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  1. V

    WHEN CPU WILL BE CHEAPER? i5-6500 or i5-6600?

    Hi homies, can u tell me when cpu's will be cheaper? I'm want to buy i5-6500/i5-6600 (because of no money xd) and I can't wait anymore :D Should I buy i5-6600 or wait (max 1 week) for sales? Hope somebdy help me :)
  2. M

    PC won't boot after reinstalling RAM

    Hi there, My problem is I unplugged the only RAM stick out of my motherboard (DDR3 Kingston 4GB) to check the model. When I plugged it back PC won't boot and all I hear is continuous beeping for about 8 seconds, then it shuts down and try to boot again but won't succeed. The same thing happens...
  3. Tomhueb

    How to make a keyboard tray for tv - Steam Link

    So i dont want to buy a $200 razor tray for playing games on the TV using steam link. How can i make one ??? Also is using a wireless mouse and keyboard for steam link okay?
  4. S

    Can i play 1080p games in 720p monitor?

    I want build a budget gaming pc. I5 6400 Msi h110m pro vh zotac geforce gtx 750 ti 2 gb HyperX fury black 8gb 2133MHz DDR4 ram 1tb wd Corsoir vs550 psu. Will this system playable at decent settings as I can't go any higher than this. And one thing, do gtx 750 ti support 1080p and if so can I...
  5. Doughnut1313

    Laptop for a student with a graphics card

    Hey guys, i'm looking for a laptop that maxes out at a price budget of about £600 (can go higher) and i'm mostly looking for quite a slim laptop that i can use at school while also being able to do some basic gaming on it. At school i'm going to be doing mostly coding and writing lengthy word...
  6. J

    Battlefield one fps drops

    Hello i have had an existing problem and its not just with bf1. Its with other games, however i want to get it fixed for bf1. Here are my specs: Msi geforce gtx 970 Amd 8350 eight core processor 16gb of ram When i play on even low i get mass fps spikes and drops. And it the same on all...
  7. Logeshwaran

    graphics cards at a cheap rate! confusing

    hi guys i can see that in amazon i just noticed the zotac 1070 and 1080 cards to be extremely cheap at about 200$ to 300$. please tell me whether are they good to buy or is it a scam . the links are gtx 1070 ...
  8. J

    I need a processer

    I was looking at a A10-7700k but know I don't know what to do because it is APU what does that mean and I cand get intel so If you recommend somthing let it be amd I have around 100-150 dollars I can spend
  9. R

    Sony sound bar connection

    My Sony sound bar was working great until the other day. When I turn it on, the input indicator lights keep cycling and there is no sound. It won't connect and stay connected to the optical input. Any way to reset the sound bar?
  10. B

    I need to upgrade my graphics card.

    I would like to upgrade my graphics card I currently have a amd a8-6600k with a stock cooler and a gigabyte r7 240, what graphics card should I buy?
  11. S

    [BUILD HELP] Upgrading custom-built PC

    This is simply suggestions I can get from experts going about how to re-build/upgrade my custom-built PC. I got a new mobo, CPU, and GPU. I have a few questions, but any other suggestions people have for me would be great :) 1. Since this is the first time changing parts, I just wanted to know...
  12. P

    Asus laptop fan trouble

    I recently bought a K501U Asus laptop from Newegg and from the begging I have had problems with the fans. After 5 - 10 mins of use the fans kick in and they either stay on for the rest of the time that I use them or they quickly turn off and on. The laptop isn't overheating since the temps are...
  13. C

    How does an SSD and an HDD work together?

    I have a an SSD as my boot drive and an HDD as my storage. If I have, let's say, Microsoft word on my SSD (but not on my HDD) but my .docx file is on my HDD, will the file still run if I attempted to access it through my HDD?
  14. Codi Bezouka-Smith

    How can I use the SS-out?

    I am trying to find out how I can use both my speakers and headphones plugged in and simply switch between them in my playback devices but when I try and look for my speakers in my disabled / disconnected devices I go through all of them as primary device and nothing seems to be working ...
  15. A

    CPU fan faillure

    My Compaq sg344oil indicates that the fan has failed. I can't even open computer setup. It shutdowns automatically. Can you tell me why is this so? Please help me !!!!!
  16. S

    2016 Desktop Build

    I'm working on putting together a new desktop gaming PC build. I'm looking to order the parts in a couple weeks. Any help I can get to make sure I'm getting the most bang for my buck would be appreciated. Here's what I'm looking at: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 DirectX 12 GTX 1060 GAMING X 3G 3GB...
  17. M

    Possible SATA Controller Failure on Z170-gaming 5 Motherboard

    Alright, so, just built a new PC with: Intel i7 6700K GA-Z170X-Gaming 5 1151 motherboard Nvidia GTA 1060 video card Corsair 650W power source A 1TB Western Digital HDD and a Samsung DVD drive. My issue is with the Sata controllers. At first, the hard drive was recognized but not the DVD drive...
  18. J

    If I were to add an SSD to a build which already contained a HYBRID drive (SSHD), would the speed increase or stay the same?

    And for that matter, does adding more SSD's theoretically increase speed exponentially?
  19. GrowTFM

    Dell Optiplex 780sff Cpu Upgrade?

    So far i didin't find anything on google. Motherboard name is e93839/ga0404 idk which one is right currently it has a celeron 450 is it possible to upgrade to intel core2duo or something?
  20. S

    Should I sacrifice CPU performance for GPU

    I'm deciding on wether to get a laptop with an i7-4710HQ and 870M graphics, or to get an i7-6700HQ with a 960M graphics. I use my laptop primarily for gaming, recording, video editing, photoshop and 3D Modeling, so obviously, performance is key. I will decide what to buy, I just need to know...