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  1. D

    Question How to remove rootkit?

    My kaspersky detected there is(are) rootkit in my computer, but it can not be removed. I researched, seems this virus are dangerous and really hard to remove. So what can you do to remove it, my anti-virus say it cannot be removed and allow by me; I think it mean it hide inside of one software...
  2. C

    [SOLVED] What is the jellyfish rootkit, and how would someone remove it?

    I don't have this problem personally, but my friend is having this problem. He said he got infected with this rootkit called "Jellyfish Rootkit" and I was hoping to try and help him. Apparently it can take control of his pc and it has taken all of his accounts for everything.
  3. S

    Windows 10 “Other User”

    Trying to login into my laptop with windows 10. All the sudden i only have access to a “Other User”. I’ve tried logging in with my microsoft account and it doesn’t work. The password is correct. When i do the Shift + Restart thing I am able to get to the command prompt and login with the default...
  4. MrMario

    Hook Up Multiple Inputs to One Amp

    This is a new audio set-up for my desktop, first time with bookshelf speakers/amp combo. Speakers: JBL Arena 130's Amp: Dayton Audio APA150 Main Audio Source: Desktop PC Right now I have my amp plugged in via a 3.5mm to RCA cable to my PC (motherboard). Both speakers are plugged in via banana...
  5. G

    Noctua NH-U12S Fan Clips

    Hi guys just a quick question. Will the second fan clips that are included with the Noctua NH-U12S be able to fit and hold a Cryorig QF120 Fan? I'm assuming so, as both fans are the same dimensions.
  6. M

    Which Cable...DisplayPort to HDMI or HDMI HDCP 2.2?

    Hi All, I have an EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 HYBRID with LG 43" 43UD79-B monitor. Should I be using a DisplayPort to HDMI cable (or DP to DP) for best video performance...or just use a 4K HDMI that supports HDCP 2.2? I noticed the GTX 1080 has more DisplayPort outlets than HDMI, so just wondering...
  7. M

    Only 1 stick of ram boots pc

    So I just finished up my new pc but there is 1 problem, the pc will only boot with 1 stick if ram. And only that one stick of ram if I try the other it won’t boot up but I know it works because I had a friend test it out on his pc. Motherboard: MSI x370 Gaming pro carbon Ram: 2x4gb ddr4 3000mhz...
  8. C

    Weird PSU w/ that's Always On, Corrupts BIOS

    Hi guys! Here's a weird one for you: I recently bought a new PC, and decided to use the old one as a media/gaming center in our family room. I used my old PSU for my new build, so I had to find a replacement. I dug around in the garage and found an old desktop machine with a 600 watt PSU and...
  9. B

    Good PC but low FPS (bad performance)

    HELLO! So I'm writing here to try and solve a problem I've been having. My PC has what i believe to be fairly good (above average) specs. I invested good money into the parts and everything. However, the performance of the PC has just been underwhelming thus far. I'm struggling to get over 60...
  10. T


    Hey guys! so i just recently got myself a good pc that can easily run minecraft. It consists of a i5-4670k, gtx 770, 8gb ram, 1tb hardrive an this week probably will be getting a ssd. My issue tho, is that i play 1.7.10 (because i pvp) and for some reason, im running around 300 fps on high...
  11. K

    How do I fix hard drive showing disk space not free?

    I just formatted my PC and all my files are gone but my disc disk space on the C drive is the same as it was before formatting. Help??
  12. C

    Not sure if it will last

    I built my first PC recently and I really wasn't sure if it will last long before technology overtakes it, I understand the core i9 and the X299 are about to drop and that is what I am mainly worried about. But mainly, is this just a good overall computer? lint to parts[...
  13. Pro Gamer10

    Will OCing my CPU help

    hey guys my previous motherboard and processor roasted and i bought a used amd a4 3400 apu 2.7ghz my 6 gb ram and a gtx 750 ti 2gb card and i,m getting a very huge bottleneck that fifa 16 is only giving 15-20FPS , GTA 5 15-30FPS etc so i was wondering i could reduce the bottleneck my...
  14. Y

    Single or Dual Channel for Ryzen 5 1500x

    Hello everyone , I am buying a Ryzen 5 1500x and I will add 16GB DDR4 Ram at 3000 Mhz There is one single 16GB Ram module from Corsair and then there is one from G.Skill Trident Z 8GB X 2 kit I am on a budget and the Corsair one is significantly cheaper than the Trident , So will the Ram on...
  15. G

    1080 Ti isn't performing as well as it should

    Hi, so I finally got my first build to work after switching out a faulty motherboard and it's a dozen times better than any computer I've had previously. The problem is, it doesn't seem quite as powerful as it should. I'm only running about 70 fps in Fallout 4 when most benchmarks online show...
  16. R

    which is better option between i3 5th or i3 6th gen

    my budget is very low, which will be better for graphics design between core i3 5h generation /core i3 6t generation ? Or i have to think for another option ?
  17. Whizkid97

    GTX 780TI Not giving display

    Hello Tomshardware!!! i am stuck in a pretty bad situation and im going to write each and everything in detail, so this is gonna be a long thread, i just received an EVGA 780Ti custom water cooled with NZXT G10 Bracket and Corsair H40 Cooler from a very very nice and humble friend I am so...
  18. P

    Is that a good build for gaming?

    I'm building a new PC for gaming, I gathered all of these parts, and I wanna hear your opinions on it. This is pushing beyond my budget limit so I cant add anything :/ I know the CPU cooler isn't great but I'll order one online later. picture;
  19. Z

    AMD CPU reaches 95-100 degrees CELSIUS after CLEANING ! Need help !

    Okay, this a second thread to my previous problem where my cpu reach 90-95 now it's reaching 95-100 degrees just by browsing and watching poor 480p quality on youtube so that it wont overheat. It's so annoying on how much stuff i need to limit on for ex: Being on Power saver mode, reduce Cpu...
  20. A

    Won't connect to monitor after critical process error

    My computer crashed after I plugged in a USB drive. It's a custom build that's been perfect until after I unplugged the drive. My tower seems to turn on fine but it refuses to connect to my monitor so I can't access anything. After I unplugged the drive, Windows 10 said "Critical process error"...