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    [SOLVED] HDMI plugged in to motherboard port (not dGPU) is utilizing my RTX 3080 Ti, need to disable it ?

    Hi guys, I'm so angry right now I need help with disabling this. Specs: I7-4790k, Asus Z97A, 16gb Ripjaws 1866mhz, RTX 3080 Ti, GTX 1660. Problem is, when I use my iGPU (onboard output), my iGPU is utilizing the dGPUs which is annoying me because I use it for 3 separate purposes. Don't question...
  2. washpc

    [SOLVED] iGPU randomly crashing

    So three months ago I switched from a GTX 1050Ti to the internal graphics of my i7 7700 and right away everything the image began to stutter, freezing and blacking out shortly after (sound crashing as well). Then, a WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR BSoD popped up. I reinstalled Windows and installed...
  3. J

    [SOLVED] Using iGPU and discrete card for monitors and VR

    Hoping that someone can educate me... I have an RTX2080 Super and a Valve Index VR headset. I was using the DP(RTX) for the headset and two HDMI(RTX) for the monitors. Integrated graphics were disable by default (MSI Mag Mortar B460M) but there were two ports for monitors on the MoBo. I...
  4. L

    [SOLVED] Can you install nvidia gpu drivers to laptop

    Hey My games become pixelated while gaming, because windows update screwed up my laptop. I have Asus Tuf Gaming fx505dt laptop and I wanted to use DDU to remove DGPU but do I have to download my driver from Asus or from Nvidia site? Is it safe me to download GeForce GTX 16 series (notebooks)...
  5. V

    [SOLVED] I have intel i3 1gen processor and i want to which igpu it has and what its specs

    I have intel i3 1gen processor and i want to know which igpu it has and what are its specs specs means clock speed, cores and everything else
  6. M

    [SOLVED] iGPU has too much dedicated VRAM.

    I have an Athlon 3000G with Vega 3 integrated graphics, a Gigabyte B450-S2H motherboard and 2 sticks of 4GB Ram, problem I have is that my iGPU has 2GB of dedicated VRAM leaving me with 6GB of usable ram, but it is not strong enough to use them. it often uses 1GB or less in games and I'm then...
  7. V

    [SOLVED] APU rig advice that's upgradable in near future

    Hello, I intend to build myself a rig without a GPU for light gaming now. The best apu I could get is Ryzen 3400G as far as I know. I would like to pair that apu with the best budget RAM fast enough to boost Vega 11 graphics. I heard that max I could get is 3000 or 3200 MHZ due to the APU's...
  8. kurulay5

    [SOLVED] Moving from IGPU to GPU

    Hello! So tomorrow I am moving from my Igpu (the vega 11 stuffed inside the ryzen 5 2400g) to a physical gpu. the asus 1050 ti cerberus. so this is obviously a huge change for me and i want to get everything right. how can i disable my igpu and uninstall all the drivers and get my ram back? my...
  9. P

    Question Desktop PC wont use dedicated GPU but boots ok (with iGPU)

    so I bought old (h67 and i7 2600,+gtx 960) pc, owner said it will not use dGPU, after I DDUd drivers and updated BIOS it started using dGPU, i tried restarting pc, switching psu off to test if it still works and it did, but I left it for week and switched computer cases but now it wont use dGPU...
  10. Odonix

    Question Not getting same FPS that I used to get ?

    Ever since about a year ago I noticed that my laptop hasn't been performing anywhere near as well as it used to. My laptop is an Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM The processor is a 7100u which uses Intel HD 620 graphics. In Device Manager, it was telling me that I had the latest driver for my...
  11. S

    [SOLVED] Do Intel -F Series Chips Physically Lack the iGPU?

    As the title implies, is the iGPU physically absent from the silicon die or is it still there, but defective (failed QA testing for example) and therefore disabled?
  12. rahuleyes1

    Question Due to Thunderstorm No Signal in iGPU, Pls Suggest Graphics card for given Config.

    My Current Config Intel Core i7 4790k CPU Cooler Master Hyper 212X CPU COOLER Asrock Z97 Extreme6 MOBO Hyperx Fury 8GBx2=16GB RAM Samsung 970 Evo Series - 250GB PCIE NVME - M.2 Internal Solid State Drive (MZ-V7E250BW) SSD Antec VP550P v2 PSU Seagate IronWolf 4TB NAS Internal SATA Hard Drive...
  13. Flasherino

    [SOLVED] My monitors keep shutting off when plugged into my integrated GPU ?

    So it seems like plugging my monitors into my Integrated GPU will work only until the pc automaticly shuts my monitors off due to being idle. Then when I wake it back up the monitors lose signal and won't turn back on until i unplug the power cable from the monitor and wait 5 seconds then plug...
  14. D

    [SOLVED] How to use integrated graphics along with discrete GPU?

    Good day! My components that may matter to this question are the following: Motherboard: MSI B450M Mortar Max CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G GPU: Nvidia GT240 (I know T_T) OS: Windows 10 Monitor: AOC without HDMI port (I know T_T) Given that my monitor does not have HDMI, I am forced to continue using...
  15. E

    Question How to allocate more memory to Vega 8 iGPU(Ryzen 5 2500u laptop)

    On most forums it says it has maximum of 2gb shared RAM, but on my PC and benchmarks its always 1GB. Vega 8 should automatically allocate the memory if system needs it since i don't have an option in BIOS to change that. Is there any other way except BIOS? (even Bannerlord gives a warning that I...
  16. Pandofla

    [SOLVED] Laptop significantly slows down while plugged in/charging

    (TL;DR is at the end of the post) Hello everyone. My current laptop is an HP 15-r218nv. I know this isn't the best laptop for gaming, but it gets the job done. I have bought it 3 years ago and it has worked great throughout all this time. Last year, the laptop began to overheat, and because I...
  17. D

    Question Using Amd gpu and Intel igpu for multiple displays but can't duplicate the displays( clone )

    I have a R7 260x and Intel HD Graphics and i have 2 monitors and they work but when i try to duplicate them i only get 3 options in display properties, "Extend these displays", "Show only on 1" and "Show only on 2". Weird thing is that last night when i first tried them i was given the option to...
  18. nick_155

    [SOLVED] Flashed GPU bios, now Motherboard won't POST

    Alright so my friend an I had made a mistake whilst flashing his GPU (RX 580) 's bios and now the pc wouldn't start up with the card installed. I figured I would be able to reflash the card back to its prior state using one of my PC's. Since his CPU did not have integrated graphics I would use...
  19. H

    [SOLVED] Not able to set iGPU memory size manually.

    I have a Gigabyte B450M DS3H WiFi motherboard with Ryzen 5 3400G processor, 8 GB DDR4 RAM. In the BIOS, I cannot find any option to change the iGPU memory. There is no option as such, in BIOS/Chipset/Internal Graphics to set the memory manually. Now, my usable RAM is only 5.8 GB, and I'm not...
  20. darkhasi

    Question Is it bad to use both Onboard graphics and Separate VGA graphics together?

    Ok. Here is the thing. I was using my PC for a while this way. Then I said this to a guy in a computer shop. He said that this is not good for my motherboard and it will consume half of my motherboard life. Is this true? Coz I don't see anything like that. Normal heatings and everything runs...
  21. F

    Question Second monitor connected to iGPU kills game performance on dGPU driven main display.

    Hi all, So I have run into an interesting issue that I wonder does anybody have any experience in resolving. I have an older monitor kicking around (some LG not sure what model it is) that only has a VGA input. My GTX1070Ti has no VGA output, however my motherboard's on board integrated GPU...
  22. A

    Question Intel hd2000 and windows 10

    Hi everyone 😊 I am quite puzzled by this one... I read everywhere that windows 10 doesn't support hd2000 iGPU from sandy Bridge CPUs. There's no driver for it. Accordingly, if I install windows 10 on old iMacs with CPUs having hd2000 iGPU at some point windows update tries to update the driver...
  23. BowMaker

    Question How can i get 2 displays with GPU(HDMI) and iGPU(VGA)?

    so i finally got a GPU for my PC, with the onboard display options in my motherboard i could use my 2 displays (VGA,HDMI) fine, but the new GPU does not have a VGA output, i tried to activate the iGPU in the BIOS to be able to conect the VGA display to the motherboard but it doesn't detect it...
  24. A

    Question 1080p gaming gpu

    Hi, I´m currently running my PC with a Ryzen 3 2200g on a Gigabyte AB350M-DS3H, 8gb 2400mHz Corsair Vengeance LPX, and no GPU other than the iGPU in the processor. I´d like to play some GTA V or similar games at, at least, 1080p and 60fps. What GPU should I buy? I´m traveling in a few weeks to...
  25. Z

    [SOLVED] a8-7600 for osu streaming

    Is the a8-7600 with its igpu capable of live streaming to twitch or facebook live? sadly its the only pc that i have at the moment.
  26. A

    [SOLVED] Does Intel iGPU image quality depends on the motherboard ?

    I want to know if different motherboards will show different image qualitys. Or will it be exactly the same? I am not talking about resolution. I am talking about everything like brightness/responsiveness/ collor accuracy. If I use 10 different systems with different mobos next to each other...
  27. xslabs.sai

    [SOLVED] Can I run a second monitor from the motherboard vga port even if I don't have an iGPU?

    Specs: CPU: Ryzen 3 1300X GPU: Zotac GTX 1650 OC RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB @ 3000 MHz Mobo: Asus Prime A320M-K So my question is, I've got my primary monitor which is running off the hdmi port from the GPU. The second monitor which I want to plug in doesn't have a hdmi port. It only has...
  28. natoea

    Question IGPU over GPU

    hi I have an asus laptop and for some reason its using its igpu (vega 8) as preferred over my gpu ( rx560x) how do i get it to change over to my GPU?
  29. J

    Question Connecting 2nd monitor through Motherboard

    Hi, My parents recently let me borrow and old monitor that only has a vga port. My first monitor is connected through My GPU, but it only has HDMI ports. However, my motherboard (prime a320m-k), has a vga port. Is it possible to connect the monitor through the motherboard? I have read a lot of...
  30. mandache.eduard48

    Question Ryzen Vega iGPU not detected after latest BIOS update

    Hi everyone, back again on here because of ryzen stuff. I recently updated the BIOS to the latest version for my motherboard (Aorus x370 K7) , and now my iGPU is not being detected. I tried forcing it to be used in the BIOS settings, I did look for drivers, so I'm don't know what to do next. I...
  31. B

    Question iGPU or dGPU for browser (for online video)?

    Hello all, I have a laptop with Intel HD and a Nvidia MX150 dGPU. I've noticed that the Intel HD gets really pushed while I'm watching videos (youtube and other streaming sites/content). I was thinking if it would make sense to set the dGPU (Nvidia MX150) as default for my browser (Chrome) via...
  32. Z

    Question Ryzen 3 2200g build graphics(?) problem

    So I'm having an issue with a 2200g build i just put together. Running through HDMI out on the Mobo, Installed windows 10 just fine, no display issues, it went just like normal. Fast forward to the part where windows should have booted up to the lock screen and i'm greeted with a flashing...
  33. J

    Question MSI motherboard HDMI port not working even after activating igd dual monitor

    As title says the hdmi port of my msi mobo doesn't work. The point is that I've already tried activating igd dual monitor but it still doesn't do anything. If I try selecting IGD as graphics adapter I can't still get video output with the hdmi port and I have to reset the bios. The only port...
  34. S

    Question Mobile Motherboard/System Without Somewhat Unresolvable GPU Heat Issues

    Over the years I am the guy stuck constantly re-flowing mobile DGPU’s for my family. I am getting sick of it- I have to many of them out there and eventually they always coming back. Honestly, there is not really a laptop out there that runs cool. Possibly Tough Book’s ect, but then you pay...
  35. News Intel Gen11 Takes iGPU Performance To Another Level

    Benchmarks of Intel's Gen11 iGPU (Integrated Graphics Processing Unit) in GFXBench and CompuBench have finally surfaced. Read more here. ZHIYE LIU @zhiyeliu Zhiye Liu is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers CPU, GPU and motherboard news.
  36. T

    Question Integrated GPU isn't displaying image after dedicated GPU died

    Today a was playing a game on my PC. The screen froze and headphones played a repeating tone. This did not end and no keyboard press did anything, so I restarted PC via harware button. When the computer restated screen was full of little lines. Those appear in BIOS and in Windows. I think that...
  37. G

    Question Stream settings

    I starting streaming recently, and my game never lags, my frames don't drop or anything, my computer runs exactly the same as when I'm not streaming. However, when I look at my stream, the quality is great, but the fps is terrible. I have watched multiple videos and tried many different settings...
  38. L

    MSI Z390 Ace vs Z390 Godlike for i9 9900k

    I am really on the fence about my motherboard purchase for the upcoming i9 9900k. I've narrowed my decision down to either the MSI Z390 ACE or the Z390 Godlike. I want to ensure that I can achieve the maximum possible overclock that I can from my i9 chip and although the silicone lottery does...
  39. F

    Gtx 1080 ti 500watts test psu

    Hello, I buyed a evga 1080 ti that requires a minimum 600 watts psu, however I already have a 500 watts psu. So I buy a 750 watts psuthat arrives 3 days later, the question is, can I test the video cart with my actual psu, only for test, no gaming, justturn on the pc and prove the video output...
  40. A

    Buy old Lenovo ideapad 700 or new ideapad 520 ?

    Ideapad 700 specs: Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ (6M Cache, 2.6GHz) 8 GB DDR4 2133 MHz 1TB HDD 5400 rpm 15.6" FHD (1920x1080) NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX950, 4GB 730$ Ideapad 520 specs:same as ideapad 700 except for: Intel® Core™ i5-8250U Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.40 GHz) Nvidia™GeForce MX150 4GB 640 $...