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  1. Y

    Uninstalled intel hd graphics 4400 family i think it was now i cant install it again

    I had quite a bit of problems with the driver and minecraft so i uninstalled it, when i tried to reinstall it (64 bit version as my system is 64 bit) It told me "intel graphics does not meet minimum requirements" and i cannot install iti do not have any drivers my system is stuck on 800X600 And...
  2. in2tense

    Baffled by the beep

    Hello. the machine? Asus Maximus viii Ranger mb, i7 6700k cpu, 32GB gskill ram, EVGA 750W psu, msi radeon r9 390 graphics, 500gb samsung SSD, 2tb WD HD, Windows 10. Person I built it for works from home. Average temp? 30c cpu, 32c gpu. VERY, VEEEERY randomly now, she's telling me she hears 3...
  3. T

    What games work for 4k

    Hello i have an ok System, got an A-10 7700k quad core, GTX 960 2gb and 12 gigs of ddr3 ram running at 1866 MHZ, i was wondering what games i could play on this system at 4K resolution, i will put a list of some of the games i own on my steam library and i want to know what ones would run over...
  4. J

    If I change my password to my wifi router will it disconnect my extenders?

    Netgear wifi router wep security key and wifi extenders, if I change the routers password what happens with the extenders? Will there password automatically change or will they have to be reconnected
  5. I

    Switching from integrated GPU to dedicated Graphics Card

    Recently I bought my PC; Asus z170-k AMD R9 Strix 380x 4GB Intel i5-6500 My problem is that the integrated GPU in my CPU is always working, I can't find a way to switch to Radeon, when i try to opet AMD settings I get an error saying: "No AMD graphics driver is installed, or the AMD driver is...
  6. L

    New 'RuMMS' Android Malware Family Infects Smartphones Over SMS In Russia

    RuMMS is a new Android malware family that spreads over SMS in Russia and helps the attackers steal money from the victims' banking accounts. New 'RuMMS' Android Malware Family Infects Smartphones Over SMS In Russia : Read more
  7. J

    Pentium 2 system is not starting, northbridge is hot

    Hello! I got my hands on a very old computer (Pentium 2, 64Mb SDRAM, AT PSU). PSU had switch 230V/115V, which was in the "115V" position, but I live in area, where we use 230V mains. So, sure enough, fuse inside the PSU was blown. I found similar 200W AT PSU and installed it. Now, computer has...
  8. Z

    Upgrading CPU from Intel Core i3 2130 @ 3.40GHz to Intel i5 2380P @ 3.1GHz

    I have a 300w PSU will I need to upgrade this to 500w or more?
  9. C

    Video card and motherboard compatibility

    Hello, now i have AsRock H61M-VS R2.0 motherboard and GTX 550 Ti video card I want to buy a GTX 960 4 GB (or 2 GB), but i dont know if its compatible with my motherboard. Will it be compatible with my motherboard ?
  10. R

    Back-up using XCOPY

    I've just bought a new add-on hard-drive. I want to copy across to it, say once a week, from C:/Robin to N:/, every file that has been changed or is new, and every new folder. Can I do this using XCOPY in a batch file ? And if so, how ?
  11. M

    Video card driver help

    So when I thought I was finished installing drivers after a new windows install, I had to restart my pc. When I did it launched and just sat at a black screen with my mouse cursor. I have done some research and found out the error is coming from my new video card drivers I installed. I could get...
  12. J

    windows 10 or system builder for gaming

    is the a diffrence when i comes to gaming between full and system builder im not planning on transfering the OS to another pc so is there anything else that makes a diffrence
  13. H

    Help on Hard Drive!

    I previously had a 250GB hard drive and got a new 1TB hard drive and cloned it and I don't get 1TB? I tried resetting my whole computer so I only have Windows 10 installed
  14. W

    How do I connect led strips to PC.

    Hi there everyone. I have been recently modding my thermalTake overseer Rx-1 full tower chassis.I did quite a lot of painting and it looks good.I decided to have a full Windows in the case,my cable management is good.I have a red and black color scheme. I want some red led strips in my PC case...
  15. T

    Google Chrome vs ChromiumOS

    What are the main differences performance-wise between ChromiumOs and ChromeOS .. Does one run better than the other? Also.. would either os perform better than just running the chrome browser on windows 10?
  16. S

    AMD r9 380

    hello guys , i bought AMD R9 380 4gb gpu , and when i installed it on my computer , it lights up and collers works , but only black screen , doesnt give me any picture :( what should i do or what should i change to use the gpu? specs ; mobo : foxconn 2abf ram : 8gb psu : 600W
  17. M

    Budget gaming CPU

    Im about to order parts for my PC but i couldnt choose a good CPU. Im ordering 2 parts at the moment for about 300-350€ and i have chosen the GTX 950 to be one of them, so I'm left with about 170€ and I'd like to hear what you guys would suggest as a good CPU for me.
  18. J

    Rate My Build

    PCPartPicker part list: Please give my build a 1-10 rating and a brief explanation as to why you gave that rating. also if you could tell me if I have any bottlenecks that would be great. And do I need any extra case fans? Finally will this build perform well in...
  19. M

    Best gaming laptop $600-800?

    Hi, i plan to wait until black friday to buy a new laptop. Was looking for a gaming laptop to play the newest games. Budget is around 600-800. Should i buy it on black friday or should i wait even longer to get the best options? Thanks!
  20. M

    Need suggestion for SSD

    I have Intel DG35EC motherboard (manufactured in 2009) and planning to purchase SSD. Can someone suggest me suitable brand? I will be using it only for OS as I have separate HDD for data. P.S: If you can provide me information on installation that would be great. Thanks.
  21. P

    Hard drive stuff

    Hi I recently found a virgin TiVo box in my attic and I managed to salvage the 1tb Seagate pipeline hd 2 hard drive and I was wondering if I could put it in my pc. But I can't remember what went wrong with the TiVo so would it damage my pc ? I already have a 500gb hard drive what should I do ?
  22. E

    Need Help on extending my local disk c partition

    hi, i got low space on my local disk c, so i decided to extend it's partition with my local disk d, i've tried it couple times, and it worked. just a few days ago i bought a 1 TB Toshiba Ext [G] external hard drive, my question is, can i shrink my external hardrive and extend my local disk c...
  23. J

    why so many games won't run on windows 8.1

    so many of my game won't run on windows 8.1 including GTA4, sims3, need for speed rival and so on.
  24. Z

    Best mini atx lga 1155 motherboard

    Planning on upgrading my old motherboard supporting my intel i7 2600. Im struggling to find a good mini atx motherboard with lga 1155. I need mini atx because of my case, the corsair 350d. Thanks for your time
  25. J

    Using dual-boot Linux Mint to temporarily store, possibly repair data from Windows drive

    In a previous question (link at bottom), in which I asked for help with an extreme malware-related situation, the only solution that has been given so far was to format the corrupted (and possibly still infected) drive and reinstall the OS (Windows Vista). Given the data I have on the drive, I'm...
  26. N

    Powercooler R9 290 4GB or GTX 960 4GB?

    Not sure which card to get out of these. Already have a PSU in mind, just to decide on a GPU. Will mainly be playing GTA V. CPU: i-5 2550K RAM: 8GB DDR3-1600 MOBO: ASUS P8Z68-V LX PSU: Antec EarthWatts Platinum Series 650W
  27. P

    Sudden FPS drops from swapping out faulty RAM

    I recently had some RAM sticks go bad this is my ram from before so I requested a RMA from corsair and when the new ram arrived I swapped them out (4x4gb @ 1600) I ran it through memtest86 and didnt get any errors and booted up my PC just fine. So my new ram sticks appear to be working I ran...
  28. G

    Create a email association

    How can I create an association in the default programs control panel ?
  29. C

    Acer Predator won't boot to cd

    I appoligise....I copied wrong info in last post..VERY SORRY I have an Acer Predator 3260 desktop computer. Windows 8.1 My auto recover partition is corrupt so I ordered the system recovery disks from Acer. While installing these disks, there was a power outage. N ow my computer is in an...
  30. A

    Improving network speed

    Good day, On my network, there are about 30 devices connected. I'm using a linksys e3000 router and huawei modem. I have also set up two access points within and outside the building using Engenius eap 300 (within, on the ground floor) and NanoSation M2 (outside) for the gatehouses. I'm paying...
  31. J

    Third party card + water cooling?

    Hey guys, Dose anybody know if the NZXT G10 would be compatible with an EVGA GTX760 - also would it give that much of an enhancement over my current ACX cooler on it? If this isn't compatible, then are there any water coolers that can fit onto the EVGA gpu? Thanks.
  32. B

    2 Sticks of ram will it work??

    Hi I wanna build a new pc (theme black and white). the problem i have is i want the ram to be 1 black 4gb stick(Kingston HyperX Fury black HX316C10FB/4) and 1 white 4gb stick (Kingston HyperX Fury white HX316C10FW/4) do these works as sepperated ram 4gb + 4gb or together as 8gb ram ?
  33. K

    cannot detect hard disk

    I have an hp. I'm fairly sure the bios is the blue and grey screen. I understand that it's not a true bios, but rather a limited one. In that bios, I can detect hard drives that I connect to my computer. When trying to install Windows, it says I don't have and hard drives hooked up. In diskpart>...
  34. Thenid307

    What is the best screen for a triple monitor set up?

    I'm planning on building my second rig in the summer and I want it to have three 2560 by 1440 screens, with IPS panel preferably. What screens do you guys recommend, and yeah I'll be using it for primarily gaming and will be running it with either a titan Z or X.
  35. E

    VRAM overclocking itself

    So my VRAM is being extremely wonky. It's running at a ridiculous speed and not coming down, the main setting for my GPU is 1250 MHz but it's going all the way up to 1600MHz (more than MSI even allows me to OC). I've even tried underclocking the memory but to no avail. I can no longer RMA the...
  36. jwlionking

    Requesting Critigue on 4K Gaming Rig soon to be purchased

    Approximate Purchase Date: This Week Budget Range: ~$4,000 System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming Location: City, State/Region, Country - Pennsylvania, USA Overclocking: Yes SLI or Crossfire: Yes Hi All, I am looking to purchase parts--hopefully before the "weekend" ends. I plan on...
  37. D

    Compatibility issues and improvement

    I'm thinking of building my own PC with the following specifications: Intel i5-4690 processor Asus H97M-E micro ATX LGA1150 motherboard Artic cooling freezer 7 pro Rev.2 CPU cooler 4X Corsair vengeance 4GB DDr3-1600 RAM Kingston V3000 series 480GB 2.5" SSD Asus GeForce GTX 960 2GB graphics card...