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  1. J

    Yamaha RX-V683 7.2 surround back speakers not available?

    Hooked up the receiver and speakers, no sound coming from the surround back speakers. In manual set-up configuration it indicates the surround back speakers are not available. Haven’t been able to figure out how to turn them on.
  2. A

    PC is at risk

    So I just added two new case fans on my system. while adding, i temporarily detached the gpu, i accidentally applied force while pulling it out while the lock is still on, will this affect the gpu? as of now, when i turned it on, no errors given but after everything, I'm getting this message "PC...
  3. C

    after i format my windows 8.1 to win 7 and install all stuff for playing games an error came!!

    so after i format win 8.1 to win 7 and install all stuff for playing games like nvidia and directx11 etc etc .... everytime i do sleep mode for my laptop and come back to play a game in steam and it give me this error , ''DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to Run the Engine'' but it work after...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] Upgrade or not

    Looking to upgrade to ryzen, have an i7 4770 Gtx 1080 and 16gb ddr3 1600mhz. Would I see a boost in performance with ryzen at 1440p 75hz or there no point in upgrading.
  5. _dawn_chorus_

    4pin & 8pin CPU Power on new Z390 board?

    I gather that you want to use both of them for overclocking, but I am not sure what plug to use.. I have the Aorus Pro Z390 board and the Corsair RM850x psu. The psu came with two identical CPU cables, both with 8 pin on each end. So how do I match this up? Obviously one of the 8pin goes to...
  6. E

    GTX 1080 + i7 8700k low fps

    Hey! For about six months now, since I upgraded to a GTX 1080 & i7 8700k, my fps has been considerably lower than it should be. For example, when playing black ops 4 max settings, I should be averaging 130-180fps, However, I am averaging 60-110 fps. Another example is CSGO, where in all maps I...
  7. B

    EVGA 450 BT, 80+ Bronze 450W

    hi i am going yo build i3 8100 ram 8gb gtx 1060 6 gb + one fan so this psu will be enough? nvidiaEVGA 450 BT, 80+ Bronze 450W
  8. B

    Is it worth paying more for a monitor with VA panel over TN panel?

    Hi, I am looking to buy one of these monitors and I can't decide which one to get. - TN panel https://eu.aoc.com/en/gaming/products/g2590vxq - IPS panel https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-24MP59G-P-gaming-monitor - TN panel https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/model/UM.UX1AA.001 - VA panel...
  9. d1versify

    Are 8gb of RAM holding my PC back?

    Hello guys i have this system i5 6600k, gtx 970 Xtreme gaming and 8gbs of 2400mhz ram I play all games well but in Battlefield 1 i had low framerate You think if i buy 16gb of Ram i will see a performance increase? I know this system can handle still in 1080p I was thinking of buying the G.Skill...
  10. darquedean

    Is it possible to control case fans from OS with ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E

    As the title says I'm wondering if you can control the case fan speeds through software in Windows 10. I've checked the ASUS page for this mobo and didn't get much from it. All of the case fans are plugged in to the mobo as well as my corsair Lightning Node Pro/RGB LED fan hub. Thanks for...
  11. C

    Laptop at 118 degres Celcius

    PC with AsusTek Micro H81M-K motherboard has a temperature of 119 ºC. That is pretty hot. I am looking at purchasing this used PC and I wonder about the temperature of the motherboard. What should the temperature of a laptop motherboard? should I purchased ? CPU : Intel Core i3 4170 @ 3.70 GHz...
  12. S

    Enclosure to use M2 and SATA SSD?

    Hi, I have a surplus of SSD from my previous computers (2x128 GB M2 from my laptop, a 128 GB SATA3 SSD and a 500 GB SSD ); which I wold like to use , but sadly my laptop does not have space for any other drive, since it has only 2 M.2 slots and 1 SATA3 slot, which is already occupied by a 500 GB...
  13. M

    1080 gigabyte g1 gaming liquid metal

    hi, i would like to use liquid metal with my g1 gaming 1080, but I dont know, if the white area around copper heat pipes is safe for liquid metal use https://ibb.co/h2KtV0 I used liquid metal ( thermal grizly condactonaut ) on my old 980 g1 gaming and got decent improvement, from 73-75°C at 53%...
  14. D

    Can I play gya v on my laptop specs i5 7th generation ,4 gb ram and 2 gb graphics card and redeon m430

    Can I play gya v on my laptop specs i5 7th generation ,4 gb ram and 2 gb graphics card and redeon m430
  15. S

    First time build (budget AMD)

    Approximate Purchase Date: by Christmas Budget Range: Roughly $1000 System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, everyday PC, streaming movies Are you buying a monitor: Using 4K Sony smart tv at the moment. Parts to Upgrade: New build Do you need to buy OS: Yes Preferred...
  16. I

    [SOLVED] is a 1920 x 1080 resolution noticeable from a 1360 x 768 ?

    I'm thinking of upgrading my monitor but I want to get my money's worth, I'm thinking of getting this monitor: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00EZSUVHK/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A3DWYIK6Y9EEQB&psc=1 this is my current display I use...
  17. A

    Hard Disk Suddenly Disappeared

    My PC has 2 physical storage, HDD and SSD. Somehow, i'm having this problem where my hard disk suddenly disappear. When i restart and open BIOS menu, the hard disk doesn't show up. I've tried to reattach the HDD, it showed up but took a long time to boot and i couldn't even open windows...
  18. A

    Im not sure what the problem is

    I got a new GTX 1050 about 4 months ago and a few days ago I put my PC in sleep mode before i went to bed and in the morning when i went to turn it back on nothing nothing would display on my screen. I turned off the PC and turned it back on and nothing would happen still. I would hate to think...
  19. J

    HP prodesk booting wo win10 setup instead of ssd with (already used) installed windows

    Hello there So we just bought a new HP prodesk for work to replace another pc. i took the SSD with the os out of the old rig and put it in the new prodesk, set boot priority to the SSD and tried booting it up. It booted to windows setup, which it of course shouldn't have. I even removed the M.2...
  20. K

    HD620 driver for Win 7 on i5-7200

    I am ready to pull my hair out over this problem. I have a dell E5580 with a HD620 graphics card and a i5-7200 processor. I have just swapped out the HD for a EVO860 SSD and have done a clean install of Win 7 Pro. I have been unable to get a driver to load for the HD620 with my processor/OS...
  21. W

    Computer not noticing my HDD.

    I am having issues trying to figure out why my western digital is not being noticed by device manager. I have swapped different SATA ports and even the cable. Not really sure what's up. I know the hard drive itself is good because it shows up in BIOS when I put it in the very fors SATA port...
  22. S

    Outlook 2019 update folders

    why must i click on Outlook Update Folders to receive emails
  23. G

    How to change the color for each key for Logitech G513 RGB Keyboard?

    Hey Everyone, sorry if this is in the wrong thread but I couldn't find anything on keyboards and I also wanted a pretty active category for a quick answer lol. But I just got the Logitech G513 and downloaded the "Logitech gaming" Software to change the colors and stuff but I haven't found an...
  24. N

    i5 3330 - GTX 1060 Bottleneck?

    Hello everyone! Right now im using an i5 3330 with a gtx 760. Im looking to upgrade to a gtx 1060. Will there be any bottleneck? thanks
  25. V

    Cpu and gpu overclocking

    If I overclock my ryzen 3 1300x and my gtx 1050 ti to the limit, and than revert everything to the default clocks and voltages, can anyone in the shop that I got my warranty from ever find out that I overclocked and will it void my warranty?
  26. N

    Switching broken 7970 to gtx 1070

    My AMD 7970 has recently broken and I'm going to replace it with a 1070. My problem is because my old card has broken I have no display at all on my monitor. I was wondering how I can delete my old AMD drivers before putting in my 1070, or is it just fine to put my 1070 in to get a display then...
  27. A

    Why can't I change my default media player?

    I go to choose an app for each file type and I change it to MPC-HC x64 and it won't change. Round 2 - I tried to open a file with a right click and open with and I chose a different app. The next screen shows the apps I've used and the ones it suggests and I choose MPC and click on Always use...
  28. R

    cheapest possible NAS

    so I was trying to use my modem's usb port to have an always on storage on my network, but it didn't work. so I was thinking what's the cheapest nas possible? I don't need more than my 32gb usb drive as storage really, I just want to have an easier way to access my files than getting a usb...
  29. A

    Connecting wifi router and tp link hotspot to use tp link as a range extender

    I have a wifi modem in my house and i want to extend the range.i also have a tp link mifi hotspot can i use it to create a bridge and extend the signal ? Thanks in advance.
  30. C

    [SOLVED] Problems GTA V

    i recelntly bought a new videocard gtx 1060 6gb but im having some problems with the frame rate, when i had everything at normal it gives me 30 fps, when i set everything to very high the frame rate drops to 25 fps, before i had the gtx 1060 6gb i had the gtx 1050ti 4gb and i was running gta v...
  31. W

    Best AMD, Motherboard, Ram, video card!!

    Hey guys, I'm truly here for some good trusty feedback. I'm going to be building a PC again soon but I dont truly have the time to research or really understand a lot of the new processors and such. I'm willing to spend around $1500 But I want an amazing long lasting video gaming machine! I...
  32. xStampede

    Ryzen 2400G new build problems

    Hi, specs: CPU: ryzen 2400g motherboard: MSI B450M PRO M.2 ram: Corsair Vengeance Value Select 8GB 2666 CL18 (on motherboard compatibility list) SSD: M.2 WD Blue 3d NAND 500GB PSU: LC power LC300STX PC CASE: Inter-Tech IT 607 Desktop http:// I'm experienced builder but it's my first time...
  33. P

    What is burned?

    i connected my gtx 1060 evga to my pc no fan turn off only the acx 3 light and tthen a burn smell startt coming out, then i open the gpu and the smell come from the 3 blue capacitors but i see everything goof pics: picts
  34. S

    Can i replace ddr3 with ddr3L ram on my fujitsu A530 i5 ?

    Hello My fujitsu A530 i5 (m560) has a ram pc3-10600s (660 mhz) 2gb got the information from cpu_z. can i replace it with ddr3L 1600 ram 8gb ? And will this make the lap fast ? i found that ddr3L is compatible with my fujitsu lifebook a530 on crucial site . But im not sure abt that .. Also...
  35. I

    Totally not knowledgeable - want an mp3 player that I can put my mp3 files on and listen

    I listen online to various audio files such as the litany of the saints, the rosary etc. Most of these files I can download for free and have but that means being at the computer to listen to them. I know nothing about players and just want something I can use to put the files on and listen...
  36. I

    Failure to boot following PSU replacement

    Afternoon, All, Well I replaced my Corsair AX 750 with a Corsair RM 750X trying to fix a no power problem. I now have power, but no boot! The hardware: MB: GA-Z97X-UD5H Rev 1.0 CPU: I5-4570K (not overclocked) Memory: 2 sticks, 8GB ADATA XPG (from Qualified Vendor/Memory List) GPU: EVGA...
  37. M

    Should I choose the Home Edition even Lenovo recommends Windows 10 Pro?

    Hi, I am going to order a Thinkpad. There is an option between Windows 10 Home 64 and Windows 10 Pro 64 with the advice that "Lenovo recommends Windows 10 Pro". The main thing I don't like Windows is that when I was doing important work such as simulations, it suddenly rebooted itself due to...
  38. A

    Monitor For GTX 1070 Single Player / Multiplayer Games

    I picked up an HP Omen Desktop the other day online. I am having trouble finding the right monitor for me. I only want one monitor, not multiple. I do not use Twitch, I do not stream or anything of the sort. I prefer survival games and single player, with some FPS here and there like Destiny 2...