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  1. strea

    Question GPU (2080Ti) running at PCIe x16 2.0 @ x2 but capable of x16?

    I've been getting some unoptimal performance in games. Could this be the problem and how do I fix it? Thank you GPU-Z results: https://ibb.co/Cbp6ZNh (site is imgbb.com) 5820k asus x99 deluxe ii gpu seated in 3rd pci-e slot I believe? there's 1 below the CPU (wont fit there), then an x1...
  2. Mya Ingram

    Question Monitor randomly disconnects

    So I just replaced my power supply because I thought that was the cause, but the problem still persists. When I turn my pc on, the monitor won’t receive any signal. So I turn the pc on and off multiple times until finally, the monitor gets a signal. And then, just randomly while I’m doing...
  3. Rapajez

    [SOLVED] How's this Partial-Build Look? (Upgrade for better VR.)

    Been out of the game for a while. Right now I have the system outlined in my signature, with an Oculus Rift. Thinking it's time to finally update CPU/MOBO/MEM. Mostly with an eye toward improving VR framerates/quality. Don't want to break the bank. Should I just save up for a newer GPU...
  4. C

    Question Unable to use more than 3.43gb RAM with win 10 on Dell Latitude e6410

    Hi everyone I just joined the forum because of a persistent Issue I am having after recently updating from Win 7 to Win 10 on my Dell Latitude E6410. I had a lot of different Compatible RAM to test this with, and it doesn't matter if I install 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 16gb of RAM, I always have...
  5. Lejend

    Question Game locks at 60fps when on fullscreen?

    Everytime I turn full screen mode on and use v-sync/adaptive sync, my game locks at 60fps. I would be happy to play on windowed borderless as it correctly caps my fps at 82 (my monitors refresh rate) but every 5 seconds the game would feel sluggish and not feel smooth for a couple of seconds...
  6. D

    [SOLVED] my pc crashing when i play games can someone help

    my pc keeps crashing when i play games i can play the game for 30 mins or maybe a couple of hours some times 5 mins and then it will crash and the fans will go to full speed. windows is up to date and my graghics card is up to date. i have the gtx 1060sc 6gb and the i5-7400 with 8g of ram...
  7. N

    [SOLVED] Hi will this be a bottleneck?

    Recently I found this core2quad(q6600)system working but with some motherboard problem(with USB or normal keyboard plugged in the system won't boot)out of curiosity I planned to rebuild it with a new ddr3 supposed Mobo and put my zotac 1050ti oc version gpu to it. Question 1) will it be a...
  8. D

    Question Screen goes black while playing

    Hello guys i woud like to ask for some advice, my english isnt best so pls be strong. Recently i bought this new monitor -27" Samsung C27JG50 https://www.alza.cz/27-samsung-c27jg50-d5479459.htm#discussionPosts My PC specs are : Cooling for CPU : Arctic freezer 13 CPU: I7 8700k, 32GB RAM GPU...
  9. R

    Question Not super computer savy but having issues

    Hello all hopefully you can help;-; So I was playing Shadow of War on my computer and it has run it without any issues however, this time my pc automatically shutdown. I thought it was weird so I pressed power button. I can audibly hear the cpu fan trying to start but stopping. I opened the case...
  10. Ven0m_

    Question Acer Aspire 5536 doesnt open

    a friend of mine have acer asprie 5536 laptop . he left it for 3 days open to upload a video on yt. After that he boot down his laptop and the next day couldnt open it. When he press the power button shows black screen,no beep. tried to reinstall the ram, cmos battery,check hhd. triedto...
  11. Casey2016

    Discussion How Do I Connect a YUMI Multiboot USB Flash rive To The Start Menu Of My Windows 10 64 bit Pro Notebook?

    I have a Windows 10 Pro 64 bit notebook and want to use a YUMI Multiboot Bootable USB Flash Drive to store my diagnostic tools on. There was no problem creating the drive, it was recognized by the notebook. However, I cannot seem to connect it to my start menu. It requires an ISO file. Can...
  12. K

    Question Is my R7870 Hawk fried?

    I was playing a retro game that was not especially testing for the card. At one point in the game I experienced numerous graphical artifacts and the game and my system somewhat froze but after a while it came back and everything was fine. This repeated once the next day and resulted in a hard...
  13. E

    [SOLVED] Fan noise at low cpu load

    Hello, my english is not good. My computer is old, motherboard is Gigabyte, CPU is Intel core2quad Q9550 2.83 GHZ. My cpu load is changing between %15 and 25 normally. My torrent program uses variable cpu all time. I need that program so I can't close it. So my cpu fan is accelerating and...
  14. UppishGames

    [SOLVED] Need help finding parts

    Hello, I need help finding the parts to upgrade my laptop. I don't know what I need to be able to upgrade without destroying my laptop. My budget is under 500 dollars. I am trying to get my laptop to support 16 ram without having to buy a 1000 dollar new pc. Here are the specs hp notebook...
  15. NightHawkRMX

    [SOLVED] Booting from old hard drive fails. Recovery loop

    Hello, i used to have a pc with the following specs: Celeron 450 single core cpu 2gb (unsure of speed) dual channel samsung ddr2 Foxconn socket 775 mobo Onboard graphics (gma 950?) 7200rpm 320gb WD Caviar blue sata hdd Windows vista likely 32 bit (never updated since 2009 when the computer was...
  16. Phaaze88

    [SOLVED] At least how much, in % is considered a worthwhile upgrade?

    I'm just curious of others' preferences. Currently running a 7820x, but was looking at the 9900k, but from what I've seen so far, it's less than a 20% increase, and skylake-x is supposed to be slow due to the mesh bus...
  17. M

    No Signal and don't know how to fix

    Hello everyone, I upgraded my pc to a new beast pc. I gave my old i7-6700 to my brother. Today we replaced his i5 with the new i7. when we power on the pc and everything works fine expect that on the monitor it says no signal. We tried 2 different monitors, hdmi, dvi etc but nothing works. We...
  18. M

    hookup monitor to cable box

    how to connect an old monitor to the cable box with only a cable wire
  19. D

    Screen wont strech on the entire monitor

    I want to play a game on a resolution (1080x1080) that is not the native resolution on the monitor (1920x1080), but when I do it, it does not stretch across the entire screen and it just has two black bars on the side. Does my monitor not support it or is there a way I can change it in the...
  20. J

    Gaming: previously low ping suddenly became higher than Cheech and Chong

    I have a few favorite servers I frequent on a couple of games because in them, my latency is reliably under 100. Literally, this changed overnight. Now, I see that my server ping in one of the games is peaked at 999 (although it's probably even higher than that) when it was previously at 60-70...
  21. C

    970 Evo, Asus Maximus xi here/ no drive showing up in window installer

    I've done everything I teener has to offer, I can see my 970 Evo in bios but when I boot out of my USB with Windows UEFI it doesnt show my 970 Evo as an available driver. Actually no drive shows up in this window. Please help gone through about all the options in bios and been working on this...
  22. M

    [SOLVED] Bootable USB not being loaded

    I have created a bootable USB with windows media creation tool and have put the USB in my newly built computer. It has a ASRock B450 Pro4 motherboard. The USB will show up in the bios and boot options screen but when the USB is selected to boot the display turns black and doesn't display...
  23. V

    PC won't boot past mobo splash screen

    Out of the blue my brothers pc won't boot past the mobo's splash screen. After countless times turning it on and off we managed to get it to boot up one time. However, the problem is happening again today and we can't seem to fix it. I've tried booting with different ram, unplugged hdd...
  24. S

    [SOLVED] Opinion about motherboard brands.Favorite and why?

    Hello guys,just curious about what brand u like the most and u think is the best overall at the end of the day and why?I really like ASUS it seems that it is very reliable and durable.Let's discuss.
  25. F

    [SOLVED] 9900k or wait for 10nm?

    I currently have a 7700k at 5.0ghz 1.32v and a 2080ti but I’m not sure if I should get a 9900k now or wait for the 10nm cpu that’s rumored for the end of this year? Also would a 750w psu be enough for a 9900k overclocked and a 2080ti?
  26. G

    Best Xbox One Deals in January 2019

    The best ongoing deals on Microsoft's console and its accessories. Best Xbox One Deals in January 2019 : Read more
  27. H

    [SOLVED] Best budget FHD 144hz 1ms Gsync or FreeSync 24" Gaming Monitor

    I need a best budget gaming monitor with following features: - FHD - 24 Inch - 144Hz - 1ms - Gsync or FreeSync Budget: Around 300$ to 350$ My currenct Pc specs are: Intel Core i7 8700K Gigabyte Aorus Z370 Gaming 3 Motherboard Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz MSI GTX 1070 Twin Frozen GPU...
  28. A

    Spilled water on my keyboard now its keeps repeating num+

    My laptop keyboard keeps repeating num+ after a spill and i cant log on to my laptop even with an external keyboard it still repeats num+
  29. I

    RGB Header Amperage Calculation - Help Please

    I have the Asus Maximus XI Hero (WIFI) mobo that has: 2x Addressable RGB @ 3A (5V) 2x RGB @ 3A (12V) I want to make sure that I don't overload the header and ruin the mobo by plugging in too many devices. Could somebody help with some research and calculations? There are 8x CoolerMaster MF...
  30. fivefootwall

    8350 still randomly throttling

    I have read all sorts of posts and implemented suggestions, but sometimes 6 of the 8 cores drop from 4019 to 1407 ... which means I can't use the system to record audio. Most times if I reboot, the problem goes away. AMD-OD and OCC report stability, and when running at 100% the clocks don't...
  31. A

    [SOLVED] cpu not working

    when i turn my cpu, the red light doesnt blink and it starts on its own without presing the button on.my cpu, my cpu fan is working , i thought about ram problem and i made it dust free using eraser but it wont work, when i removed the ram from cpu there is no beep sound, what should i do now?
  32. H

    [SOLVED] core i7 3770 only run 1.83 Ghz, can't get to base speed

    Please help. I just bought a cpu core i7 3770 but seems like I have not do the right setup in BIOS or somewhere that the speed can't get to it base speed but stuck on 1.83 Ghz is maximum. Sorry, I am a newbie to this.
  33. J

    [SOLVED] Soda spill on PC tower.

    Hello I had accidentally knocked about a quarted of a bottle of soda into the top of my tower where there is an opening for my fan. I immediately disconnected from the power outlet and tipped the case to the left side pannel away from motherboard and psu. Then opened it and cleaned it with...
  34. F

    Nvidia installer failed

    So I was trying to install and downloaded the nvidia drivers of 930M, and after it says installing graphics drivers thingy after it moves a few bars it says "Installer failed" fixes i tried: I tried running DDU on safe mode and clean and restart but it didnt work. i tried this method...
  35. A

    [SOLVED] PC Built: What to upgrade?

    I have built this low end pc for DOTA 2, 5 months back. Saved up some money and now planning on upgrading some components. Could you suggest as to what would be nice> Current build: AMD RYZEN 5 2400G GIGABYTE B450M DS3H CORSAIR RAM VENGEANCE LPX SERIES - 8GB (4GBx2) DDR4 2400MHz CORSAIR SMPS...
  36. D

    [SOLVED] Dual 775 motherboard

    Did anyone figure out a way to use a xenon same period MB with a consumer grade Procesor like a core2 duo 1.8ghz, I know it's been a long period of time from their release and I hope someone figured out how to do it
  37. J

    [SOLVED] Need a budget micro atx motherboard

    I have a intel i5-8400 coffee and gtx 1060 6gb plus 8gb of ddr4 ram, badly need a micro atx motherboard recommendation for this build, I’m so confused on how to pick one cause I need one under 100 pound, please help
  38. D

    [SOLVED] Nighthawk R7000 Coverage Bad After <30ft

    I have a Netgear Nighthawk R7000 router I purchased a bit back to theoretically improve my wifi in my home. Our home is excessively large (about 2000 sq ft, long ranch style, single story). The router is placed centrally in the house. My internet comes in from ISP around 15-20 down/4-5 up. If...
  39. K

    [SOLVED] Can i use a 240hz monitor at 144hz?

    Hello, i would like to know some info about the "alienware aw2518h monitor g-sync", i will buy a new build for gaming: gtx 1070 ti graphics card Ryzen 7 2700x cpu 16GB ram 3200mhz I want to buy this monitor with these specifications but i want to change the 240hz to 144hz because the 240hz...
  40. R

    [SOLVED] help me choose one of this led tv 4k 55inch

    I have to buy new tv soon since there is no tv in my house right now due MITV being replaced twice and that process almost took 2 months so please don't recommend me any mi tv. these are the one I am looking at currently and I cant wait anymore. also I cant buy from anyother site beside...