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Internet Connection

Forum discussion tagged with Internet Connection.
  1. T

    Question Packet Loss On Two Different Gaming PCs?

    I have two gaming rigs since I have upgraded from my old rig. On my old rig I receive an update rate icon in Rainbow Six Siege followed by a red connection icon and I get severe frame drops for 1-3 seconds before returning to normal and then this happens again later on throughout the match. I...
  2. liranjp

    Question Connect 2 modems

    I have in my room a modem (connected to the wall plug) which is also a router and from it I have a wifi, I configured in another room a TP LINK router to connect to this wifi and made it as a repeater but since it's another floor the speed is poor and I need another solution. (connect a long...
  3. H

    Question Default Gateway Packet Loss

    Hey, I'm not super techy my knowledge begins and end and unplugging it then plugging it back in so I'll just say sorry in advance if I leave out any info that would be helpful for resolving this problem. I'm having some issue with my internet connection being slow (google fiber), and I think...
  4. elhadi91

    Question Lose internet connection in browsers

    Hello, I am seeking help from you guys regarding my internet connection that i keep loosing every now and then. What's weird about it is, i would be working normaly in Chrome or Firefox and suddenly it tells me that i no longer have internet connection, all thought the network icon in the task...
  5. A

    Question Want LAN connection but WiFi is too far

    So I recently moved into a new house. The WiFi is set up all the way downstairs so its too far. I want to play games on my PC and ps4 but i dont want wireless connection as it lags the game (dont have built in WiFi for PC anyways). How can I get LAN connection without having to connect the wire...
  6. RTTribz

    Question Upgrade suggestions for an old prebuilt

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.newegg.com/amp/products/N82E16883227438 I have this computer from a while back and would like to upgrade it. A stick of ram died so it's only firing off of one of the two sticks. Other than that, the build is accurate. I was thinking I could salvage the CPU and...
  7. R

    Question Does This PC Build is valid?

    Motherboard: Asus P5E3 Deluxe WiFi CPU: Core 2 Extreme QX9770 Colling: CM MasterLiquid Lite 120 GPU: GTX 760 RAM: 4x F3-10600CL9S-2GBNT = 8GB SSD: Intel SSD 335 Series 240GB HDD: Seagate 250GB Case: CM MasterBox Lite 3.1 TG PSU: 500W (I will update the model soon! Note: This is a modern PSU, not...
  8. W

    Question Raid 5 depleted ASRock P67 Extreme6

    Hi guys. I had 4 8tb disks running raid 5 on sata 2 ports of ASRock P67 Extreme6 card. One drive got water damaged and is dead now. Array works but in depleted mode at the boot up. I went into a utility and there is no option to recover, however I haven't tried replacing a disk yet. I am...
  9. T

    Question Making the move to 1440p

    I currently use. 24” 5ms 75 hz ips monitor. I like the colors the response time is fine with me but I was looking to move up to a 27” monitor if it’s worth the size increase. I’m not sure I went from a 21.5” to a 24” and now considering a 27 is the jump 3” worth it? Or would a 1080p 27” be fine...
  10. Question 100% Disk Usage

    And below is the computers spec Dont really understand why its disk space is currently always running at 100%
  11. byler47

    Question Headset vs Headphones?

    ATTENTION ALL AUDIOPHILES! I NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE! Okay, now that I have your focus, here is my conglomeration of my proclamation of questions/statements. Also this is gonna be kinda long... I have a Razer Kraken 7.1 v2 Chroma headset, and it has served me well. It's comfortable, it sounds...
  12. C

    Question Is it ok to only use my 2 case fans?

    Just built my pc, cpu is ryzen 7 2700, and gpu is a 2060 ventus oc. This gpu is known to run a little hot. I will only be playing a low demanding game and streaming. My case is a Nzxt H500, one exhaust fan on the top and one exhaust on the rear. So usually you would slap a few intake fans...
  13. zeus9501

    Question My pc is not turning on

    Hi i just back from college and i turn on my pc and noting happens.On the MB i just see red dot light for second and the fans just move a little and stop .My pc specs GB B360m hyperx ram 2x4gb 2666 gpu asus (that seys on the box dual) gtx 1060 3gb psu fsp hexa series +500.Btw i try to find...
  14. M

    [SOLVED] Alternative power method for motherboard

    I have GA H81mHD3 and coolermaster extreme 500w psu. My psu has 1 6pin connector and 1 4+4 pin connector. I purchased asus dual rx 580 8gb that supports only 8 pin. Now i bought power converter from market and that is molex to 4pin connector.i bought 2 of these to make 8pin. I just want want...
  15. T

    [SOLVED] Voltage and Clock Speeds

    Is there some sort of general "formula" for finding the lowest voltage required for a processor to run a certain clock speed stably? I don't want to run the voltage higher than is necessary for a specific clock speed, so I don't use extra power or generate excess heat, or probably fry the whole...
  16. H

    Question Nvidia 980 Ti doesn't display at all

    Hello there I have nvidia 980 ti for some years now and it was working perfectly all this time with the same set up. Due to moving location ( Nothing got damaged in the process ) i had to unplug some components and re plug them. First time the card was getting recognized by the PC, a few...
  17. R

    Question How do I diagnose my random reboots after new GPU install?

    So someone built me a PC that has always randomly rebooted when i play games. Rarely does when not playing but still does and sometimes its right after the home screen loads then it just reboots again. Thing is i swapped out the gtx650 gpu and put a gt730 in it and it never has rebooted with...
  18. J

    [SOLVED] What should I upgrade?

    I currently am running this: MSI Z87-G43 motherboard Intel i5-4670k cpu Radeon Rx480 8gb gpu 16 gb RAM I believe everything is DDR3 I am looking to upgrade in order to record online video games smoothly. What are some good recommendations?
  19. News Intel Xe Graphics Card: Rumors, News, and Release Date (Update)

    Here's what we know so far. Read more here. PAUL ALCORN @PaulAlcorn Paul Alcorn is a Senior Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He writes news and reviews on CPUs, storage and enterprise hardware.
  20. B

    Question My Gaming Laptop Doesn't Work as it Used to

    Hi. I have a Asus ROG GL552VW gaming laptop. it has a Nvidia GeForce 960m - 16GB Ram. When i bought it i installed Doom with High setting in 1080p and i played it with 40 fps and it was fine. Now 3 years passed and i upgraded all of my drivers and my windows to build 1809. when i play my game...