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  1. BeautyBlender

    Need help with SLI

    Hi guys, I have a single nvidia gtx 980ti, and I want a second one now. is SLI possible with a card of MSI or EVGA? And my power supply is corsair RM750, will that do the job? Is there anything else I should know?
  2. T

    [WTB] Geforce GTX 970

    Hello i'm looking for a GTX 970 for a low price. I live in EU. PM me your offer.
  3. N

    Built first pc - no signs of life?! PLEASE HELP!

    Hi guys, I have built my first PC today and it wont turn on, no sound, no fans, no light on mobo (if there is supposed to be one?!). I have tried everything I can think of but I am a tech novice - can any suggest anything that would cause this? These are my components...
  4. K

    Windows 10 (0xc000007b) Error Message

    Just installed Fallout 4 on my HP Pavillion. After having some pretty annoying .dll issues and for some reason, not being able to find the latest DirectX download. I've had to manually go in and install my missing .dll files. After installing my XINPUT1_3.dll file, I thought I was in the clear...
  5. F

    Computer instant rebooting w/ no BSOD at random times.

    Hey there, not sure what category to put this under as I'm still not sure what the issue originates from, though I think it's my PSU. In short, my computer's been rebooting on its own at random times; this includes when I'm playing a game, writing on a document or even letting it idle. It can...
  6. L

    Cannot open ports with xfinity modem (in bridge mode) and Netgear Nighthawk R7000

    I am trying to forward ports from my desktop for various servers but cannot for the life of me get the ports to open (checked on Currently I have the Xfinity router/modem combo switched into bridge mode to allow a separate router to handle NAT. I'm not a networking...
  7. M

    AMD or Intel high end gaming build (i7 6700 & GTX970 or FX-8370 & R9-390)

    Hello. My first post here, hope I'm doing everything correct. I'm trying to put together a build for about 2000$. I don't live in America so the prices probably wont make much sense. The point is I can get both of these build's for almost the same price (AMD is 120$ cheaper). I would like to...
  8. R

    What monitor to buy?

    After many months of starting my own pc build I have finally just about got all of the parts ( all but the graphic card). Now the only thing I have yet to decide on is a monitor was wondering if anyone had some good suggestions. I want at least 25" with the possibility of running triple screen...
  9. OP_Chief

    Gtx 980 ti

    If I were to overclock each card (Gtx 980 Ti) which one would have the highest clock speed? I'll be using triple 144hz monitors, and I when I get a 2nd 980ti, I'll plan on gaming at 5760x1080p. Essentially, which form of the Gtx 980 Ti is best? Gigabyte G1, EVGA, Asus, or the Hyrbrid?
  10. R

    Ethernet_to_Desktop and Ethernet_to_Wireless_Router

    I need a 2 port ethernet splitter that allows service to the wireless router and a desktop computer. It needs to not hinder the speed of the internet service either by it going through the connection point that splits it. I can't find one that has good reviews so any suggestions? Would a 4-port...
  11. V

    Opinions on these two PCs?

    I've narrowed down my search for a new (primarily gaming) PC to just these two, and I'm kinda torn at the moment. They're both the same price ($1499 AUD), with the only real difference being the HDD size. However the first PC's Phanteks Enthoo case seems a much more appealing build than the...
  12. K

    Modem- ethernet switch - router

    will this work i have a CISCO DPC2100R3 (modem) connected to a DES 1008D D Link ethernet switch which is connected directly to my PC and and the ethernet switch is also connected to my TP LINK TL WR841N router which i will use as a wireless access point... will this work?? this is the...
  13. H

    Need help with build under $750-800 (would prefer including GTX 970)

    Could anyone help me with a build under $750-800 this is my first PC that I'm building that could last a good amount of time. The budget is not very flexible and I would prefer that the build includes a GTX 970 as it is one of the best GPU's on the market (for my budget at least). Thanks to all...
  14. T

    X99 vs Z-97 / DDR4 vs DDR3

    So, I was very stupid. I accidentally bought 16gb DDR4 RAM on Amazon and am left with the dilemma of either spending around $400AUD to upgrade from i7-4790k to i7-5820k and X99 to Z-97 Motherboards. I haven't bought CPU or Motherboard yet as I intend to buy locally. What are the Pros and Cons...
  15. L

    Can I run windows 10 and 8.1

    Can I install win 10 and on a separate drive a different version of win 8.1
  16. C

    99% Memory Usage, No Programs Running.

    I just finished building my computer about a week ago, and everything seemed as though it were running smoothly. I downloaded chrome and games from steam. My memory usage didn't really exceed 25%. Then I noticed that as I was using my computer, the RAM usage slowly started to climb up to 50%...
  17. B

    Problems with upgrading/installing Windows 10 from 8.1

    I have tried upgrading and even tried a fresh install of Windows 10 but I constantly get the same error and it fails to upgrade/install. The error code is 0x8007002-0x20009 The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during PREPARE_ROLLBACK operation. I've researched and don't...
  18. W

    Asus x555ln - blackscreen - auto turn on when plugged in

    Hey. First of all sorry for my poor english. Here is my problem; Yesterday my laptop first got dark, like the minimum level of brightness. But it was still working. It happened during I was plugging of the external hdmi cable (external monitor). Then, I tried to rise the brigtness via fn+ f6 (i...
  19. I

    win7 old machine then install to new machine OEM version

    Hi is it ok to install windows 7 which was already installed on other machine long time ago (not using it anymore + HDD is formated) on new machine which I plan to build?
  20. N

    NetSvcHelp.exe - Application Error

    About 2 days from now i started getting an error message from NetSvcHelp.exe: The instruction at 0x6ff9910e referenced memory at 0x00000000. The memory could not be read. I think the problem started when i removed my 4GB stick. The stick was actually meant to go to another computer but i didnt...
  21. B

    What should I upgrade first? Cpu or Gpu?

    Hey everyone i just want to say what should i upgrade first my gpu or cpu? Currently i have an intel core2duo 2.2ghz and a geforce 8400gs i was thinking about upgrading my cpu to a fx 6300 and buying a new mobo or should i upgrade my graphics card and psu to a geforece gtx 780. But im afraid...
  22. X

    Low budget PC upgrade

    Hey guys! I'd like to upgrade my PC. My budget is $350, I know it's not much. I need a new CPU (current: Intel Pentium 4 or whatever but it's ancient), a new motherboard, ATX if possible for future upgrades (current: Asus P5SLNI, also ancient), and at least 8 GB-s of RAM. (current: 4 GB). For...
  23. A

    980 ti, custom loop or evga hybrid cooler

    just ordered my EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti ACX SC+ ACX 2.0+ and wondering how i should upgrade the cooler in the future. my cpu is cooled by a corsair h110, so a custom water loop would be a complete fresh addition. i have heard the hybrid coolers work quite well and at only $100 it would be quite...
  24. I

    Windows installer problem (I suspect)

    For a few months now, I'm unable to install any type of new programs, including but not limited to :Logmein Hamachi, Java .. and a lot more. When I try to install a .msi extension I get an appcrash with the following error. Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: msiexec.exe...
  25. PhatLloyd

    "Cloning" wifi network

    Hi guys I saw an article on funny wifi names and was wondering if it is possible to do number 4 on this list (link to article below). It seem as if the wifi has been cloned, either that or he has hacked other routers and changed the names of them. I want to know if there is a way of doing what...
  26. D

    Give me your opinions about the G1.Sniper Z97

    I managed to grab the G1.Sniper Z97 for € 97.90 but I can't test it due to not having an intel CPU yet. Please share me your opinions about this board.
  27. D

    Will the 290x run with the Corsair CX600?

    I was thinking of getting a 290 but someone recommended that I should get a 290x instead. Will the Corsair CX600 psu run with my pc and the 290x? My pc specs: CPU: AMD FX 4130 GPU: Palit Geforce GTX 650 OC (or the 290x if my psu is ok). RAM: 8GB (2x4gb) Corsair XMS3 1600mhz DDR3 PSU: Corsair...
  28. U

    In need of a good pc gaming chair under $150 CAD

    ^ As the title states. I'm looking for a comfortable chair for a reasonable price. I am hoping to stay under $150. I need a comfortable butt rest and something for my size as well as I'm 6'3''. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. THNX.
  29. T

    Question about my Toshiba portable hard drive?

    I have an external/portable hard drive and I am wondering if all I need to do is to create a folder in that portable hard drive and then copy and paste all of my stuff in it? Also my folder has extra stuff that is taking more than 20 gigs of the HDD like -HDD password tool -NTI -Pogoplug PC...
  30. H

    What to look for in benchmark-tests when overclocking GPU?

    Hello. What exactly am I supposed to look for when judging if I should continue overclocking my GPU? I am using "Heaven 4.0" and slowly raising the memory clock on MSI Afterburner. So far I'm up to 550, and I haven't noticed anything that wasn't also there, when it was on the default. I am not...
  31. ExodusGlint

    Triple Monitor (1080p) System Build Opinions (GTX 970 SLI)

    Hi all, First of all I would like to say that I am not a fanboy. In regards to this please do not have a hissy-fit about what to use and what not to use because you think something is so better than the other (For example: Ultranationalist but Intel as a country). Simple request. Moving on...
  32. S

    Need graphics card under $120 for xps 8100

    Hi, I have a Dell Studio XPS 8100 with the following specs: Windows 7 64- bit OS Processor: Intel Core i5 CPU 760 @ 2.80 GHz Installed Memory (RAM): 8 GB old GPU (which is now completely non functional after 4 years): ATI Radeon HD 5670 I don't know too much about graphics cards and...
  33. V

    HD 4600 Memory speed

    Not sure if this thread should be here or under CPU's/graphics card. Does the CL on a memory stick mean anything to the performance of an onboard HD 4600? The CPU is a i5 4590 and the motherboard is a MSI H81M-E33. I have currently one stick of Corsair 4GB 1x4GB DDR3 1600MHz CL11 Value and was...
  34. P

    bluetooth peripheral device for hp 2000 notebook pc

    hey, i need bluetooth peripheral device for hp 2000 notebook pc for windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. please send me the link. thank you in advance.
  35. green giant 2

    be quiet BK019 - Be Quiet! BK019 Dark Rock Pro3 or corsair h60 liquid cooler?

    which one liquid cooling or a beast air cooler?
  36. azimDUSTY

    PC fully turn off while installing GPU driver

    helo guys, i had a really weird problems here. yesterday, i try to upgrade my GPU driver. i'm using Radeon HD6670. while installing the driver, about 40-50%, my PC suddenly turned off itself. like i turn off the switch. no power at all. so i thought my GPU might had a problem. so i swap with my...
  37. S

    What to buy??

    hey all this is the current setup i have i am looking to upgrade my GPU and im wondering if there will be any issues with what i currently have, if there is anything i should change please let me know i currently have about 900NZD please check via ( cpu: i7 2600k...
  38. N

    New build under 1k for video editing and games, part list included, advice appreciated

    Hi, I'm helping a friend build a computer. I've built one system previously about 2 years ago and my friend has never built a system before. The computer will be used along with a HD hand held video camera to edit and publish videos on youtube for a small home business. It will also be...
  39. D

    Ideal Gaming Keyboard

    Hi everyone, My company is looking to build a new keyboard for the gaming market and we want input from the most important people, you the customer. We want to build a TKL board with class leading comfort and programmability without a bunch of frills/gimmicks and bulky software. If you have a...
  40. J

    Getting ad popups on chrome

    So often when i click things on chrome, i get these random ad popups that opens in a new window. I've tried everything from cleaning chrome completely, disabling all extensions, scanning for malware, running various adware removers to reinstalling chrome, but i still get these pop up ads.