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  1. T

    AsusGPUFanService using 25-30% CPU @ Idle?

    Hello, I run 2 STRIX 970s in SLI and I use the Asus GPU tweak II for OC and my fan profiles. In task manager it says the I am using up to 30% CPU (FX-8350 OC'd to 4.4ghz). Can this be right? In my opinion that is way too much CPU usage for a fan monitor. Am I missing something here?
  2. E

    How much should I sell this for?

    I was wondering how much I should all this sell this for, everything in on the parts list and all is compatible even if it's worrying about the Coolermaster. Also I know these prices are new, the pc itself is a few months old so take that into account. Feel free to say what I should sell and...
  3. nullqwerty

    What are some newer low powered cpu/mobo combos?

    Hey folks, I currently run the Asus E35M1-M PRO with the AMD E-350 APU (Fusion/Zacate) as my HTPC. I chose that one because it's micro-atx, low powered, fanless, everything is built in (cpu/sound/decent graphics, etc), and finally they put all the power into the graphics processing so that...
  4. mjslakeridge

    New Build, Will This Dog Hunt?

    Here is my brand new rig. Can it run the latest games such as Frogger?
  5. H

    ASUS RAM upgrade

    My Asus X552EA-DH11 has 4 GB DDR3 PC3 12800 RAM. As a gift I received a 4 GB DDR3 10666 RAM stick. Will this cause any issues if installed with the factory RAM.
  6. A

    What fittings to get for an NZXT H440 watercooled

    So I decided to purchase watercooling parts for my PC build, but I find it very confusing. I do not know what to buy so I came here for help. Here are my parts (haven't bought them yet). i7 6700K MSI Z170 Krait Gaming EVGA GTX 980 Ti SC+ (2-way SLI) NZXT H440/Phanteks enthoo Luxe (haven't...
  7. H

    Build Questions, Mainly PSU

    Well, after many months of thinking about what to upgrade to, I've finally (probably) decided on this build; I really need to know if the PSU will be fine, or another ~$50 or less option that would be safer. Thanks guys. ignore that case.
  8. T

    have acer 5335, when starting it blackscreens with a message that windows has not loaded correctly then says start up registry

    have acer 5335, when starting it blackscreens with a message that windows has not loaded correctly then says start up registry problems.... Any ideas please??
  9. D

    Stuttering playing Mass Effect 3 (Old Game!)

    Hi, I put together a new PC and started playing ME3 again with AMD driver settings tweaks and it mostly runs fine, running consistently around 50-60fps @1440p with driver SSAA and other post-processing effects active. BUT in many areas it micro stutters frequently, and I haven't been able to...
  10. W

    Network Cable Unplugged?

    Hello! So I am having trouble with my computer. My computer can no longer access the internet and when I go to my network connections under Local Area Connection it says "Network Cable Unplugged. Also it has a red X by it. Now under Ethernet it has the name of my internet and no red X. Any help...
  11. D

    Are these good specs for gaming?

    Can I play games like Cod Bo3,Star Wars Battlefront,Just Cause 3 or Rise of the tomb raider,Battlefield 4 /Hardline? My specs: 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.50 GHz) 15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) Anti-Glare LED-Backlit Display 8GB Single Channel DDR3L 1600MHz...
  12. R

    Looking for build advice and motherboard recommendations

    Hey guys, I'm picking out components for a new pc for a friend interested in getting into pc gaming, and I feel pretty good about the parts, though if you see anything I should reexamine, let me know. Basically I'm going for a Mid range build with a couple nice parts to sort of "future proof"...
  13. haris_ymcmb

    Getting an exchange offer, help needed

    I have an extra pc in house used for browsing, its specs are Dell T3500 CPU: E5630 2.5ghz,12mb cache RAM: 8gb DDR3 GPU: Gt 310 PSU: 525watt Exchange offer with CPU: AMD Phenom B95 Ram: 6gb GPU: Gt 9500 PSU: 320watt
  14. D

    [WTS] i7 - 2600k

    Selling my i7-2600k. My motherboard recently had a bad flash so I'm left with my cpu which is in great shape. It has been under a Corsair Liquid Cooler as you can see. If you are interested I can pull the cooler off. Looking for more than 150 but I'll log any offers that I get and take them into...
  15. bryceberger

    Any off brand keyboards like the Apex M800

    I was looking for a keyboard like the Apex M800. I just was wondering if there is anything out there like it cheaper then it is. I mean 80$ is not bad but maybe 60$ would be better. I dont care about branding. Also I dont care if it mechanical or not doesn't matter to me.
  16. A

    need help for setting up a long range wireless network

    Hi I need help setting up a long range 100 mbps link wireless network for my resort which is 14 km away and has a hill in the middle of the resort and the town which I can get Internet from please help me to implement this network and give some ideas on the equipment which is best suitable for...
  17. D

    I have a HP A6600f With upgrades.

    Hey, guys I'm new here I was wondering If I upgraded from 3gb's of ram would do any performance changes. I want to upgrade to 4gigs My specs: 3gb DDR2 Ram. Intel core 2 duo e8600. Radeon 7770 2tb Hard drive 256gb SSD. Thanks.
  18. B

    What means korea, on hynix ram?

    Hi, I have one ram with korea 07, and wanna buy same ram, serial number is same, but it's different korea number 03, and different eco numbers, what that digits means, and it's will work together, if it's different?
  19. Sehan Ivanka

    Sony Vaio Laptop Power LED ON !! Fan Not Working !! No Display !!

    I Pressed The Power Button and The Light Would Come on, The Fan Not Run ( Working ) , The Screen Stay Off.. Please Help Me Guys !! :)
  20. H

    Installing Windows 10 From USB

    Hi, I'm new to pc's and stuff. I know how to get Windows 10 64-bit OS on USB, and then select the priority settings on BIOS to removable devices, stuff like that, But when I install the OS into the computer and it finishes installing, does the OS stay on the usb flash drive or does it go onto...
  21. D

    R9 380 armor frequency drops

    Hi i just installed my new r9 380 armor 2gb. It works fine but with some kind of troubles. While playing the card is about 500-600mhz(little higher or lower depends on the game) and too cool about 46-57c. psu - aerocool 600w bronze mobo - asus m5a78l-m lx3 cpu - fx 4330 4.4ghz driver version -...
  22. N

    2nd monitor lag help!!

    Hello, I have just bought a 2nd monitor for CS:GO, 144hz. The second monitor i have runs at 60 hz only. Both of them are connected through DVI cables into my graphics card gtx 970. When I set the 60 hz monitor as my main display, everything works fine no lag or anything but the game opens in...
  23. T

    Please help me make a parts list for a Desktop PC Minecraft server (10Mbps stable upload)

    I really need a desktop PC server to host about 10 people with no lag and no server crashes. My friends and I use an old apple desktop, but it overheats and crashes alot (im not sure what specs it has since it's my friends, but I have better upload speed where I am, so I want to put a new...
  24. D

    90 Mbps on 150 Mbps Internet (Wired)

    Hello, As the title states I have a 150 Mbps internet connection (with Virgin Media, I live in the UK) yet only receive ~90 Mbps on a wired connection (20m CAT5e RJ45 Ethernet from Virgin Media Super Hub 2). Even when I was on 100 Mbps internet I could only get ~90 Mbps. It is strange because...
  25. A

    What computer is better?

    What one is better?
  26. T

    I need some help with a gaming computer Im thinking of building

    So I picked out a few parts, But I just don't know if they'll work how I want them too. I want the computer Im building to be able to run newer games such as GTA V or Fallout 4, Would all these parts be able to handle the games?
  27. B

    Which is Best

    Iam planning to Buy DDR3 8*2 GB ram .... so which will be better for performance and Gamming... Hyperx Fury(1866MHz) or F3-12800CL10S-8GBXL (Rip Jaws X series) ?
  28. D

    Software comparability issue

    My Epson Printer software only partially works with win. 7. Is ther any way Ican get the features of the software to work without going thru a long draw out process?
  29. V

    G3220 vs g840, c2d e8400 n i3-i5

    Let me be clearer, I'm buying a used tower pc from a shop or some prison from online forum. Hp elite 8000 C2d e8400 with 4gb ddr3 1066mhz ram, with Intel q45 board and Hp casing with built in psu 320 w For $62-68 G840 pro, asus Mobo without hdmi port n 2 slot for ram, local casing with sea...
  30. S

    Quick question about cooling

    I just got a new PC built. When I first turned it on, installed Windows etc. the CPU was running at about 40-50C on idle which had me slightly concerned. But after I played a game for a while the CPU was idling back down at 30C, which is great. So I was just curious why that happened..does it...
  31. delcarto

    Is my motherboard compatable with a 64 bit OS like Windows 8 or 10?

    I want to upgrade my system. I am running a 32 bit version of Windows Vista. I want upgrade to Windows 8.1 or 10 because I cannot find a copy of Windows 7 anywhere. Ideally, I want to upgrade to a 64 bit system. I have searched for any confirmation that my system will run a 64 bit OS. My...
  32. S

    I5 4690k cooling setup

    So im looking the market for a decent cooler. I dont mind water or air (but personally i really like the look of most water cooling unit). My current temps are 60c max and would like that keep that cooler. (i have a r9 390 which does make the whole system slightly more hotter) im trying to spend...
  33. tysonkiblader

    Best way to store data for very long term

    i have a large digital library video tutorials, eBooks , audio lectures and i want to store them for long term they are priceless to me , what's the best way to store them ? dvds gets corrupted fairly quickly should i use a 64 GB pen-drive , or a 64 GB memory card ? and store them in a safe...
  34. L

    Headphone Amp Need More Volume!

    Hi Guys I currently have a pair of beyerdynamic dt 770 pro headphones 250 ohm but when using them on phone or PC very low volume can anyone recommend a cheap amp that will increase volume and quality Thanks
  35. Antidisestablishmentarianism

    Does anyone know any gold motherboards?

    I'm thinking of doing a black/gold PC. What would be a good black and gold motherboard that isn't outdated?
  36. A

    Is this case is enough to fit a MSI gtx 970 2X Armor Edition ???

    This Case- Will it be able to fit a MSI GTX 970 2X Armor Edition ???
  37. L

    Help with compatibility notes about ram/mobo/processor

    Hello! I have been looking around a while now for some new rams and i finally decided to go with the HyperX savage 2x8GB 2400MHz. I have been lectured somewhat in pcpartpicker and to my horror i didn't noticed i already had some errors with my build. I really don't understand if this is a big...
  38. P

    safe temp for a amd fx 8350

    i was wondering, what is a safe temp for a amd fx 8350 cpu. I am currently running into 72-73c prim95 full load with all power saving and thermal controls disabled. i have a h55 water cooler atm. also I have ordered a thermalake water cooler ultimate 3.0 360mm, would that suffice enough for over...
  39. S

    how to find the access point is located in indoor or outdoor

    how to identify the access point is located in outdoor or indoor