P

    Question Gigabyte Radeon 7950 broken capacitor

    Hello. I've just got used Gigabyte Radeon 7950 card and I noticed missing capacitor on the GPU chip. The card works perfectly fine. It's stable, I'm getting expected performance, I was even able to overclock the card to 1085MHz core without overvolting it, what gave me 700 points increase in...
  32. M

    Question Broke this capacitor from a laptop motherboard.

    So , this little thing came off when i was putting a new HDD in my hp pavilion 15-bc415nq laptop. It was positioned right next to the usb ports . Is it safe if i go without it ?
  33. stormman34

    Question Is this a blown capacitor?

    So my speakers started sounding really bad the other day and after closer inspection I found this: I tried Googling a blown capacitor but didn't find anything like this, so is that cap broken or is that brown goo something else. I also found out in some video that blown caps only affect the...
  34. tntqc

    Question Uncertain compatibility due to QVL from Mboard manufacturer

    Hi, I have just received my new purchase: Corsair CMK32GX4M2D3000C16 Vengeance LPX 32GB (2X16GB). I have see that it is compatible with the motherboard on the PC building website. But today, I remember the existence of qualified vendor list from the motherboard manufacturer. I checked that list...

    is having 4sticks of ram on 8700k faster then 2sticks

    read an article then wondered is 4sticks of ram faster than 2 sticks even if you have enough memory with 2 sticks
  36. B

    Monitor suddenly stopped recognizing pc

    I was scrolling down facebook when my pc just randomly froze. No blue screen nothing. I then tried restarting it. Everything turns on, all fans including gpu fans spin yet nothing is displayed to my monitor. It doesnt detect that my pc Is on. I have tried all sorts of different cables and I have...
  37. B

    3 monitors on my one gpu or buy a cheap one for the third one?

    I have an R9 270x coupled with a FX-6300. I currently have 2 monitors connected with my R9 270x, one in DVI and one in HDMI. I was wondering if I should buy a cheap, $30 gpu and hook it up with my new monitor. The new one won't being doing much, just having a chat client and Google Music open...
  38. Archer27

    Need some help achieving a stable 4.7ghz OC on 4790k

    Hey guys, today I have tryed to go from my stable 4.6ghz overclock to 4.7ghz. The settings for my stable 4.6ghz OC are pretty simple(1.25 vcore and 1.808-1.836 VCCIN) This with XMP enabled. Now the first thing I tryed to do to achieve 4.7 was increase the multiplier alone and ran IBT on high...
  39. K

    PC Freezes in desktop.

    Hello there, few days ago I got my new PC (not including the HDD), I installed cracked windows 10 on it and when I launched Chrome weird videos/sounds sluttering started to happen, also PC freezes in that moment. Also, when I try fixing games through Origin f.e, the PC starts to slutter...
  40. Kryptkeeper

    Upgrade advice: gpu vs monitor

    My system: 4790k 2x4gb 1866mhz gtx 760 2gb evga supernova g2 750w I can upgrade 1 thing, my gpu or my monitor (1360x768 stretched out over a glorious 32") Do I go with a more powerful gpu to handle demanding games with higher AA to make up for lack of resolution or do I upgrade the monitor...