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  1. I

    [SOLVED] Give your opinion

    This is going to be my first of built by me. Give your opinion. Case: Corsair CC-9011139-WW 500D Obsidian RGB SE Mid Tower Case Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX X470-F Gaming Motherboard CPU: AMD YD270XBGAFBOX Ryzen 7 2700X Processor with Wraith Prism RGB LED Cooler SSD: Samsung MZ-V7E500BW 970...
  2. E

    Question Would a desktop power supply get damaged in luggage on a coach?

    So I have to travel in a few weeks and I can fit my motherboard, GPU, and HDD/SSD in my backpack in their original boxes. Sadly my ATX PSU does not fit in my backpack unless I just get a bigger pack which I might do instead. I was hoping to turn it into an ITX case instead but can't quite yet...
  3. I

    Question PSU and GPU questions

    Hey I'm building a streaming pc and need help picking my psu and gpu I will list all my components and please tell me what wattage I should get for my psu and what gpu. I plan on getting a 144hz monitor. Case: Corsair CC-9011139-WW 500D Obsidian RGB SE Mid Tower Case Motherboard: ASUS ROG...
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    Discussion Streaming pc help

    Hi I'm trying to build my first pc and I plan on streaming with it. I have decided on most of my parts but can't seem to decide on a power supply,graphics card and hdd memory.The power supply because I don't know what kind of wattage my build would require and online calculators don't seem...
  5. Awgummon

    Question Asus strix 1070 not working HELP!!

    My mate recently gave his asus strix 1070 to me and it’s not working. Ive plugged theb8 pin in and the white light turns on but I have no connection. Already tried uninstalling my old 1060 driver still nothing anyone know the issue?
  6. joaohanzen

    Question What is the best graphic card I can get with my actual PC?

    Hello, what is the best graphic card for gaming on my actual config? I have a: Intel Xeon E5450 Quad-core (and 4 Threads) @3.00GHz 12MB Cache. 8GB DDR3 (4x2) NVIDIA GeForce 210 1GB DDR3 (actual graphic card). Dell 01TKCC motherboard. Thanks a lot, João.
  7. J

    [SOLVED] What reasons are there as to why Multi-GPU setups don't scale well?

    Since many people say that the reason why multi-GPU setups don't scale well in some games is because there is no code for the multi-GPUs. But could another reason be driver support (for SLI and Crossfire). So TL;DR, what are the main reasons why multi-GPUs don't scale well?
  8. M

    Question Can a DDR3 type GPU be used with a DDR4 type motherboard?

    I was planing to buy a 2GB GPU. In the specifications of that GPU, I noticed it has DDR3 type memory. My motherboard is Gigabyte Z370XP SLI DDR4 8th Gen Intel LGA1151 Socket Mainboard. It supports DDR4 type RAM. I'm confused if it will support a DDR3 type GPU.
  9. M

    Question Why one 4GB GPU costs more than two 2GB GPUs?

    I wanted to buy a GPU for my PC. While I was looking at the price list, I got confused. Cause I noticed that one 4GB GPU costs more than two 2GB GPUs. Generally we notice that the more the space, the less the price in ratio. It happens with RAM, SSD or even HDD. But why not with GPU?? Here is...
  10. Salman_051

    [SOLVED] Msi Rtx 2060 Ventus or Ventus XS

    Hello everyone i want to ask which one is better for me? Msi Rtx 2060 Ventus or Ventus XS I have Gigabyte Z170x Gaming 3 motherboard I don't know if XS being little small in size matters. Please help me
  11. N

    Question Not Getting FPS

    Hey Guys, I just upgraded from a RX 480 8 GB to a GIGABYTE Vega 64 8 GB and from a Ryzen 5 1400 to a Ryzen 7 2700 but i started siege was getting fps ranging from 40 to 60. But i used to get above a 100 in my old configuration. Can you guys help me.
  12. S

    Question Bad Frames, Good Graphics Card

    I am getting very upset and i wanna cry. I have a really nice PC and get not so good frames. This is my PC: I get around 100 fps on max settings with a 1080 TI while my friend with a 1060 gets around the same with the exact same settings. Even when I pu settings on all low i...
  13. F

    Question Will I be able to use this graphics card with my current computer?

    My computer is an HP Envy 700-339 (which I will link to) and I would like to upgrade my GPU. I noticed that the GPU I am looking to get (which I will link to) is dual slot, whereas the one my computer comes with is a single slot. Is it still possible to use the dual slot graphics card in my...
  14. X

    Question GPU/Mobo Compatability Issue

    I need help deciding how, or even if, I should upgrade my MOBO and GPU. I ordered this online as a gaming PC in 2011, I know I got ripped off, but there isn't much I can do about that now. I don't know much about upgrading PCs, but I am a fast learner and have learned a lot the last few days...
  15. RangerGM

    Question Nvidia gtx 760 is at 100c when playing

    yesterday i decided to clean my pc, i changed the thermal paste from the graphic card which was dry, i applied artic mx4 and now in idle it is at 45-65c and gaming is imposible because it reach 100c and the pc shuts down, i really don't know whats happening, before i cleanned it the max...
  16. G

    Question GTX 1070 G1 Gaming - power

    I am thinking of getting this graphics card but my PSU only has 2x6 pin whereas this card has 1x8 pin. Will the box from this link...
  17. DemonationDog

    Question PNY a reliable GPU brand?

    I'm looking to get a GTX 1070ti. I wanted to get an MSI but it's too big for my case since I don't have a large case. I can only use cards up to 10.8 inches. Anyway, I noticed that the PNY brand is only like 9.10 inches. So, is PNY a reliable brand?
  18. C

    Question RX 470 4gb bottleneck

    I have I3-3220 and plan to upgrade my GPU from GT 1030 to RX 470 4gb, it l bottleneck or what? I have FSP 500watts
  19. Elderwolf

    Question AMD and Nvidia on a single monitor

    Hello dear members, I'm new here. I'm planning to buy AMD RX 580 8GB. right now I have GTX 960 inside, so I'm just curious can they run together? on a single monitor, for example, to play space engineers. Motherboard : Z97 GAMING 3 (MS-7918) Thanks in advance <3
  20. H

    Question TV monitor sporadically found and lost when off

    So, I've had this problem for a long time, and it's not a major issue. I have a TV duplicating my primary monitor, and when the tv is off my display will sometimes go black for a few seconds as if finding new hardware. In the NVIDIA control panel, the monitor will show in the "set up multiple...