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  1. T

    Question Would I need to upgrade my CPU for Cyberpunk 2077?

    I have the A10-6800k Richland black edition overclocked at 4.5GHz, used just as my CPU. Ive noticed that a lot of requirement suggestions underestimate the CPU, I can run games I shouldn’t be able to, from their suggestions. I currently have a Radeon R9 270x GPU I would like to play Cyberpunk...
  2. A

    Question Cyberpunk 2077 rtx on requirements

    So i have an 2080s, with ryzen 5 3600, 16gb 3200mhz ram, and i was wondering if my computer will get good performance rtx on 1080p at high or atleast ultra. Project red posted a chart with resolutions components etc, and they only showed 2080s ryzen 5 3600 ultra setting without rtx, anyone has...
  3. Mr.L

    Question Will my gpu be able to push cyberpunk 2077 60+ fps

    Hi guys im wondering will my gpu be able to push cp 2077 to 60+fps on my native resolution 1680x1050 Spec R5 1600AF gts xxx ed RX 580 8GB OC+ 12gb ram 2666 mhz Thanks.
  4. 3jackdaw

    Question i7-3770 upgrade to Ryzen 3600x

    My specs: For gaming only i7-3770 GTX 1070 8GB AMP OC 8GB RAM Seasonic 600w Bronze Hello, I have been putting off an upgrade for a very long time now. As you can see, I'm still using my old trusty i7-3770 which was even bought 2nd hand. This processor has served me well but I think its the...
  5. Lcoppa

    Question cyberpunk 2077 ¿Can i run it?

    someone could tell me if I can play cyberpunk with a Radeon R9 380 Series in low configuration
  6. T

    Question Which cpu is a minimum for 1440p ray tracing CyberPunk 2077 with a rtx 3080?

    I am set to acquire an Asus Tuf Gaming 3080 and I'm planning to play Cyberpunk 2077 at 1440p ray tracing. I'm just wondering which is the minimum CPU for such settings. At the moment I have an i7-6700, which I assume isn't enough?
  7. D

    Question System Upgrade for RTX 3070

    Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade my PC in order to optimally support the RTX 3070 when it releases. Right now, I'm running off a GTX 1060 6GB, and figured an upgrade would be nice for some of the new titles coming out in the future (titles as in Cyberpunk 2077... I really only want to play...
  8. NoLongerHuman

    [SOLVED] My RTX 3090 build for Cyberpunk 2077!

    Let me know what you think?:unsure:
  9. noobofnoobs

    [SOLVED] Quick rig check question

    Hello there I'm planning on buying an RTX series 3000 GPU somewhere later this year, most likely a 3080 (fingers crossed that its released before CyberPunk 2077) I was wondering if i would have to upgrade anything else in my PC so i can play Cyberpunk at the highest or next to highest...
  10. M

    [SOLVED] Should I build a PC with RTX 2060 for Cyberpunk or wait for the RTX 3060 ?

    I'm gonna be straight forward as much as possible. Okay so, guys I've just started YouTube and I have 124 (actually 24) subs. The 100 subs was from my previous Pentium 4 low end pc channel sooo.... Yeah I don't have a lot of subs to actually watch my videos. My current PC : Pentium G3220 (2C/2T)...
  11. whatislife88

    Question Cyberpunk 2077 4K build

    Hello! I'm sure everyone is excited as I am for the new game, I've waited quite sometime in not upgraded to be able to justify a new build for this game and futures.. I want to play the on max settings on a 4K resolution. Expensive build, but it's what I want and worked for in saving up. I do...
  12. Dochas beo

    Question What’s the lowest type of laptop you think Cyberpunk 2077 could run on?

    Hi there! I’ve never had a dedicated gaming pc/laptop. However, having closely followed Cyberpunk 2077’s development, i think I could afford to buy a laptop in the €400-650 range. But is there any laptop in that range that you guys think could end up being able to run CP2077? I know we still...