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  1. TheFlash1300

    Question Is Windows XP ISO still available for download from the official source?

    Is the .ISO file of Windows XP still available, or is it gone? I would like to download it, so I can install Windows XP, but I don't want to download the file from unofficial/risky sources. I prefer to download it from Microsoft's servers (or Catalog Update Microsoft"), if the file is still...
  2. [SOLVED] Can't open USB drive after flashing Linux

    I flashed my USB drive with a Linux ISO today to run it from the flash drive and see how the OS looks like. When I finished and came back to Windows, the drive was showing only 2.8 GB space (ISO size), while it's a 64 GB model. I unplugged and plugged it again, but it wasn't showing up in File...
  3. K

    [SOLVED] Where can I get Windows 7 ISO now in 2021?

    Hello, Windows 7 download page at doesn't contain any download link any longer. Is there any way of downloading the official version from Microsoft. I have a product key, but no installation media. I don't want to download from any...
  4. Andross64

    Question Why is Microsoft giving me a .exe file when I try to download the ISO for my OS?

    - Main drive that had the OS on it failed(everything was backed up so it's all good). - I go to the Microsoft page where you can re-download the ISO to reinstall the OS on your machine. - My code works fine but...... It gives me a .exe file even though the page says download ISO. - I need to...
  5. K

    Question Windows ISO doesn't seem to be installing to my M.2 (from flash drive)

    Hi there. I have a copy of Windows 10 via the Official Media Creator Tool, saved onto a USB (also used rufus in the process); this is for a fresh install of Windows 10 on my PC. I am able to load the boot drive with the Windows 10 install, however when it completes and restarts I get the...
  6. zelcanelas

    [SOLVED] Cannot boot Windows 10 from a USB drive!

    Hi there! First off, I'm really sorry if this isn't the right place to ask, but I don't know what to do anymore. Okay, so I had a windows 10 machine for a long time that used rufus to install, nothing wrong, but recently my motherboard died and I replaced with a new one, was a Gigabyte and I...
  7. [SOLVED] USB not detected and unable to format

    Context: I have a Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 pen drive which I use to install Operating systems. I make it bootable with PowerISO and I format it to use as my regular pen drive. Recently I came upon this tool called balena Etcher which creates "live" USB of any Linux distros. I was installing an...
  8. Z

    [SOLVED] Downloading windows on mac using a usb

    I would like to know if the ISO file I have to download on mac is the same as the file I would download on a windows computer. I was thinking I could just download the file and plop it onto my usb, but I want to know if the ISO file is different from the windows media creation tool file.
  9. A

    Question Unable to find some old games : need help please !!

    Hello everyone! I am having trouble finding old games : FIFA 2003 /2004 /2005/ EURO 2004 and PES 2008 I did find some of them ( highly compressed into a rar archive) but none of them worked ( checksum file error) Can you please share with me links for PC ISOs of those old games ? ( a cloud...
  10. nomad_00

    Question how would i be able to download an iso file off a cd/dvd for windows?

    how would i be able to download an ISO file off a cd/dvd for xp/vista? i have the codes and the disks so i can do it non illegally. i would like to have them cause i have a vm that i would like to run old games/software but what program would be able to get bootable ISO file and if so would it...
  11. ThunderBoyDavid

    Question Alternative Way of Installing Windows 10

    Let me start with listing my hardware: ASUS Z87 Sabertooth and an Intel i7-4770k and a Corsair Carbide 400R Case. NOW-- i finally decided to redo my system.. i bought new hard drives and Windows 10 Pro. BUT.. i got Windows 10 on a USB Drive. i have never been able to get my system to boot off a...
  12. S

    [SOLVED] Window 10 instantly freezes during first time install from USB

    Hi all, I've recently built a new PC with the help of the THW forum, my exact build can be viewed here: Everything is seemingly working, the PC POSTed just fine and I'm able to enter the BIOS to see that the temps are cool etc. My issue is whenever I try...
  13. suryalord

    Question How do I install Windows XP to an external HDD?

    Hello everyone! I have a external hard drive that is currently empty. The external hard drive is 150 gb and should be able to run Windows XP as it used to when it worked internally before I extracted it and put an enclosure on it. I would like to know how I would go on installing Windows XP...
  14. B

    [SOLVED] Problem with two laptops and Windows installation

    So my dad brought two laptops home from work some months ago, one for me and one for my Brother, and i decided to get them setup. I installed Windows on mine and used the formating tool in the ISO usb stick boot thingy to format all the fille systems, installation worked out as it should. My...
  15. Myronazz

    [SOLVED] Freeware ISO Burning Tools

    Hello, I've been trying to burn a disk of Windows 98 SE and everything has been fighting me every step of the way, the default image burning software that Windows 10 has, has gone kapoot, so I went to PowerISO and for some reason Avira says it's a virus (probably not but id rather be safe than...
  16. S

    Question I7 4930K bottleneck?

    Hi all So I am currently waiting for the new Ryzen hopefully in the next couple of months. My current setup is I7 4930K overclock at 4.4 1.3v 64GB (1600) RAM, GTX 1080 with the Predator 27 IPS 144 1440p monitor. I do both VM server works and heavy gaming. Recently I have been playing Far Cry...
  17. R

    [SOLVED] Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB on Asus Prime Z390-A

    Hi, I'm currently planning on building a new PC, I know that these RAMs are compatible with this MB, but while I was searching on the Internet I read that the RAMs are not recognized with Asus' Aura Sync. So, what I'm trying to understand is: can I install these RAMs on the MB and make the RGB...
  18. R

    Question pc front panel screws

    my case's front panel is held by "snaps" like to the ones in the video. I'm having trouble removing the panel and would also like to know the correct name for these "snaps". View:
  19. H

    [SOLVED] Intermittent Internet

    Hey! Ever since I moved into my apartment, I've been having internet problems. I currently have Cox at the moment, I would use a different ISP if they offered more in my area. Anyway, I'm a streamer and a gamer, I used to get these problems when I had 300down and about 10 upload. I decided I'm...
  20. Q

    Question Monitor does not work with new PC

    I recently had a new PC built and am having serious issues with connecting one of my monitors. When I first booted the PC I used a ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q that worked perfectly, as soon as I plugged it in it worked like charm. After setting up the PC and installing/updating all the drivers I...
  21. Epistasis

    Question No post when installing rx 570 in Foxconn h61mx

    Used a gtx 670 before, and it was fine. Uninstalled all Nvidia drivers, plugged in rx 570 (msi armour 8gb oc edition), no post beep, black screen. Plug monitor in integrated graphics connector, went in and enabled safe mode plus disable Intel HD 4000 graphics. Shut down comp. Plug in rx 570...
  22. Nightdice

    Question My Nvidia 1060 GTX FE has ceased to work

    Before you ask Nvidia 1060 GTX FE MSI M3 Gaming Enthusiast 8gb RAM EVGA 500+ Power Supply Tesseract Deep Cool case More can be elaborated upon The card stopped working after it was shipped to me, which leads me to believe transit damage. However, it starts up and the motherboard just tells me...
  23. E

    Question How to stop Disk usage going to 100%?

    I have had this problem from the beginning of my build but my pc is going to 100% disk usage, im am starting to think it was a building problem or os problem as i have try so many other fixes but none of them work. just ask if u need specs
  24. B

    [SOLVED] Helping Friend Make a Pc

    So my friend is trying to build a gaming pc so I helped him create a part list but I would also like recommendations on what I should change. PCPartPicker part list: Price breakdown by merchant: CPU: AMD -...
  25. hyperjcm

    [SOLVED] need good PSU recommendations for a gtx 1070 and i5 8400

    My build core i5 8400 gtx 1070 16gb ram b360 chipset motherboard probably gonna have like 4 system fans excluding cpu cooler please suggest a good budget adequate power supply unit for gaming. Thank you ❤
  26. N


    hi guys someone is selling their used gaming PC with an i7-4770 CPU however, it has the LGA 1150 socket and I am only familiar with the 1151 socket. My current PC has an i5-4440 processor with an LGA 1151 socket. But again, it comes down to the awesome specs of the used pc that have me...
  27. bobjackieson

    (Chrome os) How to make a file open using a certain program.

    My friend is using chrome os but the program for our test requires us to open the notepad download with the program. Usually on Windows etc you would double click or right click and it would open with the program chosen. But the issue is i don't know where in chrome os that is hidden! Thanks for...
  28. S

    Computer shuts off randomly (not overheating)

    My computer has been working fine but now all of a sudden it just shuts off, it loads to desktop just fine and then at random it just shuts off with no message or anything, sometimes it shuts down immediately and sometimes I can go for hours without anything happening but it always shuts itself...
  29. A

    only at 100 Mbps

    Hello, I've just upgraded my internet speed to 300 Mbps recently. So i swapped all my cat 5e cable to cat 6 but my HP laptop (not sure the model but a 400 USD HP laptop from 2016) only download around 90 Mbps and upload at 50 Mbps. I also tried it at my ps4 and able to get the download speed...
  30. J

    Questions about my setup

    Alright before I get started I must say that this system is a few years old as I built it in early 2015. Here are my components. MB: Gigabyte 970a-ud3p Mem: 8gb Gskill Sniper series CPU: AMD FX-6300 GPU: GTX 960 G1 Gaming CPU is oc'ed to 4.4ghz on a Cooler Master Hyper T4 (doesn't get hot at...
  31. B

    Games are stuttering after 5-10 minutes of gameplay.

    Hi everyone! I searched at least 3-4 hours if i find some useful help for my problem. But so far, nothing helped, hopefully if i specify my problem, some of you can help my suffering. First of all, i don't have the best PC in the world, but it was more than enough for me. I have a Dell...
  32. U

    File type help plz

    so I accidentally clicked notepad on the open with place with a .replay file and tried to set it to default but can't: I've tried to change default application by file type but I couldn't find the .replay files I'm on windows 10 pro 64 bit if that helps
  33. A

    Frankenstein Asus and Toshiba Issue With Graphics Card

    I had two old laptops laying around and decided to see if I could Frankenstein one together because the specs on one are better than my current laptop. I've been tinkering around and have just about everything working properly except a few things. The graphics card is saying "This device cannot...
  34. A

    [SOLVED] Have a Dell XPS 9100 and want to upgrade my GPU. how to know what's the max I can do?

    Hi there, I would like to upgrade my video card on my 2010 Dell XPS and i am wondering how can i find out what's the best card i can get for this computer. Thanks advance.
  35. G

    [SOLVED] Disk Read Error but works fine later?

    Got a Disk Read Error on my SSD earlier and was planning to fix tomorrow but decided to start today, went ahead and tried to turn on my PC and to my surprise it booted up perfectly fine. Took this chance to check crystaldiskinfo and run chkdsk but both said that my SSD was fine. Anyone know what...
  36. M

    Windows boot manager not on cloned SSD

    I cloned my 1tb SSD to a new 2tb SSD, but after restarting my computer it just goes into BIOS and there's no Windows boot manager on the drive, it's just picked up as another drive, I've tried startup repair and attempting to fix it via command line has yielded no results.
  37. D

    Z390 install trouble.

    I'm having a really hard time installing my z390 asus xi hero motherboard. The io shield wont pop in no matter how hard I push. I have tried to get it in at every angle and it still wont pop in. I actually bent the corners of the io shield to fit in and I really hope I didint screw up the...
  38. W

    Is a ryzen 7 1700x good for gaming?

    Im planing to put a ryzen 1700x with a 1070 ti and 16 gb of ram, is this combo good enough for 2018 and years to follow?
  39. N

    Temporary cpu for streaming

    I just want to ask which is the best temporary cpu for streaming