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    Question Windows 10 gets corrupted while installing AMD GPU Drivers

    So last night I removed my GTX 1060 and installed my new ASUS Vega 64. I just booted back into Windows and installed the AMD Radeon drivers from AMD's website. While updating the drivers my screen turned black for a little (that doesn't raise any alarms obviously). But it stayed black and after...
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    Question screen turns black and freezes then when I reset I get a graphics driver corruption BSOD. Cannot seem to fix it.

    Sup all, Back in like 2014 I built a nice little pc with an 860k, r7 370, and 8 gigs of ram. Since then it has served me faithfully everyday and performed well on every game i have tasked it with. Recently, I decided to open it up finally, clean some dust out, install some better fans, a new...
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    Question No brightness control after reimage of new Lenovo T490 Thinkpad

    Bought a new T490, extracted all of it's OEM drivers as I had to reimage it to W10 Enterprise for BitLocker support (required by my University). After reinstalling all of it's OEM drivers, I have no control of brightness. I tried disabling and reenabling the graphics driver in Device Manager. In...
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    Question Graphics driver

    Hi everyone i need help with my gpu drivers I recently upgraded to rx5700 from gtx 1070 and updated my windows to lates version and unistalled all drivers from previous card But whenever i try to install drivers halfway through installation it freezes and shutsdown my pc and when i try to boot...
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    Question Why does my mouse lag everytime I update windows?

    Hello, My mouse tends to lag a bit after every windows update I install. If you have ever experienced your mouse lagging after opening Chrome (when it has a lot of tabs), then you know what this problem looks like. Except what's so unusual about this problem is that it tends to go away after...
  6. Y

    Question ATI HD 3200 Graphics driver has stopped responding and has recovered. Any way to fix it?

    I have tried playing some games and after some time It is freezing and then flashing this monitor and then "AMD Driver has stopped responding and has recovered". Any way to fix it? Specs: CPU: AMD Athlon X2 250 GPU: ATI HD 3200 (Updated Driver) I have tried reinstalling it and still issue RAM...
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    Question Desktop clipping through fullscreen windows?

    I'm having a weird issue where windows that I have full screen, could be any window from a browser to an application, will randomly "lose" the top or bottom portion of the window. The portion will turn either white or black and you won't be able to click on anything in that area. However, when...
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    Question Windows not Recognizing HDMI Monitor!

    Hello All, I am currently using a HP ENVY x360 Convertible with an Intel® UHD Graphics 620 driver built in. A while ago, my computer stopped being able to connect to HDMI devices (including multiple TV's, monitors, and projectors). When I plug in the HDMI cable, the monitor seems to recognize a...
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    Question Games black-screening on launch post nvidia driver update

    Okay so heres the issue. My partner’s pc auto updated it’s graphics drivers and ever since then when he’s tried to launch games it doesn’t load the graphics properly. Everything else is fine, but he’ll go to launch League and will see the launch screen for a split second then it black screens...
  10. satheeshlive

    Question Adobe is not detecting Intel (Intel HD Graphics 2000) GPU!

    Hello Guys, I have installed Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, But they are not detecting Intel GPU (Intel HD Graphics 2000) at all. PC Config - PC Config I have updated all the drivers including Intel Display adapter, Graphics driver and the Adobe CC also updated one, But still Adobe is not...
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    Question Graphics driver shows less memory

    Hi, I am using an ASUS laptop which has dual integrated video cards: AMD HD 8450G+ HD8600M. Together they are supposed to have 4GB of VRAM, however in the Catalyst Control Center (driver) it shows that primary adapter has memory of 768MB and the linked one has 2048MB, which don't add up to 4GB...
  12. Kieran10

    Effects of minor knocks

    Hey, So my computer is in an awkward position and it gets knocked very minorly. Can this make parts loose like ram and gpu?
  13. D

    Laptop takes ages to load.

    Hi, i've been having lots of trouble accessing windows 10 with my laptop (ASUS GL752V) I started using my laptop like 2,5 years ago with windows 10 in when i bought it, but today i noticed that it started to freeze every 10 seconds or so. I restarted the laptop and it took me to the recovery...
  14. J

    Does my DQ57TM motherboard support integrated and discrete graphics at the same time?

    Hi everyone. I have a DQ57TM motherboard with i3 530 processor. and 9500 gt GPU. I've tried to set-up hybrid multi-monitor using Intel's instructions found here: However, when I reach step #7...
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    Would Frame Rate Target Control (FRTC) be counter-productive?

    I mean, if you're limiting your frames - you're telling the GPU to not work as hard - which in turn, I think, would cause your GPU to not give out the same FPS it was, right? I mean if my GPU was throwing out say, 25fps with no FRTC enabled, would it get worse if it was enabled to say, limit...
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    Upgrade GPU or MB/CPU for Fallout 4

    Need to upgrade my system to be able to run fallout 4 decently well (hopefully medium setting 30 fps min. ) Current system is: Asus Ipibl-la Berkeley motherboard core 2 quad Q6600 processor. Nvidia Gtx 560 6 gigs ram 600 watt power supply 256 gig ssd 512 gig hard drive While I plan to...
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    Can i fit a tx3 evo in an inwin BUC101

    I am asking cuz pcpartpicker doesnt know iand i cant find anything on it. The rest of my specs are: AMD A8-5600K 3.6GHz Quad-Core Processor Asus A78M-E Micro ATX FM2+ Motherboard Kingston HyperX Fury Blue 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1866 Memory Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard...
  18. S

    Best Gaming PC Build in 2007

    What would have been the best gaming pc build in 2007 and how would it stock up to today's standards?
  19. V

    System Reboots During Power Failure While Gaming. UPS or PSU problem?

    My Specs : AMD FX 6300 | Asus Radeon HD 6670 1GB GDDR5 | 4GB DDR3@1333 | Seasonic 400W Eco Series +12V1 and +12V2 with 17A each I Am using a SuKam UPS of 600VA. My PC gets restarted only while gaming during a power failure. While not gaming if there is a power failure the UPS does it job. Is...
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    CCleaner registry cleaner made issues with my system, how can I fix my registry?

    last time I use a registry cleaner... the problem is, before I used it I could format my pc, using pc settings and now I dont...(and I wanted for sometime to do it...) How can I revert the changes it made? .. using system restore isnt working.