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  1. killemnoaw

    Question Incompatible SSD for Windows 10? Question about converting MBR to GPT.

    Intel Core i7-3770 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H ATX LGA1155 Motherboard samsung ssd 840 pro 128gb Windows 7 Hi, I am in the process of upgrading my 8 year old PC from windows 7 to windows 10. I built the PC, but my knowledge of BIOS and partitions is pretty lacking, so bear...
  2. D

    Question Can't boot to windows without CSM enabled after changing to GPT

    Hey everyone, I converted my boot drive to GPT from MBR, and the drive shows as GPT in disk management. All seems good, until I go into the bios and disable CSM, and none of my drives then show up to boot to. I would really appreciate any help with this, thanks!
  3. W

    [SOLVED] Legacy Mainboard change and Uefi/MBR

    Hi, I´m planning to upgrade my mainboard and CPU but I´m not quite sure what would be the best approach regarding UEFI and MBR settings. Tried googling but I couldn´t find an answer for my specific case so here I am. The situation is as follows: -currently using a rather old Gigabyte...
  4. iamjudebot

    Question How to install windows 10 as MBR

    I have this old HP laptop that i want to use again so i bought a ssd and installed windows on it problem is, the laptop doesn’t recognize when its a GPT. I’ve tried to format it as MBR and install windows 10 again but it converts it back to GPT. Can you please guide me what steps i need to take...
  5. H

    [SOLVED] win7 converts gpt back to mbr during installation

    Okay, I have spend countless hours on reinstalling a patched win764Proffessional version (its using the win8 installer to support skylake/kabylake cpus). things i have tried: shift+f10 during installation, diskpart > mbr to gpt. linux to convert mbr to gpt nothing seems to work, i tried it on...
  6. P

    [SOLVED] Using MBR and GPT disks simultaneously

    Hello guys , Is that possible to have HDD with GPT and a HDD with MBR format at the same time ? for example I want to install windows on hard 1 that is GPT and at the same time I want to access my data from hard 2 that is MBR format. Regards
  7. Question Virtual Disk Manager problem! cannot create a New Simple Volume(HELP!)

    So recently on this PC I wanted to dual boot install Kali Linux, so I shirked my D- Drive 20GB and went to create a new simple volume and went on to create a new simple volume and this error came up : I tried all the available solutions on the internet which says to change my drive to MBR, GPT...
  8. velocci

    [SOLVED] formatting a 14TB hardisk

    Hi all, I popped in my new Ironwolf 14TB hardrive into my win10 machine and the first thing it asks is to initialize it using either MBR or GPT. this HDD will store a backup of my data. Which of those should I choose?
  9. E

    [SOLVED] can i use my 1 tb hdd in mbr when my SSD which has windows is in GPT?

    hi, my cpu i5-4670k, gpu - zotac 1050ti mini, mobo- gigabyte z87x-ud3h, bios version F10b, psu corsair cs650m , ram 4x4gb @1600 mhz, MX 500 500gb ssd, WD 1TB sata internal hdd, AHCI,windows10, that ssd is brand new and i'm gonna clean reinstall windows 10 on that ssd with UEFI boot. until today...
  10. [SOLVED] Not able to extend or split any drive in my PC.

    I want to move 100GB from E:\ to C:\ but Minitool gives an error for every action I perform with these drives. I even tried to change E:\ to Logical drive but errors and nothing else. What's wrong with my drives and how can I fix it? Here is the screenshot.
  11. scbice

    Question MBR removed and cannot replace, cannot find Windows10

    I was combining two partitions on my hard drive and inadvertantly removed the MBR, or swap, or whatever it was on that 500mb partition that I thought wasn't necessary anymore. I've created a flash drive with Windows 10 on it to access the repair tools, went into CMD and used bootrec /fixmbr ...
  12. Matt1983

    [SOLVED] PC with Win10 doesn't boot

    I was ask to help fixing a laptop that doesn't boot. When in UEFI it goes into Win rescue environment (blue interface) when in Legacy it displays that there is no bootable media. I tried so mann things already. Startup Repair doesn't work, there are no previous backup points. I tried command...
  13. F

    Question Which One Is Better MBR or GPT for Windows 10 Boot ?

    Hello all, I am new for everything about PC Builds. This time I have little bit confusing about MBR or GPT partition for booting my windows 10. Currently I use GPT partition for this because I found it's much better. But I want new experience and recommendation which one better for booting...
  14. Krlus

    [SOLVED] How to format an SSD to GPT with it being my only drive?

    Recently my laptop HD died, since we are on quarantine here in Brazil I couldn't find another to buy in my city, a friend kindly offered a Kingston 120gb SSD 2,5 for me, I accepted but I'm having some troubles, first, it had a Windows 8, but the drive coudn't boot in UEFI, it just blew my mind...
  15. 1WaffleIron

    [SOLVED] Possible Boot sector virus? Winload.exe wont load. Windows Defender found Persistence!rfn

    Hi all, Last night a friend I thought I could trust when it comes to this stuff, shared a cracked program with me, telling me that it was safe. I scanned it with Malwarebytes Pro and it came back fine. I stupidly downloaded it and immediately realized the installer was doing something shady...
  16. [SOLVED] ''An Operating system was not found'' on ssd but boots when I use another hdd window's dual boot.

    So before getting into anything I want to give a little history of my ssd. I have formated it multiple times and once converted its partition style from MBR to GPT using easeUS software to find out that my mobo/bios dosen't support it. So I installed windows on it again and formatted it during...
  17. P

    Question Two Local Disks after using Mbr2Gpt

    Hello everyone! So i just used the Windows built in Converter, to convert from Mbr 2 Gpt. I used: mbr2gpt /convert /disk:0 /allowfullos Everything went well, no Errors. But now i have a second "Local Disk" mapped as drive letter F: with 100MB Reserved. Is that normal? How can i get rid of it...
  18. L

    Question Fix boot linux partition dual boot win XP with PLOP

    Hello, this is the situation: I have an hd with win XP (native/preinstalled) and Antix linux (cloned partition) installed. The boot manager is PLOP because the Nettop has no CD, no drives and the bios doesn't support boot from USB (that's why I need PLOP). I cloned the linux partition from a...
  19. J

    [SOLVED] MBR vs GPT for when adding new SSD to PC (moving OS from HDD)?

    Below are my PC specs: A8-7600 Gigabyte RX 460 2GB 8GB (2x4) RAM 1TB Seagate HDD 7200 RPM (with 2 partitions, 1 containing Win 10 OS) I've recently bought an SSD to move my OS to. (Note that I haven't done this before since this is my first personal computer). At first, I was wondering if it...
  20. amir.bisk

    [SOLVED] Installing windows in gpt?

    Hi I've bought a new HDD and want to install win 10 on it. I forgot to check my last HDD partition style ( if it was mbr or gpt). my motherboard is asus z87-k running with asus uefi utility and my BIOS mode was lagacy (checked in system information before replacing the HDD). In boot tab there's...
  21. P

    Question Clean install of Win 10 from USB on M.2_2 drive on Asus Z390-A fails

    Hi Guys I just built a gaming/editing PC using the ASUS Z390-A Motherboard and the Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 1Tb M.2_2 drive. My only other computer is a Mac and I used this to create a bootable Win10 USB. I couldn't use unetbootin because I'm running 10.15 beta, I make the USB bootable in the...
  22. editor1

    Question What should I do about cleaning network ?

    Hi I had a home invasion and no items stolen. There was evidence that the person sat down in pc chair. My acct's have been messed with. I keep all of my accts and passwords on a text file. So its either data theft or keyloggers. I have OMV NAS(Odroid SBC), 2 tablets, mifi Router(at&t cellular...
  23. Spandan14

    [SOLVED] External SSD not detected ANYWHERE (albeit a few weird places), how to fix?

    Alright. I messed up pretty bad. I had an external SSD (M2, Crucial Micron) with Ubuntu 18.04 on it as XFS file system, GPT partitioning. I had the ssd running on a computer, plugged in with usb and all, but suddenly it slightly unplugged. This returned a stack trace with errors like i/o error...
  24. I

    [SOLVED] URGENT!! DELETED C drive partition during Windows 10 installation. Will it impact other undeleted partitions ?

    Thought of upgrading my Win 7 ultimate to WIn 10 PRO with clean windows install. Downloaded the ISO using Media creation tool from Microsoft. Used RUFUS to create a bootable flash drive (automatically it was created with GPT/UEFI method, but my HDD is MBR. didnt know this when doing initially)...
  25. J

    Question systems fails to boot after sleep or after crashes

    hello, normally my system works fine. However, when I return to my computer after putting it to sleep or after it crashes while gaming (once every couple hours) it can't boot to os. I get errors saying something to the effect of "os missing" the errors very. To fix this i need to power off and...
  26. Question W10 Grub is glitched, can't read recovery screen

    When booting, I used to get a grub recovery screen, which upon trying the different filesystems it would tell me they were all invalid. So I tried doing doing bootrec FixMbr/FixBoot/ScanOs/RebuildBcd but I didn't have access apparently: And now I end up with this: I have no clue how to fix...
  27. V

    Question MBR to GPT HDD wont boot

    I upgraded from a 1tb hard drive to a 3tb hard drive. Initially cloned everything over with seagate cloning program and booted up off the 3tb hard drive just fine. I wanted to be able to use the Hdd to fullest extent do I used mini tools partition wizard program to convert my OS hard drive to...
  28. M

    Question MBR to GPT

    OK ... I've read a bit and see that a system requires UEFI to convert disks to GPT. I have three drives in my system that are 128GB SSD's. They are strictly for storage of data. I am on a system that is UEFI compliant, i.e., BIOS is UEFI BIOS - WIN10 - 64bit - 32GB ram - latest WIN10 updates...