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  1. tizzyloucat

    Windows Backup Will not Work Trojan in a shadow copy

    Windows 7 backup has located a Trojan in one of the shadow copies (I have MANY) and will not perform a backup. What can I do? Please help. It is time to do a backup and I need to do it now.
  2. P

    Price range for gpu

    Hi guys, I would like to know the price ranges of: gtx 750 ti, gtx 1050 and 1050 ti T.I.A
  3. P

    Not able to use dual monitors ?

    Hi I recently built my own PC, everything works great apart from the fact that I cant use dual monitors. When I plug in the second monitor it will work fine for a few minutes, but than it will begin to cut out and start flashing on and off. I dont know what is wrong please help. My PC specs...
  4. S

    Why isn't my water cooler flashing/pumping?

    Hello everyone! I have a Deepcool Malestorm 240T and I changed my motherboard yesterday from a b150m-d3h to a B360-HD3. I always connected the watercooler pump to the CPU fan header so now I did the same. The watercooler now doesn't flashing, but the Aida64 says it's working. Howewer I tried to...
  5. P

    TV as PC monitor

    Im thinking about buying PC and I was thinking could I use my TV as monitor for PC. Its Grundig 32VLE6730BP. Is it the best ti use HDMI for that or VGA?
  6. hyzzle

    jacked up Seagate 2TB Barracuda HDD

    ok i have had this 2TB barracuda drive for a few years but never had any problems until i put it in a synology NAS and I got a report that the drive had crashed. I was out of town for about 2 months so i just had my wife power down the NAS till i got back. I pulled the drive out and hooked it up...
  7. J

    7870 Overclock worth it?

    I was looking to get a new GPU (Nvidia GTX970 4GB) for PUBG but funds are permitting me to stick with my AMD 7870 2GB for now in my new build for a few months anyway. My question is can it be overclocked on a regular motherboard? Also is it worth it, I've overclocked CPUs before but never GPUs...
  8. B

    Looking for a gaming chair under $100

    Any good pc gaming chairs under $100?
  9. 2

    it not workink

    IT not change
  10. B

    Is there correlation between Internet speed and Router's speed?

    I'm vacillating between ASUS RT-AC58U (AC1300 enhanced AC performance : 400+867 Mbps) and ASUS RT-AC87U (AC2400 ultimate AC performance : 600+1734 Mbps). Given my Internet speed is 35-40 Mbps do I need 600 Mbps...
  11. R

    a home/personal server for gaming + storage ?

    can anyone help me to put a server together. what i am expecting from it: -Use it kind off like a NAS for file storage -I can access it from anywhere i have internet (public or private computers) so itll have to have some type of password protection. -Hosting a big modded Minecraft server or...
  12. L

    Drive not showing up when installing windows 10

    I was installing windows all going fine and then I selected custom rather than upgrade but now it said where do u want to install and there is nothing there. plz help :((((
  13. S

    It is time...for ssd

    Hello! I've never had and ssd, only HDD (currently 1TB, can barely use more than 500 :D ) and im thinking of buying a decent ssd, im really done with waiting my windows ''system'' or ''malware scan'' taking 99% of my disc usage and being unable to do anything for like 1-2 mins. until its...
  14. M

    if lenovo laptop's ic and cpu problem arise is it possible to repair it without changing motherboard

    suddenly my lenovo laptop is nt working..actually its nt power up...and service center engineer told me that there is ic problem.may be cpu problem also it is repairabl or not..
  15. A

    Motherboard only see's ssd's, will not hard drive.

    Just did a new build with an Asus z270M-Plus with the i7-7700k, Strix 1080Ti, 32GB Ram. The case is the Omex-X I bought as bare bones. It has 4 hot swap bays. I installed a Sandisk 256GB for OS. No problem. Installed a new WD EcoGreen 4TB for Extra Storage. Bios does not see it, Speccy does not...
  16. M

    Asus mini laptop

    I can't type my password with my keyboard
  17. Y

    Problems with eMachine e627 and Windows 10. Would like to go back to 7.

    I gave my eMachine e627 laptop to my sister-in-law because she hated her iPad. She was home visiting in NY when I gave it to her. Soon after going home to NC, she began having issues with it, i.e. freezing, being unusable, high CPU usage. Of course, this is no doubt because of the Windows 10...
  18. lordtristan28

    Help! High temps!

    Hello! In my computer i have a AMD Radeon HD 4870. I have 2 fans blowing out. And the fan on the card is blowing to. But at 0% usage my graphics card hits 80 degress. My room is pretty cold and is not hot at all. Anyone know why? I have had this computer for a few months now and have NEVER seen...
  19. M

    Ryzen CPU Fan

    Hello, I recently built a system mainly based on RGB lighting. I purchased a CoolerMaster MA610P which did a poor job at cooling my Ryzen 1600x for the price and the 2 120mm fans. I swapped it out for an Artic Cooler Freezer 7 Pro, which was only $25 and did a better job than the CoolerMaster...
  20. E

    GTX 1070 hanging during high demand games, I'm missing something but I can't figure it out.

    My MSI GTX 1070 Twin Frozr 8G has been freezing during high demand games (witcher 3, GTAV, and now Hitman) since I purchased it over a year ago. I found a fix that reduced the frequency severely (Reduced the clock by 88, and flashed it to F7). At this point it froze maybe a couple times a...