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  1. E

    [SOLVED] Downloading through Powerline Adaptor causes Router to disconnect from Internet

    Hi all, Recently purchased a Netgear Powerline 1000 adaptor, and it causes the router to disconnect from the Internet in specific situations (troubleshooting gives me the error "default gateway unavailable"). So far, it only happens when I try to do a multi-threaded downloads; e.g. a...
  2. B

    [SOLVED] Getting very bad/inconsistent connection in games, what can I do?

    As of writing this, I currently have a somewhat limited experience with my PC due to horrible ping. It becomes really noticeable in CSGO, my main game of choice when I play. When other people are on the network, I get ~110-200 ping with spikes up to 500+ ping, depending on the specific moment of...
  3. Scar667

    Question PC Doesn't start after shut down / sleep.

    After I shut down or sleep my pc, it doesn't start again until I turn off the PSU and let it stay like that for a while. This never happened before and I did not upgrade anything. Temps are perfect. i5-7600 RTX 2060 H270 Plus Mobo 16Gb Ram 650W PSU CoolerMaster Gold This only started...
  4. E

    Question Poor PLC speeds

    Hi, I live in a house with three floors and because there was no space to fit another cable for internet through the walls, the PC in my office (2nd floor) is connected to the modem (ground floor) via PLC. This has been working mostly fine for years now, but last week there were three days where...
  5. M

    Question powerline speed drops when netflix starts

    Hi all First I'll describe the current situation. I live in an old house so there are no ethernet cables in the walls. Therefore we needed to use powerlines. Our telecom distributor (telenet) provided us with some powerlines (Topcom 200 85 mbps) many years ago because the modem is in the...
  6. E

    Question WiFi stick reset my network name

    Hi, my PC normally is connected to the internet via powerline using an ethernet cable. Sometimes this connection breaks down for a few seconds/minutes for which I got a WiFi stick as backup. The first time I connected this WiFi stick to my new PC it somehow renamed the network name of my...
  7. G

    Question Can you actually achive the advertised LAN speed of a powerline

    I have a computer at my basement that I usually use for backing up photos . The normal thing to do is to use an ethernet cable to connected to the rest of the network . The problem is that there is no ethernet port down there . So I thought that a power line could solve my problem but there are...
  8. A

    Question Is there anyway to increase download speed through different circuits using a powerline adapter?

    I've recently purchased a https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-AV1000-Powerline-Ethernet-Adapter/dp/B06WP2ZT5N/ I pay for 100mbps down and 10mbps up When I first plugged it in and connected it I got 50mbps down and 10mbps up (idk if it was luck or what) Now when I do a speed test I get around 10mbps...
  9. Bambam47

    [SOLVED] WiFi Mesh Extenders + Existing Powerline Adapter?

    I have Xfinity as my internet and TV provider and we have a pretty beefy plan for the internet but with both my parents streaming all the time and me and my friends downstairs are all downloading and playing online games, I thought to buy Xfinity's new xFi pod wifi mesh range extenders for the...
  10. J

    [SOLVED] Using Powerline adapters to make a private network

    Hello, I am at uni whereby they put restrictions on devices that are allowed on the network (i.e. no chrome casts). I was thinking about buying a Powerline adapter, and then buying a router and connecting the two. Would it then be possible to make my own private network using the router that is...
  11. K

    Question Powerline speeds are too low. No common solution has helped.

    So I have two powerline adapters one connected to the router and the other connected to an AP. My internet speed is 45mbps. Everything worked fine and I used to get >40mbps from the PLC. Untill one day without any reason speeds went under 10mbps (most of the time under 5). No changes were made...
  12. Z

    [SOLVED] Powerline adapter stops recieving signal if I charge my notebook

    Yea, I've heard that using other devices may cause signal interference. Is there a way to avoid this problem? Every time I plug in my notebook charger and start charging, the signal stops and there is no wifi whatsoever. My source adapter is on the 1st floor, plugged into a wall socket with...
  13. oliver.kausland

    Question TP-LINK AV600 WiFi not working

    Hi, my TP-LINK AV600 WiFi doesn't work anymore. It shows up in settings, but when I connect to it, it doesn't give any network. I tried moving the one that's connected to the router around, but it didn't help. The ethernet doesn't work either.
  14. M

    [SOLVED] Can i connect 2 routers in each end of a powerline

    hello! Is it possible to connect one powerline to the end of the modem/router and the other pair on a router so i can (from the second router) connect wireless devices into the network and to the Internet?
  15. K

    [SOLVED] Powerline 1000 not connecting properly anymore

    Hey everyone, so i have been using a netgear powerline 1000 for about a year now and about 2 or 3 days ago the light switched to red. The connection oscolates between being super slow to not being connected at all. Im not sure why it would suddenly go out like this, no new electronics are...
  16. S

    Question Adding WiFi to my Network

    Hi, I have got a MikroTik Radio router antenna on the roof for my internet P2P connection and it's also my router for home devices which are connected to it via an 8 port Gigabit TP-link switch. So i need something to connect it to my switch and broadcast AC Wifi for mobile phone and laptop...
  17. sufyanmess007

    [SOLVED] Powerline issue.

    I recently have had an 85 mbps powerline adapter, and i was getting speeds of 300kbps whilst downloads, i now have bought a 1000mbps netgear PL1000 powerlines and yet i still get 700KBp which is awful, the powerlines are not plugged into am extension cable however there is a plug next to it that...
  18. D

    [SOLVED] Powerline or wifi

    Hello, I need some help in making a choice between investing in a router and reciver or powerline. I know ethernet is the best but there is just no way to get ethernet to my room from my router/modem which is located on the other end of my apartment. So I was thinking which would be better...
  19. D

    [SOLVED] Powerline speed drop question

    Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone knows why my powerline connection has dropped 90% of its speed. I'm using tp-link 500Mbps powerline adapters, and for the first 6 months of using them in my new house i was getting 90-110 Mbps speeds with no drops. Nothing has changed regarding my setup, but...
  20. P

    Question Devolo Magic 2 2400Mbs connection problems

    I recently got a multiroom devolo Magic 2 powerline adapter to power up my 100/10 connection. Ever since I got it, whenever I plug it in(all 3 powerlines), it works super slow (2down/1up) for a few minutes when I am using the computer and then it drops the internet connection for my whole...