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  1. E

    how can i unlock my windows 8.1 pro laptop?

    My windows 8.1 pro is rejecting its normal password. How can I unlock it without formatting my laptop?
  2. ragnarok94

    Fallout 3 GOTY (Steam) freezing on Windows 7-any other fixes?

    I know this is an old and hotly debated topic, especially with this old game. I decided to pick up FO3-GOTY and FO:NV-Ult. ed. during the fallout anniversary sale on Steam, being as I never played these games before. At first i had no problems, but now, especially outside the vault, the game...
  3. M

    How to upgrade my Graphics Card

    I want to upgrade my graphics card so I can do better gaming. Any tips on which one and how to put it in.
  4. kcarbotte

    Virtuix Omniverse Makes Long-Form VR Work For Arcades

    Virtuix today launched Omniverse, a content distribution platform for Omni commercial operators that features licensed VR content, a flat-rate compensation system, and a user profile system that syncs with all Omniverse arcade locations. Virtuix Omniverse Makes Long-Form VR Work For Arcades ...
  5. C

    Can I make a 24 pin atx power supply work with a 14 pin motherboard?

    I bought it for my son because he needed one and it was on sale, But it doesnt have the right ammount of pins. The motherboard is a lenovo MAHOBAY motherboard and the current psu is a 220 w stock psu. Thank you!
  6. SubaruWRX244

    G3258 Still Viable?

    Hello! So I was looking around for some Processors to pair with my STRIX 980. Im going to overclock the nuts out of it to a GTX 980 TI. I snagged it for $80 and would like to build a budget PC. However, Im currently stuck on which CPU is should pair for it. Ryzen is out of the question... Option...
  7. A

    Xbox Controller Smoke

    I bought a Razer Wildcat used off of Reddit. The dude didn't say he was a smoker but when the controller came it reeked and I can't return it. Any things I can do to get rid of the smoke smell? TL;DR How do I get rid of smoke smell off of xbox controller?
  8. S

    Dead Thermaltake D5 pump

    Allow me to apologize that I didn't test the pump in a separate loop, since I have no such materials to make one. This pump I've been using is a year-old, or 11-month-old actually. I bought it last summer and used it in my old system. I was having trouble with the old system due to the...
  9. A

    Noctua NF-F12 Vs Corsair SP120

    Is there a big difference between these two if I use them as a case fan, Which one is better?
  10. Zmanrocks

    Looking for new graphics card

    Hello everyone, i am looking for a brand new graphics card to run every game at 60fps at pretty good settings. My specs are" GPU:1050ti CPU:inteli5 4690k at 4.3ghz 1.25v Mobo: gigabyte z87 gaming 3 OS: windows 10 Problem: I dont get 60 fps on high settings in "Player Unknown's Battlegrounds"
  11. kewlguy239

    Dell Embraces AMD Ryzen With New Inspiron, Area-51 Desktops

    Dell announced that its Inspiron gaming desktop PCs will now include AMD Ryzen processor and Radeon RX 500-series GPU options. Its Alienware Area-51 gaming desktop will soon support AMD Threadripper and Intel X299 processors, too. Dell Embraces AMD Ryzen With New Inspiron, Area-51 Desktops ...
  12. V

    Geforce 1070 question

    I am looking to get the EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 SC Gaming. How well would it run games at 4k resolution. I don't need 60fps constantly.
  13. N

    Buying a new Gaming

    Hello guys,, i want to buy a new gaming laptop for college and i want to use it for studying and gaming so my range is between 1200USD or little bit higher or less i also thinking buying used one if it worth it with that price
  14. R

    asus t100ta locked hard disk

    i have asus t100ta which had original windows 8 i installed windows 10 on it now windows 10 is deleted from ssd i want to install window 8 but i am getting hard disk locked error i cant format or delete any partition even with third party apps or disk part override command .also device has...
  15. Z

    Case Fan scavenger hunt

    My case has two stock 120mm fans included (front and back). What I want to do is remove the front fan and replace it with the type of fan setup you'd get from the radiator for a liquid cooling system, but use that as an intake instead. Are there any fans out there that would meet this goal (two...
  16. T

    hdd to ssd cloning

    can i clone 160 gb of data from a 500 gb hdd to a 240 gb ssd?
  17. Utkarsh Mahajan

    Is it safe to buy from ?

    I saw hyper 212 evo at just rs 1800 on their site while none other site is selling below rs 2500. The website said that they provide COD but while payment, there is no cod option. That site is not Https secure. The website seems to have good reviews but they all are for their steam wallet...
  18. O

    prime 95 says hardware error need help solving

    my build asus z170-ar i5 6600k (OC to 4.5ghz at 1.255 Volts) EDIT(while running prime 95 CPUZ had my volts at 1.264v) 33c idle the cores are around 60c no higher under-load 8gb ddr4 2400 gtx 1070 g1 850W ax PSU the only thing i changed in my bios was the voltage and the core ratio nothing else...
  19. Bo Lee

    Will post but shuts down

    I found a deal on a CPU that had bent pins. The person selling it said they straightened the pins but that it shuts down like it is getting hot, but isn't hot. I am guessing maybe they are looking at a temp reading in the bios as their PC won't start. That being said, they also said that it...
  20. D

    My GPU isn't running at it's full potential!

    Hi guys, So I have a GTX 1060 3GB OC edition from MSI which has 1 fan. I use it mostly for csgo and I don't know why I get lesser fps running at low setting than my friend's GTX 1050. Which is around 200 fps max and min at 70 fps. I tried to delete some files that might effect my SSD and it...
  21. S

    ntoskrnl.exe ram usage is very high,looking for a fix

    this process labeled as System process is using ram like insane.while playing bf4 usually it can go upto 1500MB.there is sudden lag spikes and fps drops from constant 60FPS to 30 and sometimes it hoovers arround 1-10FPS for one or two secs. I have 4gigs of RAM (ddr4) geforce 940mx Gddr5 2gb card...
  22. A

    Modem or Router?

    Do I need a router or a cable modem or both to have excellent gaming experience. Also, I heard you need to do setup on the cable modem which sucks.
  23. J

    What does oc mean for ram?

    I know oc is overclock but this motherboard says 2400 speeds oc. I purchased this motherboard and I have 2400 speed ram coming in tomorrow and was wondering if it should work. I do have a pentium g4560 (7th gen processor) coming in so I know it...
  24. W

    Will it run with full compatibility?

    Hi! I am building a system with following specs: i3 7100 Gigabyte GA-H110M-H Intel Socket LGA1151 Motherboard 4x2=8 gb DIMM DDR4 2133 mhz RAM ASUS GTX 1050 DUAL OC 2048MB Corsair CX430 PSU 120 gb Adata SSD 1 tb seagate barracuda hdd 1. Will the system run with full compatibility of parts with...
  25. S

    Problems dvi-d extension cord

    Hey guys, I'm trying to run two 5 meters dvi-d extension cords from my pc to my monitor. I noticed the female bits on the extension cords are dvi-i however. Initially things show up fine, my motherboard logo and the 'starting windows' message work, but the login screen flickers and has...
  26. O

    Is my power supply compatible with a Galax Gtx 1080?

    Hello, I am looking to upgrade my pc and I'm wondering if my PSU is compatible with Galax gtx 1080 ex oc? Link to my PSU
  27. M

    Basic Build for Gaming and I.S

    Hey I was wondering if you guys can give me some insight on what you think about this build. I'm starting school in September and Studying Information security. We're starting from the basics of IT. I made this build with the next four years in mind. I should have used an i7 cpu but I thought I...
  28. A

    Thermal System Board Thermal Trip DELL XPS 13

    I apologize in advance if this is the wrong section to be asking. I understand there are some threads already available for this issue, but none that seemed to be for laptops from what i could find. Either way i wanted to get some up to date answers to my specific issue, so please be kind and...
  29. S

    Incompatibility with NVIDIA CPL Context Menu Extension

    Hi, There appears to be an incompatibility between Windows 10 and the NVIDIA CPL Context Menu Extension. Basically, it causes Windows Explorer to crash when you right click on a drive or folder in the left pane on the Explorer. Disabling the extension through ShellExtView remedies the problem...
  30. J

    Where to buy ISA slots

    I am looking to purchase some ISA slots for a project that I am working on but have been unable to find where to purchase them. Searching online usually just brings up motherboards with slots on them, which is not very helpful. Any help is appreciated, as I really do not want to have to desolder...
  31. K

    Usb 2.0 on Mobo

    I tried reading similar threads on this topic but did not seem to find an answer. I have a Gigabyte Z270X Auros Gaming 5 Mobo. It comes with 2 internal USB 2.0 connections. I am using a Phantom 630 case that also requires 2 USB 2.0 connections for the front and rear USB panels. Now comes the...
  32. L

    Radiator position for optimal cooling

    I'm going to build a custom watercooling loop for my gaming pc. The main purpose for which I'm going to watercool is silence. I don't care if temps go as high as 70 degrees, i just want peace. My Configuration Case: Corsair 780t Mobo: Rampage V Extreme Cpu: i7-5960X @4GHz @1.25volts 180W Gpu...
  33. TemplarBlood

    MG10XU popping and issue with 48khz

    hello , i hope this is the right place , anyway i purchased a yamaha MG10XU to use as a usb sound card which works great , however , i have 2 issues 1 which is not as troublesome . issue 1 ) through my headphones or home theater system ( connected to pc via the mixer ) i hear popping which is...
  34. zorrodude

    PS4 Party Chat

    I've become desperate. I don't usually ask console questions here, but idk where else to turn. For the past few weeks, when me and a friend are in a party chat together on a ps4, he can hear me like 30% of the time very clearly and the other times not at all. What's weird is in the party chat...
  35. N

    product key assignment

    Hi could anyone help , I have two computers but want to digitally assign my product keys to the same email address, is this possible.
  36. A

    Combo Jack (3.5 mm to 2.5 mm x 2) microphone not working.

    So I had a headset with microphone with a 3.5 mm plug (Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear) and needed to use the microphone on my computer, so I bought an adapter. The microphone has 3 buttons (volume up, down and pause) which when pressed, make a sound the microphone hears, however the microphone never...

    word 2007 recent documents tab

    I am using word in office home and student 2007. i have no intention of using office 365 because i understand you cant buy it outright and even if i am wrong about this i only use word in the package i got anyway so i cant see the point of buying a later version. This is my problem , in...
  38. H

    What do I need to do before changing my CPU?

    Okay, here is the deal... I am running an A88xm-E35 motherboard, and an A8 5600K. I am going to upgrade to an A10-7890K, what do I need to do before changing the CPU's out. I changed them out but the PC would not get an image or USB power, read about this and figured I had to change the CUP's...
  39. S

    Huge overnight price change on gtx 1060 6gb on amazon?

    Hi, last night I was reviewing a few video cards I was interested in and noticed a price of $199 canadian + tax (free shipping) on a 1060 6GB Windforce that Gigabyte had posted on Amazon. Now the cost is around $350. Was this an error on their part or do they randomly drop their prices?
  40. D

    Narrowed down case fans

    I was looking for two exhaust fans but specifically using a bearing that is better at being mounted horizontally than a sleeve bearing. so I was wondering since I have narrowed it down, would a bequiet silentwings 3/pure wings 2 or a cougar vortex be better than a corsair af120 and sp120 in...