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  1. A

    Budget cs go laptop 300$

    I need a laptop that I can use for school and play cs go on.(I only plan on playing cs go on it) my budget is 300 dollars. Any help is appreciated
  2. U

    Computer turns off during gaming.

    System: GTX 980 Strix Corsair CX 750 Gigabyte Z97X-G5 Intel i7-4790K 16GB fury x Operating system - windows 10 on samsung 850 msata ssd. (Also a UHD monitor) In spring I updated to windows 10 from 8.1 which I found to be a huge mistake, I dont know whether this is a direct result from updating...
  3. Memo 1212

    RX 470 vs GTX 1060 3GB?

    Both cards are at the exact same price in my country and I can't decide which one to buy. I have an X99 system and also an ultra wide monitor. I was thinking about the 3GB not being enough. PLEASE HELP!!
  4. T

    Are These Compatable with eachother

    I am hoping to get certain parts for a new pc build that will be better than the one i have, I have confirmed these parts to be better and checked compatibility with each other and i think they're good but I want some others to double check my work and find out if they will work out with each...
  5. M

    A PC I7 GTX 1070 for only £430?

    Hello I came across this pc on amazon and saw that it was incredibly cheap for it's specs. Wouldn't a PC like this be around £1,000 and can I trust this? Thanks
  6. B

    Building GF a PC (Sorta)

    So, I was looking into building my GF a new gaming PC. Figured I'd spend $600, and get a mid-tier machine. However, this naturally led me to consider building myself a new PC and giving her mine. Here's the thing, my PC is relatively recent: 4690k GTX 970 16GB DDR3 1600 So, what I'd be...
  7. Z

    My Speed Tests are great but file uploading is beyond awful in reality: Youtube and Live Streaming just make me want to cry.

    This is my Speedtest, I have contracted a 60mbps connection with Movistar (peruvian ISP). I want to use my connection for livestreaming to and uploading gameplay videos to Youtube, however, when I try to do so, the speeds you see in that picture come nowhere near reality. It takes...
  8. F

    Is this PC good enough for 1080p 60 fps gaming and recording?

    Hi, I built a costum PC (in a shop cart) and I want to make sure its good quality mid range pc. Is it good? Is everything compatible? Thank you for your answers. PC: Case...
  9. L

    Is my power supply or motherboard dying?

    When the computer is powered down a high pitch sound begins coming from the pc, the motherboard leds are one but nothing else. If I press the power switch on the psu to turn off the computer all together the sound raises and lowers for about 5-10 seconds before stopping then the lights come off...
  10. P

    Maximum ram modules' height for ZALMAN CNPS12X

    Hello all! I have some questions about motherboard Asus X99-Pro/USB 3.1 and cpu cooler ZALMAN CNPS12X. Any reply at least to one of my question would be very useful for me! 1. What's the maximum height of ram modules (maybe in mm) I could use so the cpu cooler don't be in touch with ram? As I...
  11. G

    144hz and 60hz monitor with dp

    qurently i am using 2 60hz monitors but totay or tomorow my new benq xl2441z will arrive.Right now my monitors are connected one with displayport(male) to VGA(female) adapter and the other from dvi-d or i to vga (i dont remember).I am going to have to remove the dvi-d or i one to connect the new...
  12. N

    Need help about gtx 750 ti power consumption

    My brother bought a pre-built pc which run a gt 640 fine for 4 years and never have a problem but recently he want to buy a new graphic card.So i think gtx 750 ti is a good option to go with but im a bit worry about PSU as didnt have a voltage as recommended for 750ti So if i replace a gt 640...
  13. Epicness937

    windows reinstall with new mobo

    hi i just upgraded a prebuilt pc and my question is after upgradeing the gpu motherboard cpu ram and psu if windows needs to be reinstalled? and if it is reinstalled is everything lost on that pc or can i avoid it?
  14. N

    BSOL (Black Screen of Limbo)

    Out of the blue the laptop started taking its sweet time starting spending between 1-3mins in the black screen with cursor. (Btw OS is W7 Ultimate x64) I checked this thread: I only have 4 wifi networks...
  15. Tacticall993

    Building a custom quad-copter with Arduino

    So I've decided to build my own custom quad-copter because of all the frustrations the pre-built ones gave me; they're way too slow. I'm looking for a motor that would fit in this "chassis" ...
  16. K

    Windows ISO Please

    Hey Guys can some link me the ISO file for windows 10 from the microsoft website as i cant find it to download as i need a fresh install please thank you
  17. L

    Fans on the back of a mid-tower case

    I have an mid-tower ATX case and i'm wondering what's the size of the fans of the back...
  18. T

    [Off topic] Market Research - Behaviour of players on Free-to-play games.

    I'm doing a market research about the difference between player behaviour on different countries. Please take the time to answer the following questions as to your opinion. The entire survey will take approximately 10 minutes. Survey Link
  19. C

    How to avoid buzzing speakers/headphones?

    I'm building a new computer from scratch and I want to know how I can avoid buzzing speakers. In my previous 2 builds, I've had buzzing speakers when playing games. The buzzing correlates to my mouse movements, panning in-game camera, or when the graphics really get busy, and other miscellaneous...
  20. N.Broekhuijsen

    EKWB Listens To Community And Debuts 240 mm Expandable Predator AIO

    After the community begged EKWB to build a 240 mm Predator AIO with quick-disconnect fittings for months, the Slovenian manufacturer met their demands. EKWB Listens To Community And Debuts 240 mm Expandable Predator AIO : Read more