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    Help me choose a case

    I'm really struggling to choose a case. Features I am looking for. 1. Mid-sized tower 2. 360mm Radiator support in front and top 3. Tempered Glass side panel 4. Offset top radiator mounting holes to maximise clearance from mobo heat sinks and RAM. Tempered Glass side panel. 5. I want to see my...
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    back up show windows 7

    I'm backing up entire hard drive to reinstall what came with my laptop windows 10. My back up is at 40% done . I noticed it saying nack up and restore windows 7. What's going on do I stop and redo this.
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    Is this Razer Laptop Worth it

    Hey everyone I was looking through Amazon and saw the late 2016 Razer Blade Laptop. I was wondering if it was worth the buy or should I spend another £150 on a i5 6600k and RX 480 build. The laptop link is https://www.amazon.co.uk/Razer-Laptop-Computer-Discrete-Graphics/dp/B01LVVKE23 I wanted...
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    Which PC is Better

    http://www.kijiji.ca/v-desktop-computers/edmonton/custom-gaming-computer-reduced/1241455919?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true http://www.kijiji.ca/v-desktop-computers/edmonton/alienware-x51-r3-vr-ready/1232291421?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true Which one is better to play Csgo at 1080p/1440p...
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    Can I run windows 10 ?

    Hi, I have a laptop with system specification - CPU - Intel core 2 duo T6400 at 2 Ghz Ram - 3 GB Graphics - Mobile intel 4 series express card at 1341 MB Will I be able to run Windows 10 ?
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    Got a new RX 480, getting worse performance than I got with my R9 280

    Got a new RX 480 recently, since installing it my fps is worse in most games than my R9 280. So about a week ago, I bought an RX 480. I was super excited to install it and watch to fps in my games shoot up. Except there's a problem. They didn't. In almost every single game I play, the fps I get...
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    Keyboard and mouse doesnt work at System Recovery Options

    Hi everyone. I can't acces System Recovery because my keyboard and mouse (both usb) doesn't work. I need to get into Sys. Rec. because today when i woke up i started my computer and every time when i get to starting windows point my computer restarts itself. When i launch Sys. Rec. my kb and...
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    GPU or else?

    Hi all, please help me. I have lag problem in all racing games (except Track Mania), when I say lag, I mean that after 15 minutes of playing, there is a FPS drop from 30 FPS to 5 for about 15 seconds, then everything comes back to normal for aprox. 3-5 minutes, when lag again. The system is...
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    What watt psu will be needed for this?

    I am getting a pc off of a friend that is coming with an Intel i3 2120 and I plan to add a gpu (evga gtx 1050ti, mainly because I don't need a pcie power lead) upgrade ram to 16gb ddr3 hyperx fury ram, I don't know the psu yet, but what watt psu will be needed? As Ive never upgraded a psu...
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    No disk 0

    Hello , Yesterday I was booting my PC with Windows 10... the process was all good. I felt asleep during the process. When I woke up the PC was off , so I turn on the PC , I found it saying no disk found or similar to that .. so I was going to boot it again as the hardware was detected in BIOS...
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    MSI 1080 with my motherboard?

    I'm wondering if a MSI 1080 Gaming X would work with my motherboard. And im also wondering if my CPU would work with it too. My Specs: CPU: Intel Core i7 4790 @ 3.60GHz Ram:12,0GB Double-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz Motherboard: Dell Inc. 0KWVT8 (CPU 1)(LGA-1150 socket) PSU: 460W
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    Best Video card for under 300 CAD

    Current on an lga 1150 h67 chipset mobo, with an i5 2320. will be upgrading to a i5 3570 sometime in the near future. Anyways, Im thinking of getting a 970 4gb since I can get one for 300 or under. I've also considered a 380x, or an rx 470. (its possible i can grab a 980, is it worth it?)...
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    Building a PC give your suggestions

    Building a PC for regular use and basic gaming. Check my components and give a valuable advice on my configuration. My budget is 65k INR. Does my configuration need a Cooler?? Suggest me a good 5.1 speakers. CPU: Intel Core i5 6500 LGA1151 Socket 3.20GHz Processor Motherboard: GIGABYTE...
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    Which motherboard should I get?

    I've decided to build my first gaming pc, and am on a fairly tight budget. I have the mkney to buy a Z170 motherboard but was wondering if it is worth spending the extra money for it over the H170, H110 or B150 assuming that I'm not looking to SLI but potentially looking to overclock in a few...
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    Can I upgrade my laptop GPU for gaming

    I am having Acer e5-571-563b laptop Can I upgrade it's GPU Or what sort of games it can run For eg gta4 fifa gta5 etc
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    New Gaming/School Laptop options?

    So, I was one of those guys that always had a desktop that I tinkered with and used for school, writing, and gaming. I hesitantly bought a laptop as I left home for college out of state, and while I am still partial to a desktop I can work on myself, I love the portability of the modern laptop...
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    Is this system a bottleneck or a good combo?

    Okay, so i have recently put a system together. Here are the specs: CPU: X4 860K (4GHZ) MOBO: F2A88XM-D3H GPU: R9 270X TOXIC RAM: 1X8GB HYPER X CPU COOLER: ARTIC FREEZE 7 these are the most vital components. What do you think? Also can i push the cpu oc a little more? The temps at idle are...
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    i7 6700k or i7 6800k

    I wonder what CPU will be better for standard use and maxed out gaming and if the i7 6800k would actually be way more future proof and better for gaming I also wonder if the X99 would be better than the LGA 1151 socket since it does seem more expensive and it only supports ddr4 and I haven't...
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    Are FPS drops normal?

    Just built a new system and I've noticed in games such as league of legends I will have a solid 170-240 fps until playing the game a bit it will drop to 120-130. I'm curious to know if this is normal? I have checked the temperate and nothing is over 40 degrees (during drops) Gigabyte gtx 970...
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    4K or 1440p?

    So recently I wanted to upgrade my 1080p monitor and I was wondering if it is worth going for the full 4K with 60hz or go for a 1440p monitor with 100+hz? My GPU is currently a gtx 970 but I am soon going to SLI, any thoughts? The games I play are currently Battlefield, Dota, Black ops and CS:go