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    Questions about my setup

    Alright before I get started I must say that this system is a few years old as I built it in early 2015. Here are my components. MB: Gigabyte 970a-ud3p Mem: 8gb Gskill Sniper series CPU: AMD FX-6300 GPU: GTX 960 G1 Gaming CPU is oc'ed to 4.4ghz on a Cooler Master Hyper T4 (doesn't get hot at...
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    Games are stuttering after 5-10 minutes of gameplay.

    Hi everyone! I searched at least 3-4 hours if i find some useful help for my problem. But so far, nothing helped, hopefully if i specify my problem, some of you can help my suffering. First of all, i don't have the best PC in the world, but it was more than enough for me. I have a Dell...
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    File type help plz

    so I accidentally clicked notepad on the open with place with a .replay file and tried to set it to default but can't: I've tried to change default application by file type but I couldn't find the .replay files I'm on windows 10 pro 64 bit if that helps
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    Frankenstein Asus and Toshiba Issue With Graphics Card

    I had two old laptops laying around and decided to see if I could Frankenstein one together because the specs on one are better than my current laptop. I've been tinkering around and have just about everything working properly except a few things. The graphics card is saying "This device cannot...
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    [SOLVED] Have a Dell XPS 9100 and want to upgrade my GPU. how to know what's the max I can do?

    Hi there, I would like to upgrade my video card on my 2010 Dell XPS and i am wondering how can i find out what's the best card i can get for this computer. Thanks advance.
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    [SOLVED] Disk Read Error but works fine later?

    Got a Disk Read Error on my SSD earlier and was planning to fix tomorrow but decided to start today, went ahead and tried to turn on my PC and to my surprise it booted up perfectly fine. Took this chance to check crystaldiskinfo and run chkdsk but both said that my SSD was fine. Anyone know what...
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    Windows boot manager not on cloned SSD

    I cloned my 1tb SSD to a new 2tb SSD, but after restarting my computer it just goes into BIOS and there's no Windows boot manager on the drive, it's just picked up as another drive, I've tried startup repair and attempting to fix it via command line has yielded no results.
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    Z390 install trouble.

    I'm having a really hard time installing my z390 asus xi hero motherboard. The io shield wont pop in no matter how hard I push. I have tried to get it in at every angle and it still wont pop in. I actually bent the corners of the io shield to fit in and I really hope I didint screw up the...
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    Is a ryzen 7 1700x good for gaming?

    Im planing to put a ryzen 1700x with a 1070 ti and 16 gb of ram, is this combo good enough for 2018 and years to follow?
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    Temporary cpu for streaming

    I just want to ask which is the best temporary cpu for streaming
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    Any new CPUs coming out soon?

    Are there any new CPUs announced?
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    Weird patterned static/flickering in all games and some programs.

    So just recently whenever I am using a game/program that uses the GTX 1060 in my laptop (automatically uses the intel integrated graphics for desktop and other basic programs), there is a weird box patterned flickering/static overlay. This is what it looks like: I...
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    Proper way to remove thermal paste off a CPU/air cooler?

    I'm going to be buying an FX 8350 to replace my 4350 (to work up for a Ryzen 5 2600). But I don't really feel comfortable about removing thermal paste off a CPU/air cooler (the cooler is a CRYORIG H7). I had a 9590 once, that I tried to remove the paste. And I feel I used way too much rubbing...
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    Short freeze during certain actions

    Games freeze for about 1-2 seconds when certain actions occur. These actions range from animations to physics(I think), even to sound. So if a certain sound (This often happens during voiced segments) plays for example, my game will freeze for a second. When this action is repeated, the freeze...
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    Can I install Intel HD 4000 on my Low end Laptop?

    My laptop CPU is Intel® Core™ i3 CPU M 380 @ 2.53GHz.. I could only install Intel HD Graphics but the game that I want to play requires Intel HD 4000, is there a way to install it?
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    Asus H81M-C And GT 1030

    Is it compatible?
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    How to turn on blue tooth?

    Trying to connect to Bose speakers. Even with wifi off, bluetooth does not connect
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    Air cooler lower then ambient temp...?

    I have a fx 8350 using the stock cooler it would sit around 36-55c just upgraded the cooler to a bequite dark rock 4 after installed I went to mai afterburner like I normally do and it was saying the cpu was running at 15c if stress testing the cpu it barley makes ambient temp which is about...
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    Graphics problems on Far Cry 5

    Hellho guys, I've been messing around with my new rig, testing some games. My current config is: x370 taichi, r5 2600x, ddr4 8GB 2933Mhz (single channel), GTX 1080ti and as monitor an old Samsung SyncMaster BX2231. So, I was playing Far Cry 5 in 1080p in ultra preset, resultion scale at 2 and...