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  1. MrBuushy

    [SOLVED] Controlling RGB fans with motherboard

    Basically, I bought a 'KOLINK Observatory Lite RGB Midi Tower' and connected the fans to the hub it provided, then connected the SATA to my PSU and the RGB lead to my motherboard which is a Gigabyte B560 AORUS PRO AX ATX Motherboard . The fans can only be controlled by the remote and won't be...
  2. Question Confusion with installing ARGB 3-pin PWM fan interface ?

    Hi. I have recently purchased new 6 ARGB fans ( for my case and I have a motherboard of Gigabyte A520M S2H which has ARGB header. Now I am little confused because these fans have only one 3-pin PWM interface cable for ARGB communication so my...
  3. N

    [SOLVED] What is my case fans amperage? (Can I use multiple on one header)

    hi my guys, anyone know the maximum amps for the NZXT case edition Aer F120s? (model number: RF-AF12C-XZ ; ones found stock in the h710 cases and others) - the stickers reads 12VDC 0.16 A but I doubt that's the max amperage, probably like the average as that seems very low compared to my...
  4. SeraRevelation

    [SOLVED] Question on cooling configuration & motherboard support for fans

    Specs to note: -Ryzen 5 3600x -2060 S -Asus prime b450m-K -3x (Deep-cool RGB Fans) & 1x (Corsair SP120 RGB PRO) -ML240L RGB (Liquid cooler) I have a problem with connecting all the fan headers into the motherboard, there are 6 fans in total (Including the fans in the aio), and all of them...
  5. SaltyGamer

    [SOLVED] Advice needed: fans for NZXT S340

    Hello there, TL;DR: I have the NZXT S340 non-Elite. If I place two Corsair ML140 Pro LED White fans in the back, do I need any front intake fans? Will the negative pressure suck in extra dust? Right now I have an NZXT S340 (non-Elite) with two stock fans in the back, and two Corsair AF120...
  6. B

    [SOLVED] Msi b450 tomahawk max

    Hello, so I'm new to pc building. Built my first rig yesterday. I noticed my case fans ramping up and down. And they seem to never quiet down. I added a pic of what the graph looks like Thanks
  7. Boost55

    Question Why is one of my case fans making a clicking/scraping noise? Recommendations for replacements?

    Hey all, I've had my pc for about 2 weeks now, and I've noticed that one of my front intake fans is making a faint but definitely audible clicking sound. I should also note that when I turned off my pc and spun each fan by hand the sound slowed down to sound more like scraping noises that when...
  8. G

    [SOLVED] How to connect case fans?

    This is quite a noob question but I have these 120mm case fans and im not sure how to connect them?.. Do i have to get some kind of cable so it can connect to a cable from the psu or something?
  9. F

    [SOLVED] Where is the JRAINBOW socket on ASUS PRIME A320M-K?

    I have an ASUS PRIME A320M-K motherboard and there is nothing wrong with my pc, but I have a rear case fan with RGB which when the PC is on spins perfectly fine but I would like it to light up. On the instructions it says I need to plug it into a socket labelled "JRAINBOW" and I can't find it on...
  10. jberrrrt

    [SOLVED] Case fans have two molex connectors

    We purchased a case yesterday named Viking Shield VKS-34. Not much info on the internet for it, let alone a website. The issue I have is with its pre-installed case fans (three pieces on the front) that do not light up even when they're spinning. They're plugged directly to the PSU using their 4...
  11. [SOLVED] Cooling/component fans issues

    I'm about to organize a major computer cleaning and my warranties (except for the PSU) are about to expire. So I decided to tackle this issues that's been plaguing me for a while. Every time I use my computer, my fans make strange noises .... sometimes it sounds like a fly was cought between the...
  12. Prestianni

    Question Using different PSU cables

    Hi all, I’ve got a 550w fully modular Corsair power supply. My fans however even though the case is new, came with fans requiring a 4 pin molex connection. I bought a cheap 6pin to molex off of eBay as the PSU didn’t come with one, is this safe and if not whats the chances of something bad...
  13. spiderbatman

    Question ARGB Case Fans - Help

    Hi All, I am a noob when it comes to installing ARGB fans. I have a B460M AORUS ELITE motherboard which supports ARGB. However, if I look at their website, I see that their 2 x ARGB headers are supporting LED strips and there are 2 RGB headers as well on the board. Is there a way I can add 3...
  14. C~Money

    [SOLVED] Why is my fans showing N/A on my motherboard?

    So I recently built my first PC and kept it budget friendly. I went with a Cooler Master MB 311L case because it had two preinstalled ARGB fans in the front. So then for the motherboard I had to get one that was ARGB compatible. I went with a Gigabyte B450 Aorus M. I built the pc and everything...
  15. J

    [SOLVED] No case fans

    Specs: 24gigs of ram, gtx 1070, ryzen 2200g (upgrading soon to ryzen 5 2600) asrock b450m steel legend So as the title reads my pc has no case fans, they have stopped working in the past and I have not gotten new ones. It has been running like this for about 5 months and rarely gets above 65...
  16. C

    [SOLVED] Best 140mm Case Fans

    Hi all. Pretty generic one for you tonight. What are your recommendations for 140mm case fans, ideally pwm? Performance over sound is a priority for me, but if they are quiet then even better! Going to need a fair few for the next build I'm doing, so may as well get the best ones! Cheers
  17. C

    Question Best Case & Fans

    Hello, Planning a new build with an i9 9900k & RTX 2080 Ti, so of course I'm going to need some serious cooling. For the i9, I'm planning to go with the Corsair H150i. I just need suggestions on what case is ideal for airflow with that mounted at the front. Also, I'm gonna need some good...
  18. F

    [SOLVED] Which Case Fans for my be quiet! Pure base 500 ?

    Hey there everyone, So I recently built my first rig by myself and these are the specs of it: Motherboard: Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core (3.6GHz-4.4GHz) 36MB AM4 (includes stock Wraith Prism stock CPU cooler) GPU: MSI GeForce® RTX 2070 SUPER GAMING X TRIO 8G...
  19. S

    [SOLVED] New PC build shutting down while gaming

    I recently built my first pc and at the time I was on a tight budget and could only get 1 stick of 8gb ddr4 3200mhz. Everything was running fine along with the games until I got another stick. After I got this stick and now had 16gb of ddr4 at 3200mhz, my pc started randomly shutting down while...
  20. N

    Question Motherboard and PCH Temperature

    Hi everyone, Recently playing around with fan curves due to loud case fans. Just wondering what acceptable temps for the motherboard and PCH are. If I google it I can get so many different answers so thought I would ask here. I'm monitoring my temps using AI Suite 3 and can see my motherboard...
  21. T

    Question Please could somebody help me with making my PC quieter.

    I have a budget of £90 to spend on making my PC quieter (it's literally a jet engine) and need help in deciding what is the most important thing to buy: I could spend all my money on a really good quiet case (eg. be quiet! Silent Base 600) or something. Or I could buy a better CPU cooler (eg...
  22. A

    Question Is this already an optimal fan configuration?

    My case is the Macube 310p, ngl the front panel is pretty closed off. This this fan config optimal because when i play games on pc, although the cpu remain relatively cool, around 58-62 degrees celcius, the gpu can reach up to 70 degrees celcius. as i mentioned above, the front panel is pretty...
  23. S

    [SOLVED] Gigabyte z87x-ud4h RGB headers

    I have a Gigabyte z87x-ud4h mobo and I'm wondering, is it compatible with RGB fans? I saw some on amazon but the particular ones I saw said the fans don't support 12V 4 pin headers, only the 5V 3pin. I can't find one of those on my board and the manual says nothing about them. I'm not sure if...
  24. M

    Question First-World Problem: ML120, NF-F12 3000RPM PWM, or NF-S12A

    I'm currently debating on which all black fan to buy; I have narrowed it down to these three. I'm going to purchase nine of the fans I wined up choosing, which will be placed in a Lian Li O11 Air case. They will be used strictly as case fans and will NOT be placed against a radiator and I will...
  25. RogueNineOne

    Question What is Ideal case fan setup for Cooler Master H500P Mesh?

    Here's the list of the components I'm planning to get: Considering I'll be overclocking my CPU, are the 2 front 200 mm stock coolers and the single 120 mm rear exhaust good enough? If not then please suggest an ideal fan setup for optimum airflow/ cooling...
  26. E

    Question Weird case fan behaviour

    My god it kills me....dont know what to think i need your help guys because i can't take it anymore. So i have just installed some new run of the mill fans(Arctic f12 120mm) for my case/Segotep lux black.I replaced the 2 ones on top. the one in the front is giving me...
  27. [SOLVED] How to connect the case RGB fans to the motherboard

    I want to connect my case fans controller to the motherboard in order to be able to control the case fans RGB light using the Fusion 2.0 software. My questions are: Is it possible on my case and motherboard? If it is possible, how to wire it? Note: I tried to connect my Led I/O connector on...
  28. J

    Question 3 fans on 1 header?

    Would I be able to run intake 3 fans on 1 header as there are only two chasis fan headers on my mobo (asrock b450m pro 4 - F) and I’m using 1 already for two exhaust fans. The 3 fans I want to connect are coolermaster Masterfan sf120r ARGB’s.
  29. Bleeka

    Question What Should My Case Fans Monitor?

    Hello, I've built one PC prior to my current but never really fine tuned it at all. How it was out of box was how I left it. This being my second more refined build I want to fine tune it as perfect as possible. The last piece to my puzzle however is CASE FANS :mad: ....................... I am...
  30. GamerAid

    Question Rosewill Nighthawk z-rgb Case remote is not working

    I recently built a new pc, with a couple salvaged parts. I originallt built it with a B450 Tomahawk Max motherboard, but realized that it didnt have an addressable rgb header for the case. So I ordered an ASRock X570M Pro4 Motherboard with does have an addressable rgb connection on it. I swapped...
  31. Arno__Dorian

    Question Best case fans ?

    Hey guys, I have the CoolerMaster H500P Mesh case and i was wondering, will the coolermaster sf360r 360mm fan on the top and one mf120r fan at the rear work well with the case ? I want something that really compliments the front rgb fans and I think these fans have almost the same rgb as the...
  32. manineedhelp

    [SOLVED] Help with fan installation for optimal airflow

    Hello, I'm planning to upgrade my case to an Aerocool Cylon Black. Since this particular case doesn't have an opening on the front for air to come in, I need help on how to install the fans to get the best airflow (I will be using the pre-installed fan and 2 extra).
  33. A

    Question Need help choosing case fans

    What case fans should i get for my case? - (scroll down to see specifications). and will front and back case fans will be enough? I need a good and cheap fans as i barely have any money left because im buying other pc parts...
  34. indianajune1

    Question Were would you put your best case fan ???

    Hey guys , possibly stupid question but we’re would you put your best case fan ??? I have a phanteks enthoo pro TG with two 144mm fans up front sucking air in and another 144m on the back sucking air out. Then I have an kraken x62 aio liquid cooler radiator on steam top exhausting air as well...
  35. Arno__Dorian

    [SOLVED] RGB Fusion

    Hey guys, I recently bought the Cooler Master H500P Mesh casing and I was wondering, can the 2 200 mm front fans be connected to the motherboard for RGB Fusion ? My motherboard is Gigabyte B360 Aorus. How will they be connected and is some additional wire required ? Thanks in advance :)
  36. G

    [SOLVED] Fans keep disconnecting.

    So my Case Fans are not connected to my motherboard but some other thing and there’s a thin white cable connecting them but the cable keeps losing connection and my fans turn off, the cable needs to be twisted in some way to connect. I can’t unplug the little cable, what do I do ? ( I got this...
  37. B

    Question Installing case fans

    Not too good at this kind of stuff. Anyway, I was looking to install 4 case fans. 2 at the front for intake and 2 at the top for exhaust. I have this motherboard. Pretty sure this motherboard is quite bad, and cant support too many...
  38. Alphasid333

    [SOLVED] I have a 1050ti, but Its idle temps hit 60 degrees, why?

    So i have a 1050TI, in a small micro atx case with no case fans. It sits below my desk. The temperature of my room is around i'd say 30 - 24 degrees. It reaches max idle temp upto 60 degrees (Fans dont spin casue they start kicking in the mark of 60 degrees). When i am gaming the fans do start...
  39. B

    Question Need help with a cooling issue

    So i've had a cooling problem for years now and I want to get this sorted out. Essentially, last week, my PSU died. Because of this, im going to have to rebuild my PC so I thought id try and get this problem out of the way. Whenever I do anything intensive, such as playing games, my CPU can...
  40. I

    [SOLVED] Thermaltake a60 better cooling?

    I'm in Australia and summer is around the corner (30-40 C) and my current uni accom only has a ceiling fan. I want to keep my Thermaltake A60 but I want to make it cooler. It has 3 fans already (1 intake 2 out). Is it best to upgrade the stock fans and can I add extra fans? Really unsure about...