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Forum discussion tagged with DISKPART.
  1. Question Diskpart Formatting stuck at 51%

    Hello, I have 128 GB SSD when I'm trying to format using diskpart in cmd then it's not move from 51%, what can I do? I tried several times and tried in different devices but I got same issue. Please help me!!!
  2. C

    Question Windows and Bios can't read internal/external drives.

    I recently built a PC and everything went fine. I ordered a secondary SSD, both SanDisk Plus, and ran benchmarks and found out the SSD with windows was performing 50% slower so instead of starting over I tried to clone the disk, it kinda worked but then decided to format and switch drives. Now...
  3. E

    [SOLVED] whats the best way to format a primary partition- using command prompt or disk management?

    hi i was using my windows 10 on Western Digital WD10EZEX 1TB Internal Hard Drive for last 3 years. it has 3 primary partitions and it's in MBR. today i clean installed my windows 10 on new mx500 ssd which is in GPT. now i wanna clean format one of the primary partition of my old HDD, but i dont...
  4. AlpacaFluf

    Question USB keeps changing to read only

    Hi everyone! So I have this USB stick that I've had for a while, worked perfectly.. then i think i was a dummy and used it for this boot thingy (i'm not very technical but i can follow directions somewhat) for when i needed to redo my window system... and now i tried to get it back to be my...
  5. A

    Question Drives disappeared after botched Windows 10 installation

    Hi all, I have an SSD and a normal dard drive with the SSD carrying my windows. I was trying to reinstall windows 10 and when i went into boot setup, it wouldn't let me install it on the drive that i had my windows on saying that it was in GPT format. I then followed an instruction online that...
  6. Question Bad hard drive hangs diskpart. How to fix?

    Hi, I recently bought a SATA bay drive for my laptop to get a dedicated drive for booting Linux. I didn't buy an extra hard drive as I already had one from a previous laptop that died a few years ago. So I plug it in and the speed is atrocious. I tried to format it with Windows, I tried Gparted...
  7. J

    Question Disk Windows Is Installed on Is Read Only

    Hi Everyone, Had some issues with my PC so I did a fresh install of windows10 from my boot up USB. Formatted my SSD and then had to clear the SSD partition before installing using the diskpart>clear disk command for some reason unknown to me. Windows10 installed onto said SSD drive...
  8. fred248d

    Question 118 GB ADATA SSD trouble!

    I recently bought a PC with an 118 GB ADATA SSD and a 500 GB HDD, and I realized that Windows 10 was installed on the HDD. But when I tried to install Windows on the SSD instead, it challenged me with several errors (something with mbr and gpt). I fixed some of the errors though, but just gave...
  9. R

    [SOLVED] How do I format a RAW flashdrive?

    I was encrypting my pendrive using veracrypt and the encryption failed at 97%, thus making the flashdrive RAW. I have tried formatting the pendrive many ways, nothing works. I have used 3 different third party softwares such as minitool AOMEI partition. They do detect the flashdrive but aren't...
  10. H

    [SOLVED] Windows 10/Windows 7 installer error 0x80070057

    I have installed a new SSD ( Kingston SSDNow A400 240 GB ) in my laptop ( Dell Vostro 1440 ) . It is detected in the bios and shows the name of the ssd. But when I try to install Windows on it it shows the error 0x80070057 . It gives a message that "windows could not be format a partition on...
  11. loonix200

    Question Can not format or clean WinToUSB bootable Flash

    This is my first ever post after tons of experience watching people solve problems here so it's my last hope, this IS however going to be a long post so I also apologize and ask for your patience. Will try to include TLDR in the end. Basically my friend's laptop got its HDD busted and I wanted...
  12. K

    Not a Single Game RUNS !!!

    I have a dh61ww intel desktop board and I can't run any games on it (except cs1.6 and vcop2 and some other flash games). For eg: Gta vice city says it needs at least 12 mb of ram. I have 4gb ram. The main problem is the integrated graphics card. When i install the latest graphics driver the...
  13. R

    CPU Cooler recommendation

    Can anyone recommend a CPU cooler that will fit this spec... Case mid tower atx tower with a microatx ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3 9by9inch motherboard with a a3+ socket and amd fx8350 CPU. my tower case size 16.5 inch(D) by 17 inch(H) by 7 inch(W) PSU 500W Thanks for the help:-)
  14. A

    Help needed in a mice

    I wanted to know if the Bloody Terminator TL80 mouse (A4tech) is good for fps gaming and its comfort levels while long term usage Also If there are better mice in the same price range please do let me know (Most of the time all i want do to is look fancy with lights but a good mouse is still...
  15. V

    Laptop wont connect to my 5g network even with correct password.

    My laptop (an older IBM thinkpad) see's my 5g connection, but won't take the password that lets it connect to the same network on 2.4g. I know it will work with a 5g connection cause i had it on 5g when i was in hawaii. Please help
  16. T

    Help is the CPU ok?

    Hey people. I've just unpacked the cardboard box of an OEM CPU and the CPU Cooler i've bought. But to my surprise i found the CPU loose in the cardboard box, outside of its anti-static bag. It is an I5-8400 Is it safe to use? Here is an Image https://imgur.com/ZY36dT3
  17. L

    Wifi router hacked???

    Hello everybody! My name is lazarus im from greece. First of all forgive me in advance for my english if i make any mistakes and plz ask if you cant understand something i write. The issue is that there is someone tha makes o copy of my router (probably with a wifi extender) and while he does...
  18. M

    the very best components possible

    hi cold you please list the very best cpu and motherboard and memory and cooler i want the very best test benchmarks and the very best overclocking that is currently available vs other cpu/motherboard/memory/cooler that you have currentlt test ever i want the very best performance from...
  19. Y

    Windows 7 not detecting hard drive on clean install

    Hello all, I am attempting to format my hard drive using a bootable version of Windows 7 with a USB. When I get to the part where I need to select the drive there are no drives shown. I am able to find the drive in BIOS and in disk management when I start my current version of Windows. When I...
  20. S

    GTX 970 Vastly Under Preforming

    I have a problem. I bought this $300 graphics card for gaming and it is vastly under-preforming. I have 30-40 frames on CSGO with all low settings, 30 on BF1 with medium settings, 40 on Witcher 3 with low settings, and Overwatch is nearly unplayable at medium settings. What on earth is the...