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    Question Want LAN connection but WiFi is too far

    So I recently moved into a new house. The WiFi is set up all the way downstairs so its too far. I want to play games on my PC and ps4 but i dont want wireless connection as it lags the game (dont have built in WiFi for PC anyways). How can I get LAN connection without having to connect the wire...
  2. RTTribz

    Question Upgrade suggestions for an old prebuilt I have this computer from a while back and would like to upgrade it. A stick of ram died so it's only firing off of one of the two sticks. Other than that, the build is accurate. I was thinking I could salvage the CPU and...

    Question Argb fan controller

    I need help, I've been looking for 2 hours. I can't find anything. I'm looking for an argb controller that has a wireless remote with 5v argb connections. ( Preferably something with detailed color customization) everything I find is either 12v, wired, or requires being an expert electrician! I...
  4. R

    Question Does This PC Build is valid?

    Motherboard: Asus P5E3 Deluxe WiFi CPU: Core 2 Extreme QX9770 Colling: CM MasterLiquid Lite 120 GPU: GTX 760 RAM: 4x F3-10600CL9S-2GBNT = 8GB SSD: Intel SSD 335 Series 240GB HDD: Seagate 250GB Case: CM MasterBox Lite 3.1 TG PSU: 500W (I will update the model soon! Note: This is a modern PSU, not...
  5. W

    Question Raid 5 depleted ASRock P67 Extreme6

    Hi guys. I had 4 8tb disks running raid 5 on sata 2 ports of ASRock P67 Extreme6 card. One drive got water damaged and is dead now. Array works but in depleted mode at the boot up. I went into a utility and there is no option to recover, however I haven't tried replacing a disk yet. I am...
  6. T

    Question Making the move to 1440p

    I currently use. 24” 5ms 75 hz ips monitor. I like the colors the response time is fine with me but I was looking to move up to a 27” monitor if it’s worth the size increase. I’m not sure I went from a 21.5” to a 24” and now considering a 27 is the jump 3” worth it? Or would a 1080p 27” be fine...
  7. Question 100% Disk Usage

    And below is the computers spec Dont really understand why its disk space is currently always running at 100%
  8. byler47

    Question Headset vs Headphones?

    ATTENTION ALL AUDIOPHILES! I NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE! Okay, now that I have your focus, here is my conglomeration of my proclamation of questions/statements. Also this is gonna be kinda long... I have a Razer Kraken 7.1 v2 Chroma headset, and it has served me well. It's comfortable, it sounds...
  9. C

    Question Is it ok to only use my 2 case fans?

    Just built my pc, cpu is ryzen 7 2700, and gpu is a 2060 ventus oc. This gpu is known to run a little hot. I will only be playing a low demanding game and streaming. My case is a Nzxt H500, one exhaust fan on the top and one exhaust on the rear. So usually you would slap a few intake fans...
  10. zeus9501

    Question My pc is not turning on

    Hi i just back from college and i turn on my pc and noting happens.On the MB i just see red dot light for second and the fans just move a little and stop .My pc specs GB B360m hyperx ram 2x4gb 2666 gpu asus (that seys on the box dual) gtx 1060 3gb psu fsp hexa series +500.Btw i try to find...
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    Question Alternative power method for motherboard

    I have GA H81mHD3 and coolermaster extreme 500w psu. My psu has 1 6pin connector and 1 4+4 pin connector. I purchased asus dual rx 580 8gb that supports only 8 pin. Now i bought power converter from market and that is molex to 4pin connector.i bought 2 of these to make 8pin. I just want want...
  12. T

    [SOLVED] Voltage and Clock Speeds

    Is there some sort of general "formula" for finding the lowest voltage required for a processor to run a certain clock speed stably? I don't want to run the voltage higher than is necessary for a specific clock speed, so I don't use extra power or generate excess heat, or probably fry the whole...
  13. H

    Question Nvidia 980 Ti doesn't display at all

    Hello there I have nvidia 980 ti for some years now and it was working perfectly all this time with the same set up. Due to moving location ( Nothing got damaged in the process ) i had to unplug some components and re plug them. First time the card was getting recognized by the PC, a few...
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    Question How do I diagnose my random reboots after new GPU install?

    So someone built me a PC that has always randomly rebooted when i play games. Rarely does when not playing but still does and sometimes its right after the home screen loads then it just reboots again. Thing is i swapped out the gtx650 gpu and put a gt730 in it and it never has rebooted with...
  15. J

    Question What should I upgrade?

    I currently am running this: MSI Z87-G43 motherboard Intel i5-4670k cpu Radeon Rx480 8gb gpu 16 gb RAM I believe everything is DDR3 I am looking to upgrade in order to record online video games smoothly. What are some good recommendations?
  16. News Intel Xe Graphics Card: Rumors, News, and Release Date (Update)

    Here's what we know so far. Read more here. PAUL ALCORN @PaulAlcorn Paul Alcorn is a Senior Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He writes news and reviews on CPUs, storage and enterprise hardware.
  17. B

    Question My Gaming Laptop Doesn't Work as it Used to

    Hi. I have a Asus ROG GL552VW gaming laptop. it has a Nvidia GeForce 960m - 16GB Ram. When i bought it i installed Doom with High setting in 1080p and i played it with 40 fps and it was fine. Now 3 years passed and i upgraded all of my drivers and my windows to build 1809. when i play my game...
  18. R

    Question pink lines all over the screen
  19. G

    Question Bios freezes when mouse is plugged in

    Hey guys, Got a strange issue. I have a Asus z97-a motherboard that I updated today to ver. 3503 (I had a 1xxx version before). Update seemed to work, but when I enter the bios now it freezes within seconds if I have my steelseries rival 600 mouse plugged in. If i unplug the mouse right away...
  20. Nfrz

    Question What should i upgrade?

    What should i upgrade next in my build? Specs: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Galax Geforce GTX 1060 6GB HyperX Fury 4GBx2 Overclocked to 3000mhz Asrock AB350M-HDV Cube gaming savora case 2 Fans ( i forgot what brand is it) 1 TB Seagate 120GB Galax Gamer SSD PSU FSP Hexa+ 500w What should i upgrade and tell...