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  1. K

    Question Number Crunching machine

    I am doing research running Python programs iterating over large datasets that are causing memory errors and take hour to run ( when they do complete). My machine is an older A10-9600P Radeon R5 with 12 G RAM. I do not do gaming So : Can I use USB thumb drive as RAM to increase the RAM size...
  2. R

    Question Chromebook versus PC for programming ?

    Hello all, I am a Uni student in business analytics and I need a laptop. I was hopping you lovely people could help answer my question. Should I get a Chromebook or a PC for coding purposes? Which would be better?
  3. P

    Question Google Sheets Help - Countif Function not working with Data Validation

    Hi all, I am creating an absent tracker for my department and have stumbled across an issue. I would like to keep track of the total amount of sick leave, dependency leave and compassionate leave days for the year. I would also like to include half days (AM/PM). I have tried the following...
  4. Y

    Question How can i check my work account data, Microsoft Business Account

    Hey, I will keep it short and get straight to the point, i would like to view my data which are being collected just like i can see on my personal Microsoft account through this website It works fine to check my personal account data associated with it...
  5. O

    [SOLVED] Bymistake *Format on HDD,regain fully data 1tb possible?

    Hello,i am in really difficult position guys,i had all my family memories and more stuff on this HDD,1tb and it was almost full.i formatted it by mistake and i would really like to regain all the data back if its possible.. someone that has done it before and knows for sure how to please help me...
  6. S

    Question Need some guidance on an upgrade

    Hi there ! This is my current set-up : -) Asus ATX Z170 Pro Gaming -) Corsair 2x8GB, DDR4, 2133MHz, CL13, Vengeance LPX -) Intel Skylake Core i5 6600K 3.50GHz 6MB -) Gigabyte Videokaart GeForce GTX 1070 G1 Gaming 8GB When i'm running a game or 2 and watching some youtube I notice my...
  7. A

    How To Connect An XGIMI H1 Projector to Vizio 5.1 Soundbar for Digital Sound

    I need to connect an XGIMI H1 projector to my soundbar for digital sound. This projector has 2 HDMI outputs and a 3.5 auxiliary output and yes that works for analog sound to my vizio 5.1 soundbar. But I was wondering if I can connect this for digital sound to my soundbar. Would using both...
  8. S

    Battery not being charged

    I am using a hp pavilion Windows 7 laptop Some months ago, the battery stopped getting charged and I had to use my laptop while connecting it to the charger But now my laptop doesnt even start I mean sometimes it does but gets turned off automatically after sometime What shall I do?
  9. V

    Slight but noticeable fps drops

    I get random fps drops from 60fps to 59 58 or sometimes 56 in games like fortnite and gta 5 I play with v sync on and my specs are- I5 8400 Gtx 1050ti single fan Msi b360m pro vd micro atx MB 8gb ram ddr4 2666mhz I tried lowering the settings but no luck
  10. S

    best ddr4 ram

    which ddr4 ram would be the best for a ryzen 5 1600, asus rog strix b350-f and gtx 1060? Thank you
  11. N

    everytime i have to touch clear cmos pin with metal object to start pc

    whenever my electricity goes out and when it comes. i try to turn on my pc . but it wont turn on. so i have to open my chasis and touch the bios jumper with electrical tester. then pc will restart. motherboard : gigabyte b150m hd3/ power supply : thermaltake lite power 550 w
  12. A

    I have a h110 msi board can I oc i5 6600k

    I know it's stupid to ask so but I have a slight advantage my motherboard is not listed anywhere on internet it was a special Mobo ( I'm 100% sure about that) it has a oc tab in bios and it also has 4 ram slots which we don't see in normal h110 chipset as u can see im currently useing g4560...
  13. J

    Need help picking a laptop!

    I'm mainly a pc gamer and I want to get my gf into the pc world because she mainly plays xbox one :/. So I'm helping her look for a laptop which can handle new titles with ease as well as completing school work. The budget is $1000 and the catch is she is only able to buy it at Bestbuy. If you...
  14. C

    Hyper SLI would it be ok for z87k ?

    I had another thread but i cant remember it so i decided to put up new one. So, i just bought my friend i5-4670k with z87k and had a thought of updating gpu at the same time ( still running my old trusty fx-6300 with ga970-ud3p ),but for what i know the motherboard doesnt accept SLI ( i have gtx...
  15. T

    Which CPU to get?

    Hello, I am looking to get a new CPU but not sure which one to get. I currently have i3-6100, GTX 1060 6 GB, 8GB ddr4 ram, and a b150 gaming m3 motherboard. I only use my computer for web browsing and 1080p gaming, so I don't think I need anything above an i5, and my mobo doesn't support higher...
  16. V

    External hdd won't run on usb3 ss

    Hey guys I need some help. I bought a new 2tb lenovo f309 external hdd today. But when I plug it into the usb3 port I get the message "this drive cam perform faster..." When I go on usb tree viewer it showa device only on high speed. I have two other hdd that connect fine to the usb3 super...
  17. X

    i7 3770, cpu usage 100%

    Hello, i have switched to i7 3770, dh61ww motherboard, i have installed Zotac NVIDIA GT 730 4 GB DDR3 Graphics card, 8 gb ram, 1 tb hard disk, but even if i'm playing a video on youtube, sometimes the usage cpu goes to 100%, not sure whats causing the bottleneck here.. And will switching to SDD...
  18. J

    I need a soundbar that uses coaxial cable hook up to tv. Does anyone know of any?

    I have a sanyo 50 inch hd plasma tv model DP50741. It only has coaxial cable hook up for a soundbar. Does any one know of a soundbar that is compatible with this tv?
  19. J

    High CPU core temperature with no reasons.

    I built my pc exactly 1 year ago. I use an intel i5 4690k cpu, with no overclocking done. However, the CPU temperature is a little too hot recently. This is my CPU cores' temperature when idle (after changing the thermal paste). Took this screenshot 5 mins after my computer booted up, and there...
  20. J

    USB drive storage

    when i plug it into my laptop it says it has 16gb free on the drive but when i plug it into my pc it has only 449mb of space and also sometimes doesn't show up? anyone know hot to fix this?
  21. A

    My Toshiba Satellite Battery drains super fast

    My toshiba sattellite battery drains within 30 minutes even on a "battery saver" mode. my wear level is 71%
  22. 4

    Bluray storage and playing

    I am a complete novice with I.T.. I'm lucky if I can turn on a tv without instructions (that's actually my wife, but I'm not too far off)... I'm asking for step by step instructions so I can save my 100+ blu ray movies onto a WD My Passport Ultra 3TB and then be able to plug the drive into the...
  23. Eoin Doody

    What Graphics Card?

    I want to know what graphics card would be the best for playing ARK at medium to high settings alongside the following components. i5-6400 CPU, Corsair Vengeance LPX 4GB (1 x 4GB) DDR4, 2400MHz, CL14, ASUS Z170-P Intel LGA 1151 ATX motherboard. Also, would you recommend any power supply that...
  24. S

    Using Xeons in main desktop? I wanna use this cpu in a dual configuration and was wondering if this would be a nice cpu for a desktop. Getting them for cheap so price isn't a concern. How well...
  25. M

    Swapping out my card

    I'm needing some help here. I just bought an acer with really good specs with everything EXCEPT the graphics card. I was wondering if anyone here would know a good gaming replacement graphics card for the Intel HD one that comes pre-installed. This is the PC I bought...
  26. L

    Anyone know why my laptop would be making a quiet, but noticeable, buzzing noise?

    At first I thought it was my HDD cus I was transferring but it doesn't just do it when transferring.
  27. L

    Is this PC setup ok and functional?

    Hello, can you please check this potential PC I just created? If it is worth the cost and fully functional? CPU = (Black Edition, 720MHz) GPU...
  28. S

    Bad Motherboard or Video Card

    I recently started noticing a weird problem with my PC. When I have windows Areo enabled and have a couple of windows open the machine starts to lag. For example, if I minimize a window the animation is not smooth like it was before, the window animation is choppy. It's weird because I never had...
  29. J

    Upgrade from i5 2500k stock to i7 6700k?

    Hi there I'm seriously considering upgrade my system from sandy bridge to skylake. Current specs are as follows: i5 2500k (stock) Corsair H80 GT (stock cooler broke) 8GB DDR3 ram Foxcon z77a motherboard (can't overclock on it) GPU: Sappire Fury PSU: Corsair CX600M SSD, HDD I'm looking at...
  30. X

    Which headphones would win?

    This Logitech G35 or this also if none of them u thnink is good than whats the best gaming headphones for volume and speaker and comfortabality windows for 60$ and under cuz thats what im looking for.
  31. MyNameIsTony

    Building a computer for a friend. Any advice or tweaks I can do for this build please.

    My friend wants a computer and asked me to pick out the parts for him. If you guys have any advice on how I can probably get better parts and save money please let me know as this is a very early wishlist of what I want to get him. i5-4690k...
  32. J

    How do I use a disk if this computer does not have a CD/CDM disk drive. I may have to return this computer since I play a lot

    I just got a new computer ($799) but it doesn't have a disk drive. How do I load games, and other things without a disk drive
  33. T

    Windows booting errors

    First let me start off with my specs. AMD Athlon 860k Cpu Gigabyte a88x sniper mobo G.Skill Value 16gb 8x2 RAM (New) Hitachi 2tb HDD LG optical drive Corsair CX 600W Psu Okay I had an old hdd that would not boot windows after about 6 months. So I replaced the drive and within two days the same...
  34. C

    XFX R7 250 not finding second monitor?

    Hello, I am using a Dell Optiplex 9020 (SFF) and I have the low profile XFX R7 250 graphics card, which Dell told me was compatible. It has a HDMI & DVI and a VGA also. I can get one monitor connected through the VGA on the Graphics Card, but I tried to get another monitor connected via DVI...
  35. F

    Corsair 200r or Corsair Carbride SPEC-03

    I am going to build my first computer soon, and i want a good case under $60. I found the Corsair 200r and the Corsair Carbride SPEC-03, which one is better?
  36. L

    If i mod my router by replacing the internal antennas with external antennas will i still have beamforming?

    I am planning on modding my Netgear R6300v2 by un-soldering the internal antenna connector responsible for the 5ghz band and soldering a rp sma connector in its place and attaching an external antenna. The router has Netgears beamforming plus technology. If i do this mod, will i still have the...
  37. T

    Thoughts on r9 280x Crossfire.

    I currently own one Sapphire Toxic r9 280x and am considering adding another one to my system to gain some performance. I am currently running only at 1080p (But it is 144hz), however if I add a second card I would do some 5760x1080 gaming. Anyways I just wanted to hear your guys thoughts on...
  38. uthvag

    Ocing my 860m

    hello i have a y50 with an 860m maxwell does anyone have experience Ocing this? NOTE- temps are not a problem My temps are around 50C while on witcher 2 @ ultra ( i have a 2 ton AC blowing right at the back side of my laptop)
  39. C

    advice about upgrade (mobo/cpu/ram)

    Hello, I'm considering to upgrade my rig in December. The upgrades will be: Intel 5820k or 5930k Asus x99-A no brand ram ddr4 Questions: 1. Do I need new PSU? Details: psu: Corsair CS750M Gold, GPU: Gigabyte GTX760 windforce, HDD 1TB, SSD boot. 2. If I dont need a new PSU, how much can I OC...
  40. C

    How do I stream a program on YouTube from my iPad ... Please

    How to stream from iPad to TV.