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  1. Karan Yelve

    Question Ultrawide 144hz monitors

    Hello there, Thank you in advance. I have been using a 144 hz monitor for a while and I have gotten used to it over the period of time, but now recently I have started to work on making videos or editing them. I was suggested by a friend to buy a ultra wide monitor as it helps make working...
  2. WrathofGod

    Question 8gb or 16gb RAM for laptop?

    Hi, I’m planning on buying a laptop for photo editing, graphic design, and maybe some video editing. I don’t plan to game on it so I was wondering if 8gb ram would be fine. I know 16gb is recommended/preferred but those tend to be more expensive. My budget currently is around $800 but it might...
  3. G1tty

    Build Advice Need help with 8k editing PC

    Hi, I'm building an 8k video editing rig for a friend, I'm only really used to building gaming and office rigs, what will I need for a 8k editing rig after looking online it just looked like 16gb ram, a Ryzen 7 3600 and something like a 1070 would do the trick nicely, I'm just wondering what...
  4. J

    Question Is there any way to upgrade my Lenovo Yoga 510 for video editing purposes?!

    First of all, I've just bought a decent camera for making some short films. Until very recently I was a film student, so this gave me access to my university's cameras and editing software... Now I need to do everything on my own! Since I have bought a camera, that's pretty much all my budget...
  5. S

    Question Adobe Premiere pro lagging 4k footage with 2080s + 3950x + 64gb ram

    Hi all, i recently upgraded my whole system to cater for my video editing needs the specs are below: Ryzen 3950x MSI Trio RTX 2080 Super 64gb Ram MSI MEG Ace M/B Windows 10. Basically when editing in premiere my footage loses frame when playing it back. I'v tried to look on other forums...
  6. J

    Question Most "free" free video editor?

    I've tried 4 different "free" editing software, but all of them have some annoying paywall. Filmora adds a watermark on exported files, which takes up like almost half the screen. Lighhtworks limits the resolution to 720p Davinci Resolve has some super weird thing where it'll only accept MP4s...
  7. I

    Question Editing Files On External Hard Drive

    Hello I have a question before buying an External USB Hard Drive, that editing a file (i.e Document, Image etc) directly from USB connected External Hard Drive does creates any error or corrupt files.
  8. Question Upgrade i3 to i5 eighth gen for video and photo editing?

    I occasionally do some light gaming on my rig but it's mostly used for 4K video editing and photo editing. I don't use any Adobe software because of their ridiculous costs. I use Gimp 2.10 for photo editing and Shotcut for video. My i3 8100 seems to be falling behind when rendering 4K video...
  9. R

    [SOLVED] (£700) Building a PC for Photoshop and Photography and also gaming

    Hey guys. Looking to get a new PC that I will be using for photoshop and for photography editing etc, but I also want to play games at like high or max settings with a good amount of FPS and I’m just wondering if anyone would be able to help me pick out parts for the PC? I don’t need windows I...
  10. B

    Question Is my CPU slow? + Should i get a new computer?

    I bought my computer about two years ago. Its been getting slower and slower, but its finally catching up to where its been annoying me. My computer has a i7-7700, and a 1060 3GB. It has been relatively fine, but over the past three ish months, ive noticed loading websites/games has been slower...
  11. O

    Question Sub-400€ All-round Monitors with a dash of FPS Gaming

    Hey, I'm looking for a monitor that I can use for my animation workflow (and other related activities) and that could also be used for ocasional FPS gaming. Availability (and Budget) - Europe (sub-400€) Usage - Animating, 3D Modeling/Rendering, video edit etc... I also like playing games like...
  12. D

    [SOLVED] Storage Solution Needed for Editing Large amount of Footage (RAW)

    I have been asked by a client to edit 26TB worth of footage into a feature film (not uncommon size). The footage is RAW files, which is why it's so large. This presents a storage AND editing problem: I need to store 26TB worth of footage, but ALSO access it. I don't need to play it back...
  13. M

    [SOLVED] Should I get a refurbished xps 15?

    Found an XPS 15 refurbished in dell outlet for 960 with and i7 and 1050ti and I am considering purchasing it. However I am concerned about some issues I have heard about quality control and temps. I would mainly use it for school, light gaming such as apex, borderlands and indie games for a max...
  14. J

    [SOLVED] Advice needed for choosing a editing Laptop.

    So I’m starting a 2 year degree in editing/director on October, and haven’t had the time yet to sit down and buy myself a good laptop/computer. I have done a fair bit of research but just can’t get decided on either the pc or Mac. I will put out there that I do manage much better on the Mac...
  15. M

    Question Msi ps63 vs xps15

    Looking for a lightweight laptop for school, video editing and occasional gaming. I found a refurbished xps 15 for 960 but I am worried about temps however I can't find that much on the ps63 which is 1000usd. Which laptop would you recommend and why?
  16. L

    help choosing uni laptop

    hi! im a Informatics Engineering student in spain. this is gonna be my third year and i really need to change my (very) old laptop. Ive seen a question template here so im going to answer them so you can help me n 1. What is your budget? less than 3000 euros 2. What is the size of the...
  17. M

    Question GPU upgrade

    Hello guys. I am using my PC for video editing and soon I will need to be able to handle 4K RAW files that my current build struggles with: AMD FX 8350 RADEON R9 270X 2GB 16GB RAM HYPERX ASUS MA99FXPRO In a few months I will do a new build from scratch, probably with a Ryzen CPU. My idea...
  18. W

    [SOLVED] Finalizing my decision on which motherboard to get for AMD 3900x

    I'm a noob with computer builds. I do extensive video editing work and light visual effects and 3D animations. I have a GTX 1070 which I'm keeping Buying a 3900x Upgrading to 64GB ram Here are my current motherboard options: 1. MSI B450-A Pro 2. MSI X470 Gaming Plus 3. MSI X570-A Pro I'm...
  19. T

    [SOLVED] A Great headset for a gamer / editor

    Hi. I an editor and a gamer. I need a headphone or headset for both needs. *When it comes to sound quality, editing is more important. *I also need a great and clear mic for gaming. *I don't want a separate mic because of space. *I'm OK with the combination of headphone and boom. or any other...
  20. FaithOnHuman

    [SOLVED] PC build Riddle - Need suggestions

    Hey there, I am a graphic designer and animator. I mostly use Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4d, and After Effects (even for editing). I don't really like gaming (please don't hate me) and I find it annoying that EVERY build I see online is like (2k build for 4k gaming) (best gaming PC) blah blah...