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  1. S

    (Solved) BSoD on everyday's first start-up.. (new PC, Windows 10 home)

    Edit: I think the VPN (ExpressVPN is the culprit, by disabling it from auto-start, system goes smoothly for several days now. Following is the original post. ===================OP==================== Hello, I just built a new PC for my son to play Minecraft. The first week had no...
  2. EyyMunchian

    Can this handle some streaming?

    Hey guys, I've recently kinda gotten a little big on youtube in terms of youtube streaming. I would like to take my streams to the next level. I was thinking of using 2 systems. 1 Gaming and 1 Streaming. Gaming: i7 4930k 16gb ddr3 gtx 1060 6gb Streaming: i5 2500s 8gb ddr3 amd gpu w/ 128 mB...
  3. und3rtaker

    Upgrading my system. Need advice on few components. $1400 ish.

    Greetings, fellas! After a good long time, i got myself some money and with gpu dying, I thought to myself: "This is it. lets change the system!". For the reference, here's what I'm currently using: CPU:Intel Core 2 Quad 8300 CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper Evo 212 Motherboard: ASUS P5KR Ram...
  4. drewski989

    Monitor Odd Distortion

    Dell 27" GSYNC S2716DG ~2 years old Just noticed this distortion the other day, occurred within the last week: It basically disappears when I view from above angle. Not sure, but it seems to be getting worse. Any ideas what...
  5. K

    PC not discovered on Network Scan on Android

    Hello! I want to use the Riftcat app and for that I need my Android and PC to connect to each other through wireless. When I use the Removed app on my Android (SM-G935F with Android Oreo) my PC doesn't show up, just my 2 phones and the router for the other half of the house. The Network on my...
  6. S

    Do you think this is a MB error?

    Hello, Ihave a Win 10 box that crashes (mainly when performing high CPU load tasks such as handbrake conversions). The system cuts out suddenly, then reboots, then cuts out after aprox 2-3 seconds in a loop. If I leave it for a while then it seems ok until handbrake is used again. Build: H97M...
  7. J

    x3 DDR3 RAM + MoBo/CPU compatibility?

    heya guys. So im in need of a bit more RAM but am pretty low on funds. I am currently using a ga lmt78 usb3 rev 6 Mobo with an Fx-8350 CPU and have 2 4GB sticks of 1600 Ram CL9 in dual channel My main question is whether its possible to install another cheeky 4GB stick of 1600 CL11 RAM to...
  8. G

    (SOLVED)--Gpu making zzzz sound PLEASE HELP

    Yesterday, my gpu started to act really weird. First, fans were going up to 80% and didnt let gpu run hotter than 65 degrees celsius. I thought maybe i set temp limit but no i didnt. Same problem today, gpu fans acting weird but now i have 1 more problem. I opened up fornite, and my fans...
  9. K

    multiple BSODS after reinstalling windows on different disks

    EDIT: it was processor fault, after replacing CPU everything work fine, thanks everyone for help. Hi, I am getting BSODs: - system thread exception not handled - attempt to write read only memory - DPC Watchdog Violation - irql not less or equal I have reinstalled windows 10 and still get...
  10. Y

    Computer shutting down randomly during game after installing new graphics card

    I upgraded my graphics card from GTX 980 TI to GTX 1080 and now when I play Far Cry 5 my computer will randomly shut down within the first couple minutes before I can even get out of the menus and into the game and then it turns itself back on. This happened one time about a week ago, but when I...
  11. M

    Slow chrome downloads

    I downloaded a 2.5gb rar file and It topped at 450 KB/s, thats normal (as normal as can be considering steam downloads at 900 KB/s) so after that file took an hour to download, i decide to start another download from the same website, this one only 2.1gb. Now suddenly its 40 KB/s and i dont...
  12. 3

    Integrated graphics are dying, can I still use my laptop?

    I have my laptop Acer V3-574G-533U running Windows 10 with Intel Core i5-5200U, HD Graphics 5500 and NVidia GeForce 940M. The thing is a week ago I started getting some screen distortion while playing games. Than I realized my laptop used Intel HD Graphics for all the gaming tasks (which wasn't...
  13. J

    Best chairs for gaming?

    Hey guys, I've been looking for a new gaming chair for a while now... I really did not expect it to be this hard, lol. I looked at racing chairs, like DXRacer and AKRacing. However after a while of looking I found that they are not the most comfortable. I saw some chairs from Herman Miller, but...
  14. A

    Can i upgrade mt t400 processor core t2 to i7

    I want to play games and upgrade my ram but first i need a good processor so i want to know can i upgrade core t2 duo to corei7 and i have lenovo t400 pls reply
  15. R

    Can my PSU fit in this case.

    Hello all, ive been looking at this case ( ) for a while now. My current PSU's dimensions is 150mm x 140mm x 86mm im not exactly sure if my psu can fit. thanks for the help guys :)
  16. A

    Samsung 850 Evo 1TB showing up as 120 GB

    Hello, I just purchased an 850 EVO from Best Buy to replace in my 2012 13" Macbook Pro. Yesterday before the install, I checked it to see if it was working by connecting it via a toaster, and it read as 120GB. Odd, but I decided to roll with it as I knew there may be something wonky going on...
  17. R

    Machine language question

    When I was learning programming in the 1970s i was taught that each brand or type of CPU had its own machine language instruction set. But these days, there are multiple computer manufacturers yet the same software runs on some or all of them. Do all CPUs these days have the same machine...
  18. G

    Bose SoundSport Free Review: Superior Wireless Audio and Comfort

    The Bose SoundSport Free provide great wireless audio quality in a comfortable design for long listening sessions. Bose SoundSport Free Review: Superior Wireless Audio and Comfort : Read more
  19. B

    88%usage on 1050ti old games like bfbc2

    i see the usage of graphic card its high but i ask how 1050ti have a high usage on bfbc2 ?! (v_sync on too!)i want to know fast if there is a problem to go to warranty before it ends ^^
  20. I

    GPU drivers been uninstalled?

    Hello I'm having some trouble with my 970. Ever time I want to use my PC I have to go into safe mode to install my GPU drivers. If I try to boot my system it tells me windows didnt boot correctly. When I go into safe mode I go into device manager and it doesnt show my 970, it shows something...