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  1. agenthunk

    Avatar picture for my Profile is not working!

    I am wanting to use a avatar for my profile picture and it is originally 268x200 and 1.42mb I went to giphy resize and resized it to it keeps giving me error 500 something broke...size is 354kb. Is there any way you can change the avatar requirement size? you have a very bad size...
  2. T

    Cylinder symbol is off while laptop is on

    So lately my laptop has been freezing and what I mean by that is like the screen gets frozen, the mouse stops working and basically frozen. So I ended up getting frustrated with it and factory reset my laptop and the problem went away for about a couple minutes then it happened again. Now I just...
  3. P

    Will the gskill ripjaws 16gb 3200mhz(gvkb) be compatible with the asus prime x470 pro?

    Hey guys. I'm going to buy r5 2600x, asus prime x470 pro and gskill 3200mhz 16gb ram and I was wondering if the gvkb ones would work with this motherboard. Thanks in advance.
  4. B

    Corsair RM1000 PSU leads

    I have a Corsair RM1000 PSU and ordered a new SATA power lead advertised as suitable for corsair. The lead that came is marked as Type 4 When I connected a mechanical hard drive that I knew was functional, the disk was deaded. I am told that the leads are wired wrong. Is this possible? The lead...
  5. R

    Good pc low performance

    Hey i'm having some troubles with my computer. On almost all the games I play, I usually don't really hit the 60 fps mark even on medium - high settings. I've watched people play the same game with the same graphics and computer, yet they get tens to hundreds more frames than me. I havn't...
  6. A

    Fps drop when playing fortnite and other games

    When I'm in the game I experience a micro stutter as my fps drops from 120 to 90 fps and goes back up. I'm just wondering if this is Normal. Specs are I5 4690 Gtx 1060 zotac mini Vengeance ram 8GB Western digital blue 1 TB
  7. M

    Time to upgrade outdated laptop, what's it worth?

    It's time to upgrade my 4 year old laptop by selling and buying a newer replacement. It still runs very well for its age but is outdated so I would like to know what would be a good asking price on Craigslist. I was thinking around $200 - $250 since it was bought around 4 years ago for $349 but...
  8. T

    Should I reapply thermal paste when moving my h100i v2 rad?

    I've had really bad cooling in my Noctis 450, my idle is typically at 40 and I decided I'm going to move my rad from top of case to front because i feel like the warm air is circulating inside of the case. My question is, when just shifting the rad, should I reapply thermal paste? I've been...
  9. S

    Running a display off an external graphics card?

    my computer is an Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-74rc and I have two monitors plugged in and working the only problem is that my 4g of integrated graphics get gobbled up by these two monitors so I was wondering if there was a way of maybe using an external graphics card to run them and keep my laptop's...
  10. E

    Headphones don't work, speakers do.

    Any speakers plugged into the back of my computer work. However when I plug headphones or speakers into the front, they don't work. I tried installing realtek but that just removed headphones from device manager so I uninstalled it. What can I do so the front aux port works?
  11. S

    Is my graphics card dead? (Thorough troubleshooting - Maybe I'm in denial)

    SAPPHIRE RADEON R9 290 4GB TRI-X OC Grfx card about 4 yrs old, very light gaming. Problem: PC has been off for 4 months. Then when I turned it on, I get no video. Not even BIOS Troubleshooting: On board video works normal, so....I removed Radeon grfx card from Windows Device manager, rebooted...
  12. M

    my usb ports stopped working

    well my usb ports stopped working i tried everthing on youtube when i plug it lights up slightly like that there is not enough pwwer help :D
  13. G

    2 Gaming PC one System Unit (VIrtualization), How to?

    Components: i7-8700k 2 Nvdia GTX 1060 4 8 GB RAM 2 Nvme M.2 SSD 2 HDD 2 Monitors 2 Keyboard, Mouse and Headset Can't find on google a how to? set up this. Heard of limetech and hyper v but can't get a walk through. Q: How would I load Separate Windows 10 on each SSD simultaneously? with...
  14. A

    Instead of buying a quality 600w power supply...

    Instead of buying a qualiity Evga or Seasonic power supply what if I buy from a semi decent psu brand like thermaltake and buy a cheap 750w one. I’m not talking * generic chinese ones yknow. Bc even if they are lying the extra watts should make up for it and psus exploding are very rare
  15. K

    Computer suddenly has low framerates when playing any game

    Hey, I'm new here and I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post it. So I am having multiple problems with my computer, to bluescreen, to sluggish loading times that were not present before, to low fps in games. It's not even that old of a computer, I've had it for a year and 3 months...
  16. lopezmike848

    How come my pc only boots with 1 stick of ram and not 2?

    How come my pc only boots with 1 stick of ram and not 2? It only boots from the ddr4_4 slot, the slots go from 4231. I tried each stick in each slot and only the 4th slot works. The guy I bought my pc from used 4 sticks and was working fine, but when I try 2 sticks of 8gb ddr4 it gets stuck in a...
  17. A

    Why I am not able to run DBC 17 and wwe2k17

    Why I am not able to run DBC 17 and wwe2k 17 on my PC ,but I am able to run DBC 14 and GTA 5 on same PC.. ...why this happening . My PC specs: Core2duo 2gb ddr2 ram Gt 710 1gb ddr3 If i will install more 2gb ddr2 ram then wwe2k 17 and DBC 17 can atleast run on low graphics and minimum fps
  18. Z

    Ryzen 3 2200G Problem

    So I have my new Apu and I go to try it out, load up rocket league and the performance is complete trash like it was just so laggy. It was so bad that even my laptop with integrated intel graphics performed better! I don't know what's wrong with it but would sure love some suggestions!
  19. A

    i7 3770 not running at base clock speed

    I7 3770 ga z77m d3h 8gb ddr3 gtx 970 4gb Cougar sl500 Not knowledgable about pc techs or what not. I got this system for about 3 days now. But when i checked open hardware to check temps i find that the i7 is only running at 2700mhz on all cores. Not that im complaining it still workd great and...
  20. N

    Blue Screen Error Suspected To Be A CPU Error (Help please)

    So i installed a new cpu around 16th January 2018 (AMD Athlon X4 880K 4.0Ghz 4 Cores) Afterwards i started getting Kernel Security Check Failure Blue screens and rarely, APC Index Mismatch error. They started getting more frequent as time went on and almost always Kernel Error's. So yesterday I...