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  1. B

    I’m thinking of buying the Acre Aspire 3, will Sims 3 Pets (horse one) work well on it?

    CPU, Memory and Operating System: AMD E Series e2-9000 dual core processor. 1.8GHz processor speed. 4GB RAM DDR4. 1TB HDD storage. Hard drive speed 5400RPM. Microsoft Windows 10. Display features: 15.6 inch screen. High definition display. Resolution 1366 x 768 pixels. Graphics: Radeon R2...
  2. Dhermesh

    PC Crash During BIOS Update

    My pc crashed during a bios update, and now when ever i try to boot up this flases on my screen:- "Warning! BIOS Recovery mode has been detected, Please put the file "M9H . CAP" into HDD or a removable USB media device, And restart your computer. You can also insert ASUS Support CD to your...
  3. Gogeto_16

    good budget-able 24" inch Curved Led

    Hey guys, Can any one suggest me a good budget-able 24" inch Curved Led & also should be better for eyes ...
  4. S

    Is this setup compatible

    Gpu : Gtx 780 3gb Cpu : G4560 Mb : Msi b350m pro vdh Ram : Ballistix sport 8gb Hdd : 1tb toshiba Power Supply : Cooler master b600
  5. P

    Ultrabook - Is 24 watts charger enough?

    Hey, I bought not so good quality ultrabook and it came with 12V 2 Amps charger. However, the battery doesn't want to pass 91%. Normally when charging the charger is warm but when stuck on this 91%, it's cool. Is it problem of battery, circuit inside the device or as I assume, the charger is too...
  6. G

    Autocus wont work after rotating focus ring while AF

    My sister was using my Nikon D3300 and "accidentally" rotated the focus ring of my Nikon 55-200 DX while it was set on AF. Im pretty sure I heard a noisy "clack" and now the aoutofocus wont work anymore; It doesnt even try to focus (you can hear a tiny noise but not a "focusing" noise)...
  7. T

    What PSU should i use in my build ?

    Alright so i've arleady ordered everything to build my pc without asking anyone else about it. So apparently no one really likes the CX750M PSU so im looking to upgrade it ASAP. What PSU is a good PSU (Preferably still Corsair brand) and for around $150 AUD ?
  8. ryder57

    What's my rig worth CND

    I7-980x@ 4.2 / CM 212 Evo / Sabertooth X58 / 390X / 12GB Ripjaw DDR3 1600MHz(9-9-9-24) / Intel 730 240 GB SSD/Win 7 Ult 64 / WD Black 2 TB Sata 2 / LG Supermulti / Viewsonic 27in 1080p 1ms / XFX Black 850w 80+ Silver/ CM 1000 case
  9. crazedanonymouspcdesigner

    Asus PG348Q HDMI Port Specs?

    This might be a dumb question, but does the Asus PG348Q have receiving HDMI 2.1 spec ports? And if so, wouldn't these then be better to utilize that DP? Thanks for knowledge and informations!
  10. G

    Pc Setup Desk help!

    I need to find a dark brown or black 72 inch desk that is very sturdy with at least one drawer does anyone know one; my buddget is pretty cheap im looking between 200-250 also it would be nice if the desk had some cable mangement options
  11. R

    Can someone explain what these are.

    Explain what this is plz - 3xPCI Express x1, 1xPCI Express x16. i want to get a new gpu for my pc but im not sure what can go with this motherboard. also can ya recommend a gpu that can fit that.
  12. S

    What does CL15 mean on ram?

    What does CL15 mean?
  13. bhogervorst

    [SOLVED] Xeon L3426 Compatible with Dell PowerEdge T110?

    I own a Dell PowerEdge T110 1st Gen (Not to be confused with the T110 II). It currently has a Xeon X3430 which is a decent CPU, but I want to get more out of this server. I've found a compelling processor which seems like it would be compatible with my PowerEdge T110 for under $25 used on...
  14. K

    External HDD to Internal formatting

    I have a 4TB WB My Book external drive. I accidentally fried the power supply, so I figured I'd just open it up and use the hard drive as an internal drive using SATA cables. I've installed the drive, and my computer is reading that there is a hard drive there, but it isn't in a readable format...
  15. C

    Slow HDD - no idea why

    Hi community, I setup my pc to work like a beast, as you can see in my following link: I am overall quite happy with what my system is doing but i seriously can't get my HDD to work properly. I did many tests, used Atto disk and ASSD benchmark to...
  16. E

    PC Restart Everytime Playing Games

    Alright, my problem started 2 weeks ago when i decided to clean install my PC I use to play games like CIV VI and Planet Coaster in Medium setting without any trouble. Recently, my computer always reboot everytime i playing games, even in low setting. I even tried to change GPS General Setting...
  17. T

    Wireless bridge issues.

    I'm having issues setting up my desktop with my wireless bridge. The current setup is a century Link modem/router hardwire connected to a Netgear wndr3400 v2. I want to wireless bridge on the 5G channel of that wndr 3400 router to the Netgear wndr4300 v2 router plugged into my computer. I had...
  18. H

    Can't connect through ethernet - Tried everything... SOS

    Hey team, If I plug my laptop directly into the ethernet port I get connected, no issues. I plug from ethernet into the back of my desktop, and let the problems begin. The errors I'm getting are: Unidentified Network (IPv4 and IPv6 = No Internet Access) Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address...
  19. P

    Ryzen 1300x better than 1200?

    The parts to my first rig should be arriving in the mail today. I bought a 1200 but upon further research I realize I probably should have bought the 1300x. I know the 1200 can reach about 1300x speed though overclocking but I know nothing about overclocking and I'm a little concerned about how...
  20. S

    Need a case for this build, what are my options ??

    Hi guys! I'm looking for an ATX Mid-Tower case that needs to be silent with good airflow, black or silver, (preferably) has a window, weighs less than 15 pounds (for shipping costs purposes) & priced under $100. Here's my build: PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: AMD -...