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  1. S

    Question Local static ip while connected to a mobile hotspot

    Hi, i need help to set up a local static ip on my pc (windows 10) that I use with my android phone's (oneplus 7) hotspot. When I set up my local ip for the first time it worked perfectly. I used the default gateway and dns server that i got from ipconfig. The problem is that every time I...
  2. D

    [SOLVED] Constant Disconnects - "Default Gateway Not Available" after every fix I've attempted

    So I got a new Network adapter (Netgear AC1200 Wi-Fi USB Adapter USB 2.0 Dual Band), and for the most part it works after some troubles getting it to connect in the first place which required changing the channel of the 5GHz network I was connecting to. But now, every hour or two, I'll lose...
  3. J

    Question WiFi adapter greatly affected after June's windows update

    hello all, I have a new and pretty high-end pc and all was well until the June auto update from Mr. Gates. After installation of said update, my Wi-fi adaptor (intel wireless-ac 9462) was shot. I tried every fix youtube could offer and the only fix was to reinstall my current and Intel's latest...
  4. H

    Question Nvidia 980 Ti doesn't display at all

    Hello there I have nvidia 980 ti for some years now and it was working perfectly all this time with the same set up. Due to moving location ( Nothing got damaged in the process ) i had to unplug some components and re plug them. First time the card was getting recognized by the PC, a few...
  5. nwgamelover

    HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch IPS LED HDMI VGA Monitor (22cwa)

    99 dollar deal is probably my first problem, but after just 4 months, my monitor has started to do a "flash" thing, just once or twice a day so far. It doesn't go black, it just literally flashes, so quick I first thought it was just something on the web. Anyone have some feedback on what it...
  6. S

    Rx 580 problem

    Hello guys,i have just bought a rx 580 4 gig(New,1 week old),The problem is when i turn on my computer just when i can select bios,boot mode i get a weard glitch my screen gets blue lines but then goes away,(green and red line is my monitor problem)it didnt happen with my gtx 770,Is this a...
  7. P

    PC does not display picture

    I built My pc two weeks ago and at first it did not display anything so then i changed Ram slots and it worked there were Minor issues with My pc but i Will tell if needed. Today i cleaned My room and moved My pc to My bed for a second and turned it sideways like laying down i only unplugged and...
  8. T

    i7-8750H Or 144Hz Laptop?

    I'm on a budget and I have a choice between getting a Laptop with an 8750H or 144Hz screen paired with 8300H and a GTX 1060. Should I get the 8300H along with the 144Hz screen, or 8750H with a 60Hz screen?
  9. M

    [SOLVED] What PSU i need for this high-end PC

    Sapphire RX 590 8GB 16 GB ram HyperX Fury M.2 500GB HDD 500gb Intel core i5 8600k Asus Prime Z370 A II Fractal Focus G Case
  10. Axlebomb

    Upgrade: 16GBs of Ram or New CPU

    Hello all, I am in quite the conundrum. I am debating between upgrading my ram from 8gb to 16 or upgrading my Core i3 4160 3.6ghz to a Core i5 4570 3.2ghz? I only can upgrade 1. The only game I play is PubG. I am trying to boost my FPS. Here are my specs: Core i3 4160 3.6ghz Dual Core 4 thread...
  11. T

    need help swann dvr88075-h

    swann 88075-h wont let me in ask for password tried reset tried super password tried everthing cant get a hold of swann tech never answer
  12. T

    New Gaming PC Build, Is my PSU good enough?

    Hello all, I'm making a new Gaming Rig but I'm no expert. Would this build and PSU work? CPU: Intel Core i7-8700 Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix B360-F Gaming, S-1151 Ram: Corsair - Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 Ti ROG Strix 1 SSD 2 HDD OS: WIndows 10 Home Current PSU...
  13. D

    7.95 gb ram usable, 16 installed

    i have 16 gb (2x8) of corsair ddr4 vengeance lpx ram, but windows says that only 7.95 gb of that are usable. i have tried clearing cmos, reseating ram, changing voltage for ram and processor, changing ram timing, and changing speed on both the ram and processor. all of those just crash the...

    Internet going in and out

    My PC refuses to keep a constant connection when gaming (I don't get disconnected but packet loss/ connection gets so bad i get kicked from almost any game and others are unplayable) but any other time I have no problems. I've tried reinstalling/ updating drivers, completely reinstalling...
  15. B

    looking at a printer

    hp color laser jet pro m180nw iireless multifunction printer found this printer on sale for 100.00$ it has 600x600 dp. would like to atleast have a printer that could print a decient pic if needed.not knoeing much about this stuff could someone please let me know or guide me down the...
  16. A

    No Top Exhaust Fan on Thermaltake Core V21

    Hello I just purchase a Thermaltake Core V21 and it's going to arrive this week so I'm planning for the fan configuration. I want to use a horizontal mobo configuration and put the window panel on top. I wonder if it's going to be okay temperature wise considering there will be no exhaust fan on...
  17. D

    looking for a gpu vram 128mb

    how to download gpu vram 128mb on my pc
  18. K

    No Post or Beep with GPU inserted

    Today i was browsing and using Photoshop. Suddently i got a Gray Screen and the PC froze. I rebooted and nothing happened, no beep, no post screen. What i did: - reseated the gpu - tested on other slots from the mobo - made sure the psu cables are correctly connected to the gpu - reseted bios...
  19. T

    PWM Fan too Loud

    Hi, I purchased an ARCTIC F12 PWM - 120 mm PWM Fan and I'm using it as an exhaust fan for my case. It seems to be very loud all the time. This is what my BIOS looks like: My motherboard is an MSI H110M Pro-VH Plus. Should I try lowering the fan speeds or are the...
  20. B

    I’m thinking of buying the Acre Aspire 3, will Sims 3 Pets (horse one) work well on it?

    CPU, Memory and Operating System: AMD E Series e2-9000 dual core processor. 1.8GHz processor speed. 4GB RAM DDR4. 1TB HDD storage. Hard drive speed 5400RPM. Microsoft Windows 10. Display features: 15.6 inch screen. High definition display. Resolution 1366 x 768 pixels. Graphics: Radeon R2...