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  1. R

    I5 6600non k ,gta v help

    Hi, I have an I5 4440 and a Gtx 970(installed today),working with 16 gb DDR3 @1600 mhz, today I was trying to play gta 5 in very high/ultra preset keeping the 3.5 gb buffer in mind and I was just fine enough having 45-50 fps. I lowered the settings a little more(very high) to get a stable 60 fps...
  2. Catfan67

    Are Music CDs region locked between Japan and the USA?

    Hi, I'm back to ask about importing a Japanese Music CD. I want to buy a copy of the Taiko no Tatsujin Soundtrack from 2008, but I'm worried that the CD won't work on my American devices. Is this a problem, or am I able to buy the CD?
  3. R

    i get really low frame rates in squad

    i get 20 fps to 25 fps i have a amd fx8320 cpu a xfx 380 2g gpu 8 gb ram i dont know why i am not able to run this game good
  4. M

    Can I do Crossfire with two R9 290's on ASRock H97M Pro4 ?

    Hey,I was wondering if i can do Crossfire with two 290 on ASRock H97M Pro4 ?
  5. C

    Will these RAM sticks work with ASRock B75M-GL R2.0

    Mainboard : ASRock B75M-GL R2.0 Processor : Intel Core i5 3350P @ 3100 MHz (max : 3300) Will Corsair Vengeance 2x4Gb DDR3, 1600MHz 2x240 Dimm work with my motherboard ?
  6. G

    Best GPU for a 300W PSU

    I want the 950 but it's above my price range. The 750 looks decent but some say it can be used with a 300W PSU, but some say it can't. Which is it? Thanks :D
  7. Woohoopy

    [Question] Can I upgrade the cooling fan on the GPU to be more silent?

    Hey everybody, I'm currently using this GTX 680, and I was wondering if I could upgrade the little cooling fan for a more quiet aftermarket one. Furthermore, since I'm running ~85 degrees Celsius (CPU is running at 60c Prime 95), should I also change the thermal pads and add some thermal paste...
  8. N

    Ripjaws 4 with z170

    I have ordered Ripjaws 4 with z170. Would it work or should I cancel and order Ripjaws V?
  9. M

    Corsair VS450 VS Antec VP450P I

    Recommend from these two..
  10. T

    Can I run Msi Gtx 970 without the PSU's 6+2 pin cable?

    Can I run Msi Gtx 970 without the PSU's 6+2 pin cable?I want to run it with the PSU's 8 pin cable in one socket of the GPU and keep the other one empty by not inserting the PSU's 6+2 pin cable. Will my GPU run fine if I do this ?
  11. N

    gtx 960 or gtx 950 for 44 Euro difference?

    is it worth to pay 44 more euros for gtx 960 my build its not extreme i only have I3 for now @ 1080p @ current gpu : gtx 650 OR SHOULD I WAIT MORE ? and get a solid build later on
  12. D

    Windows 7? or 8.1 or 10? gaming rig

    ok so which one is better if I do my upgrade my computer, Windows 7 pro, Windows 8.1 pro? or Windows 10 pro?
  13. T

    Seagate external hard drive not starting.

    Hi so I have a seagate hard drive and I recently transferred a lot of pictures from my Mac to it. Then when it was done I unplugged it and wrapped the cords up. Now about 2 weeks after this I tried plugging it into my other computer and it won't turn on. I've tried two of the same power cords...
  14. T

    CPU overheating and shutting PC down

    Evening ladies and gentlemen, I had a pc built a few years back on PC specialist and I have had no problems with until today. When I turned it on this evening, the post BIOS (I think?) stated that my cpu temperature was wrong and it beeped a few times. So obviously I was worried. I wanted to get...
  15. M

    which better ASUS STRIX Radeon R9 390 Overclocked or Sapphire r9 390 nitro

    Hey guys I am planning to buy a r9 390 which one is better ASUS STRIX Radeon R9 390 Overclocked or Sapphire r9 390 nitro ?
  16. L

    Need a PC build

    What I'm looking for is a good PC that i can upgrade later on, also a good gaming PC that is compatible. The PC should also have a optical drive and windows because I don't have a bootable drive or serial code, I should be able to have a more slots for a wifi card. And that's bassicaly it other...
  17. S

    What is the actual difference between these cards?

    Hello, I'm planning to upgrade my rig, but after searching the web I've found some problems. I'm either planning to buy the "Sapphire Radeon TRI-X R9 290 4GB "OC" or the "ASUS GeForce GTX 960 STRIX 4GB", but as I'm not completely familiar with building computers so I have trouble with...
  18. P

    was gifted an i5 2500k

    I'm wanting to building a gaming computer and i was gifted a lightly used i5 2500k and wanted to know should i sell it or get a newer cpu. If i should stick with the 2500k I would want to over clock it. What motherboard should I get that would easily support overclocking? everything I have found...
  19. H

    Samsung SyncMaster2233 problem

    I have a SyncMaster2233 monitor and when I turn it on it just like turns on for a sec and then turns off... Can it be fixed or I should just get a new monjtor?
  20. J

    Best place to buy a 10bay NAS?

    I am looking at getting a 10 bay NAS by either Sysology or QNAP and saw a few of the sites where you can buy them with the drives and already configured and wondered if those places were any good or should I just buy the NAS and Hard Drives off of Amazon or something where I know what I am...