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  1. S

    AMD or Celeron for Chromebook?

    I'm a general laptop user. I don't use my laptop for gaming, heavy graphics or massive spreadsheets. I surf, view a few videos, check email, create some docs and listen to some music or podcasts. I am buying an HP Chromebook and going back and forth between a Celeron or AMD processor. Price...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] RAM not detected

    What is the difference between the RAM labelled "1Rx8 PC3L-12800S-11-13-B4" (inside the laptop) and "2Rx8 PC3-12800S-11-11-F3" (trying to upgrade with)? The new one is not being detected by the laptop.RAM photos Thanks in advance!
  3. H

    [SOLVED] Sound blaster connect 2/blasterx 720 not working with sound card

    Hello, I recently got a sound card(AE-5) and I plugged it into on of the 16 slot PCIe slots (because I only have those) it seems to work and my computer can detect it, but when I go into sound blaster connects 2 / blasterX 720 (different names for same exact sound software) at the bottom in a...
  4. E

    Is my VRAM dying??

    Hello there I have been getting weird graphical glitches happening to me recently, specifically when I play star wars battlefront 2. These graphical glitches seem to happen after about one game has been played or if i change the graphics while in game. Eventually the glitches get worse and...
  5. N

    Help For A Newbie

    Yo, I'm trying to make a build that is completely asus aura sync compatible. Right now I have a case, cpu cooler, and fans. I need pretty much everything else. I plan to spend aprox $800 more on this build, and since im a rookie I could use some advice from you guys. I want to go for a Ryzen...
  6. Exodias3219

    [SOLVED] i7-3770 upgrade to Ryzen 5 1600

    Hi, first here are my current specs: i7-3770(boost up to 3.9GHz) Biostar H61MLV 8gb HyperX 1866MHz (only running at 1600MHz) RX 470 4GB Seasonic M12II EVO 620W 80+ bronze I'm confused about upgrading my system, if I should continue this DDR3 path. I'm planning to add another 8gb ram, get a B75...
  7. G

    CES 2019: Everything From This Year's Show

    CES 2019 is officially behind us, so we collected everything we published from the Las Vegas to make it easier to catch up on the show's news. CES 2019: Everything From This Year's Show : Read more
  8. F

    Will that fit to my DP graphics card port?

    Hi, I am looking to buy display port to VGA adapter. But I'm not quite sure if this display port will fit to my GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card. 1070 is using the DisplayPort 1.4 - Am I looking at the right thing...
  9. L

    [SOLVED] Blower or Open Air

    So I'm sorta strapped for cash and a cheap 1070 ti is where I wanna opt for my new build. I found two, one open air and one blower, where the open air is about 400 dollars and the blower is 360. My build is just a normal mid size so the open air would be better, but since I'm short on money...
  10. O

    [SOLVED] Graphics Card Compatibility

    I have a PC Mate Z97 with a LGA 1150 CPU socket I'm looking to upgrade my GPU to a GeForce GTX 1070Ti EX 8192MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card however I don't have the correct PCI socket is there a motherboard that had both LGA 1150 and PCI express sockets? Or can I connect it to my current...
  11. S

    [SOLVED] Verbatim model 53021 500GB not working

    I was looking on old pics and then out of no where all the files it vanish but the light was still on the verbatim. but my verbatim is not working and i plugged the TV on laptop on any of them.but still nothing showed up on the screen or in the windows file so what do i do?.
  12. D

    Hard Drive installation issue

    So im quite advanced when it comes to my pc as i solve near enough any issue but this one is a struggle. I have 3 hard drives: 2 1TB and a 2TB. I got the 2TB hard drive about a month ago and recently started having some issues. The first thing i did was format and initialize the hard drive as i...
  13. M

    M.2 SSD on a Z97M-PLUS MOBO

    I want to buy an M.2 SSD, but I'm not sure what to buy. 1.To my understanding my mobo only accepts PCI-e 2.0 (or 3.0? I don't know) x2 SSD. If that's right, any suggestions on what to buy? 2. It would be better to buy a better SSD (PCI-e 2.0/3.0 x4) thinking about future upgrade of the mobo...
  14. M

    Finalizing new build this week, 1070 ti, haven't picked a CPU yet

    https://pcpartpicker.com/list/xvZbZR I'm going with this build in the event I go with an AMD CPU, which I'm leaning towards currently for budget reasons. With the release of Zen 2 next year I figured this motherboard would be good to already have in the event I decide to eventually upgrade to...
  15. 1

    B350M Bazooka DRAM CPU Light on and doesn’t display to monitor

    So I just got a new 8 gig stick of ram and I put it started up my computer and saw that it didn’t detect so I turned it off unplugged the computer then unplugged all my cables i placed it on my desk put the ram in the right way now it doesn’t display to my monitor and it worked just fine before...
  16. S

    Will this PSU work?

    Will a Seasonic 430 Watt Bronze handle a Ryzen 3 2200g, 2 sticks of 4GB DDR4, 2 SATA 7200 RPM drives, an optical burner, 3 120 mm fans and a Rx 570 at stock clock? The computer has a wireless mouse/keyboard. 2 additional external HDs are connected to it but one is powered to the wall. So only...
  17. O

    Sound Extremely Low

    Hello, I've found a huge problem. Suddenly today after starting my computer and loading games, I discovered that my sound was quiet. I usually can have things at 30-50 and be very loud. But now, I have everything on 100 and yet still it is very quiet. I've tried sound Equalization. I've tried...
  18. J

    [SOLVED] is this system good for recording and gaming

    hello guys I am currently trying to upgrade my pc for the benefit of recording and gaming at the same time my pc goes as follows: CPU: i3-8100 GPU: MSI GTX 1060 3GB Motherboard: Gigabyte - B360M DS3H Micro ATX RAM: Corsair - Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-2400 Memory PSU: Corsair - CXM 550...
  19. N

    [SOLVED] Motherboard for new build not POSTing

    Hi all, Motherboard for a new build will not post -- lights flash quickly then nothing. Replaced motherboard, CPU, and power supply and still same result. MB: Gigabyte AORUS Z390 Pro wifi. CPU: Intel 9700K. Memory: DD4-3200 RipJaws. I am trying to get MB, CPU and one memory stick to post...
  20. Q

    [SOLVED] Are there any cost effective upgrades I can do to this sytem?

    As the title says, I am wondering if there are any cost-effective upgrades I can do to this system or if I would be totally better off saving up and buying parts(to build) or an entirely new system? Below is a link to the prebuilt system I have...
  21. G

    [SOLVED] Amd Ryzen and Nvidia Gtx 1060 laptop?

    Does anyone know of any gaming laptops that offer an AMD Ryzen processor and a Nvidia GTX 1060 gpu? All I see are Ryzen with Radeon gpus. Don't both use the pciExpress bus? It used to be you picked the processor you want and the gpu. Thanks!
  22. D

    Cannot boot to the windows after update bios

    Hello guys ,i hope you can help,yesterday i just update my bios in asus ai suite and reboot and it cannot boot to the windows My spec: Cpu:intel i3 2120 3.3ghz Motherboard:asus h61m-pro updated from 0402 to 0408 bios Ram:8 gb Gpu :hd 7770
  23. S

    Graphics card for asrock b360m pro4 [title translated]

    можно ли установить видеокарту и какую на материнскую плату asrock b360m pro4 Translation from Russian: "is it possible to install a video card and which one on the motherboard asrock b360m pro4? "
  24. D

    My VGA monitor isn't getting detected by W10, but it was working before

    I bought a DVI-D to VGA converter because I wanted to use my old monitor as a second screen. It was working fine until today, it doesn't show up on windows and I can't use it. Can't be manually detected or anything. The monitor works in the bios but not on windows? Wtf. Any idea? VGA Converter...
  25. S

    New Motherboard upgrade

    Hi I am looking for a new motherboard that can support DDR4. Any suggestions? my current specs are Motherboard MSI z87-g43 gaming. Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz, 4001 Mhz, 4 cores, 8 Logic processor. ASUS GeForce RTX 2070 ROG STRIX OC. Cooler Master V850, 850W PSU...
  26. B

    new build turns on but no signal and a solid green light

    i building a pc with a MSI X99A cpu 5960X and im geting a green solid light near the sata ports are im trying to connect the speaker but with no luck i cant get it to beep what dose the solid green light mean near the sata ports are. please can anyone help tonight
  27. E

    [SOLVED] ASUS B250 Mining Expert for non-mining use

    Sorry to ask such a basic question. I’m completely new at this. I have an ASUS B250 Mining expert, which I only acquired because it was going at a good price. My two questions are: 1) Can I just use it for a desktop computer build? I don’t want to do any mining. 2) if yes, do I just need a...
  28. S

    using gpu while having vga port plugged in MB

    I was just wondering if i can still use my gtx 1050 ti while not having the monitor plugged in to it because it supports vga and the gpu doesn't have vga port. Is it possible? If not, can someone provide a link to an adapter that turns vga into hdmi? Any help would be appreciated!
  29. R

    Ryzen 5 1600 OC Help

    So I built my first PC around a year ago ( https://pcpartpicker.com/list/c2phr6 ) and I've just started to get into overclocking. I've done a decent amount of research, but I keep running into problems. I spent hours on Ryzen Master raising voltages and speed frequencies to find that my PC is...
  30. B

    [SOLVED] What matters for productivity, cores or threads?

    I have an i5-8400 and now I've started to use a virtual machine, works fine, but wondering if getting a faster chip like the i7 8700 would make a difference because it has 12 threads instead of 6? How would the extra threads benefit me? I don't game, only productivity: - opening programs -...
  31. M

    [SOLVED] Gaming on core2duo

    Can i play pubg on core 2 duo ,specs. are; 4gb ddr3 ram 260 gb hard 1gb vga card Please tell me...!!!!!!
  32. J

    Brand new high end pc keeps crashing why?

    Update 2: a clip holding down the CPU cooler was loose works great now. I have a tomahawk b450 motherboard, 16 ddr4 ram 3000 mhz, ryzen 2700x, rtx 2080 windforce, 700 watt ozc gold rated 80+++ power supply so I've tried 2 different games in 4k and my pc will keep freezing after a few mins. My...
  33. S

    Budget CPU [ PC build ]

    I'm not a gamer :bounce: but I need a good performance [multitasking & video editing ]. my budget is 500$ with Monitor . So which CPU should I choose?
  34. A

    [SOLVED] Can I run it?

    Can a GTX 1050 Ti work with a Ga-78LMT-USB3 mobo and an AMD FX(tm) - 4300 QuadCore Processor and a 350w power supply? I’m planning on upgrading everything in the near future but there’s a good deal on a 1050 ti and I’m wondering if it would work with my current specs.
  35. R

    [SOLVED] i5 8400 good for streaming + gaming?

    Is the i5-8400 powerful enough to stream and game at the same time? or if not what would you guys suggest for me to buy at the same price range? thanks in advance
  36. P

    [SOLVED] Is this a good build for what I want?

    I'd like for a gaming PC (no vr or streaming desired) that can run mmorphs and titles like ac odyssy at max settings with at least 60 fps. I have picked out the parts but I'm not sure if itll fit my needs or if it's even compatible. I've never build a PC before so I'm a bit of a noob. CPU AMD...
  37. tommolloy95

    [SOLVED] Why is the rtx 2070 cheaper than the gtx 1080 in the UK

    Why is the rtx 2070 cheaper than the gtx 1080 in the UK? https://www.overclockers.co.uk/search/index/sSearch/rtx+2070/sPerPage/12/sFilter_price/124.99-499.99 And they are selling out fast because of it. Anyone know why?
  38. torveo

    Strange driver related issue in GTA V?

    So for a while now, GTA V has been locking up after anywhere from 40-120 minutes of playtime. It'll just freeze, and if click anywhere windows will throw its usual "GTAV.exe has stopped responding" dialogue. I originally thought this was an issue with the game itself(Might still be). But after...
  39. W

    [SOLVED] PSU advice please

    Hey guys I just ordered some Parts for a new build but i'm having doubts about my PSU Build: Ryzen 5 2600 stock (not oc'ing) Bequiet pure rock slim cooler 16gb crucial Ballistix 3000mhz ram Gigabyte RX 570 2 x sata SSD 1 WD Blue 1tb ASRock ab450 pro4 I also bought a Gigabyte 500 Watt...
  40. A

    [SOLVED] Games to play while kids watch

    Hi, may I have some suggestions for pc games that I can play while my 4 and 7 yo kids are around and watch? My latest games were This War Of Mine, Black the Fall, Don't Starve, The Flame in The Flood, Tesla, Giana Sisters. I love exploring, surviving, strategy, platform games, I would love to be...