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  1. I

    Best budget gaming PC

    Hi. My current PC isn't really up to snuff anymore, so I've decided that I'm going to get a new one soon. I'm only a teen, so I can't have a real job, so money is an issue. I'll be earning some money here and there but not a lot. My question is, do you people know of any good prebuilt PC's...
  2. J

    Corsair LL120s and LL140s in the Corsair Crystal 570x

    Hey, I'm currently rocking the Corsair Crystal 570x and i'm looking to replace the case standard SP120s with 3 LL120s for the front and 2 LL140s for my radiator. Does anyone know what will be required for these fans to work with the case fan controller buttons? Do they function with their...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] I need help

    I have a ryzen 2400g is that good enough for a gtx 1060 6gb
  4. _dawn_chorus_

    Gigabyte has terrible software??

    I just got an Aorus Z390 pro motherboard and what little software works is a nightmare. I just wanted to adjust the fan curves but there is nowhere in the bios you can do this. I tried downloading the "Appcenter" because I had to in order to download the "Easytune" software, except neither...
  5. L

    Fans Spin for a Second Then Stop and Restart

    Brand new PSU. Was working fine for the past 2 days after installing the psu. Full load playing games, no problem. Just today decided to try and turn it on and does what the title says. The fans all spin for a second and then they stop and proceed to repeat that cycle until I turn the psu off...
  6. A

    When i open My T43 laptop it just open but not starting up.

    When i open My T43 laptop it just open but not starting up. The screen just open with IBM THINKPAD then stuck with that.. What will I do?
  7. J

    Weird Computer Scratching Noise

    Hello! For about a week, my computer has made a scratching sound on and off. An example of what I've been hearing can be found at this link: I thought it may had been my fans, so I used some silicone lubricant in all of the bearings, but that hasn't fixed it. The...
  8. Y

    You need permision to perform this action? Sharing hardisk via router

    Hi i have a question about sharing file. I use asus router rt-ac5300, and i plug hardisk on my router so all my laptop and devices can sahre file from it. It was fine to copy file into it and play video or data from it until yesterday, i got massage when copying file from my desktop to my...
  9. G

    SSD's not detectible in BIOS after enabling/disabling RAID

    HI all, so I Enabled RAID in error whilst in BIOS causing my SSD drive to disappear and no matter what I do it will not come back. I also have a 1 TB HD that was not plugged in at the time i enabled then disabled RAID and this can still be detected by my PC but my SSD cant. So far i have of...
  10. L

    Rtx 580,Gtx 1060,1070,worth it?

    So basically, i have an i5-4460 CPU, 500w psu, gtx 1050 and a 60hz 1080p monitor. Since the prices for 1070 are going down in my country i was maybe considering it but i am not sure if it will bottleneck something (i am a true noob for bottlenecking and stuff like that so i dont know anything...
  11. T

    wich is the better option for this mobo

    hello guys! the thing is im planning to upgrade to an i7 8700k -ASrock z370 extreme ( maybe z390 if this motherboard went out stock) and im very confusing about wich RAM fit better with it , i had 3 options ( maybe more if somebody can tell me): Corsair Vengaence pro 16gb 3200mhz ddr4 Gskill...
  12. G

    Question on replacing motherboard

    I am looking to replace an intel socket 1155 motherboard for a gaming computer that used to use a 'Gigabyte GA-Z77-HD3' motherboard which a local IT company determined has failed. My question is, if I buy a very cheap motherboard that has enough slots to fit my RAM and GPU, is there any...
  13. S

    Building new Pc Need Help TO select Components

    Hello Friends & Experts i am building new pc but I am confused and cant decide what to buy INTEL OR AMD Can u suggest me a full proof build with all compatible components one more thing is that it should be around 500 $ budget
  14. K

    This 500W psu came with a prebuild PC

    Greatings, So this korean brand 500W psu came with this pc. Specs are: i5 3470 8Gbddr3 And I was hoping with I can add a gtx 780 or 970 with it. The picture of this psu is: And the only website I can find is...
  15. Pekingese

    Is my rig compatible with a gtx 750?

    Hello all, my friend has offered to sell his old gtx 750, it’s a minor upgrade for my system but here’s my current pc It is 400w. is this card compatible?
  16. L

    I have a windows phone I need to get my deleted text messages from? I can plug it into the computer but what’s next

    I need to know how to restore deleted texts from my windows phone
  17. N

    Bad Thermal Paste?

    I have a delidded 7700k clocked at 5ghz 1.345v. I just replaced the thermal paste before posting this because it was idling at 40C. It's now idling at 30C. I changed NOTHING besides the paste. Can thermal paste go bad? I have Arctic Silver 5 that I bought over a year ago. The first two times I...
  18. F

    How does eSIM work?

    Hi guys, So i want to buy a smartwatch(samsung galaxy s3 classic 4g) but i want to know something. Does esim automatically set up with my phones network provider?
  19. M

    Getting high ping in games when my network card is scanning for new WIFI networks

    Hello I have a problem with my network card when i'm playing games. I think the problem might be that my network card is scanning/refreshing for new WIFI in the background. When I ping -t i CMD and click on the WIFI symbole the ping becomes high for 1 second and drops back to normal. Please...
  20. D

    HDD console transfer. Do I need to format?

    As title states, I'm plugging my HDD into the new Xbox one x that was previously used by a normal Xbox one. Must i reformat the drive?
  21. tegacius

    [SOLVED] 240hz 144hz 1080p Monitors For Gaming HELP !

    Dell Alienware AW2518HF VS Asus VG248QE VS ? ? ? ? ? ? I am looking for 144hz 1ms monitor (budget one). I am playing FPS games mostly R6:Siege and using Msi Nvidia GTX 960 2gb. Can you help me to decide which monitor to choose or maybe you can show me better one ? I am scared that these...
  22. O

    1700x getting 800 cinebench scores

    I have R7 1700x on msi x470 carbon pro with a GTX 1080. 3.9gz vcore 1.4 2933 corsair RGB vengence. 3 bank water cooler, 43C stable temp I am getting anywhere from 550 to 800 on cinebench. CPU-Z showing 3.9 full time, not seeing the 1.5gz bug
  23. omenrip

    Aurora 480W with an 850W on hand-how to proceed with installation?

    Hi, I purchased a new Dell 850 Watt PSU for my Aurora R7. Now, I know my way around a pc, but never had I had to replace s PSU and get all the connections in the right place. If I had a schematic of the 850W as it relates to the system, I think I’ll be alright. Unfortunately I haven’t seen one...
  24. C

    old hdd was dying, need help with cloning

    hi, so my old hdd was dying, and i cloned everything onto a new hdd, but there is a problem. i want the new hdd to be labeled as the C: drive, but for some reason it will not let me. when i try to do so, it says "Assigning or removing drive letters on the current boot or pagefile volume is not...
  25. V

    Fx 8350 cooler/temperature problem?

    I just got an Fx 8350 with a gigabyte ga 970A ud3p and I got an aftermarket cooler, zalman cnps8x optima. Pc is running fine, everything good, but the temps in gigabyte appcenter? and another app for monitoring are weird. In idle it has between 15-20 and when I do any other task it rapidly...
  26. L

    Computer shuts down every 30 or so minutes

    My PC is shutting down completely every 30 or so minutes. It just suddently turns off, as if someone had pulled the power cable. I started to have this problem around a month ago and i thought it was the PSU, however after buying a replacement one the problem persisted. Strangely enough, after a...
  27. P

    Best Fortnite Mice

    Hey guys, I wanted to ask you which of the following are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd mice in terms of being good for fortnite - from razer mice-Razer deathadder elite, razer basilisk(all are latest model with 5g sensor) . From Logitech - G603. Or hyperx pulsefire surge. Please help.
  28. K

    [SOLVED] Looking for 4K Monitor

    Hi, I am setting up my home office and I am looking for 4K monitor. I am not into gaming..mostly professional work (engineering). Appreciate your advice 1. What Is Your Country Of Origin? UK 2. What do you plan to do with this monitor? Office work 3. What resolution and screen size do you...
  29. G

    [SOLVED] Video Card Driver Update Issues & Subsequent BSOD

    So, a couple days ago my computer randomly crashed under normal use after a couple blackouts of the screen with the message that the video card driver had failed and then, subsequently, had recovered. After the crash, it rebooted and was seemingly back to normal for a few minutes until it...
  30. G

    Cpu power solutions

    I've recently bought the following: X399 Sli Express (MSI) AMD Threadripper 1900X Cooler Master Masterwatt 750w modular PSU...
  31. L

    Overclocking gigabyte ga-78lmt-usb r2 rev 1.0

    I’m trying to overclock my cpu it’s a 6 core 6120 amd fx any good suggestions??
  32. S

    amber light is not ON

    i have optics 520 in that the when i switch on the amber light is not ON but the motherboard red light is indicated , so i try to change the power cable as well still the problem persist please help me out , what are the steps i need to take whether their is a problem in motherboard ...?????
  33. A

    Hard Drive Files Are Placed on Desktop.

    So I have a SSD named c: and a Hard Drive named d:, the ssd works fine and great but when I download something on my D Drive it automatically goes to my desktop and if i remove it from my desktop it can no longer work. Like when I download steam games the whole file goes on desktop and if I...
  34. K

    Budget AutoCad Laptop

    Looking for a decent laptop to run AutoCad. Budget around $600-700
  35. M

    Unable to access external hard drive (Toshiba Canvio Premium)

    I've had my Toshiba Canvio Premium external hard drive for a few months now, using the provided encryption, without any problems. Recently, I decided I would factory reset my computer (Windows 10) and save the files I wanted to keep to the external hard drive. Upon saving my data to the drive...
  36. J

    AMD to Asus Geforce 1060 Black Screen

    Gentlemen, fear not I have read every piece of information I can, and do not want to believe my luck has once again presented in the beautiful fashion of me receiving a faulty graphics card from factory. Here’s the story. Ran an AMD R9 270x and out of the blue one day the display just went...
  37. T

    Stuttering in almost all games (Windows 10, GTX 960)

    Hi, i am writing this thread to ask for help with an issue i have been having for a couple months now. Some games i can play like CS GO or Golf with friends with high fps and no lag, perfectly smooth. yet when i try to play harder to run games like SCUM, Rust, Fifa 18, Need for speed Payback or...
  38. M

    is masterwatt better than seasonic s12ii ? according to this list the Cooler Master MasterWatt Lite 230V (ErP 2013) 700W PSU would be a better psu than the Cooler Master MasterWatt Lite 230V (ErP 2013) 700W PSU MW is tier3 While SS is tier 4, is this list reliable ? also...
  39. S

    Does this setup look good? Is the PSU enough?

    Hello! I am more or less a tech newbie, but I wanted to get a mid-tier gaming and work pc for uni. I decided it would be very educational and fun to build it myself. I had in mind to build around an AMD Ryzen 2600x, as my chemistry modelling software strongly benefits from the hyperthreading...