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  1. I

    Will an AMD Phenom II X4 965 bottleneck a GTX 1060?

    Hello, I'm in the market for a new GPU because my GTX 550ti is not cutting it anymore. If i bought a new GTX 1060 would my processor ruin the experience? For reference I just play at 1080p so I won't be maxing games out at 1440p or anything crazy. Will this processor be suitable? Thanks.
  2. P

    Installing Windows 10 on a laptop

    So I recently bought a new laptop in China, and Windows is in Chinese. (and yes, it's region locked) I wanted to reinstall Windows, so can someone give me a complete guide on how to do it? Mostly worried about the drivers, as I have no idea where to access them.
  3. L

    Stagefright 2.0: Zimperium Finds New Media Processing Vulnerabilities

    Zimperium, the same security company that discovered the original Stagefright vulnerabilities this year, uncovered new vulnerabilities in the libstagefright and libutils libraries, allowing for remote code execution. Stagefright 2.0: Zimperium Finds New Media Processing Vulnerabilities : Read more
  4. L

    My PC Can't "Wake up" After Entering Sleep Mode

    Hello everybody! I got one really irritating problem with my PC. It can't "Wake up" once it had entered in sleep mode. Actually, the PC turns on but the monitor is still black and only shows the message "Power save mode". I need to restart the PC in order to use it again. Sometimes the PC even...
  5. samthechamp

    Gigabyte GTX 970 mITX vs Full sized GTX 970s?

    Hi everyone , I realised that since AC:Unity , I had to upgrade my graphics card , now , originally I had a 960 in mind , because it suits my budget and a fairly good Card for 1080p gaming , but then I read that though 970 is ~$150 expensive , it's worth it , I didn't really have the budget , so...
  6. S

    power supply unit

    My system specs are amd fx 8320 msi 970 gaming motherboard G skill ripjaws x ddr3 16gb(2*8gb) Msi nvidia geforce gtx 960 2gb Cooler master seidon 120 vplus cooler Seagate sata 1tb sshd hybrid drive Samsung sh-224db/idds dvd burner internal optical drive Need to know what psu to use since later I...
  7. J

    Build with a $1500 Budget

    What do you guys think of this build? I went through many different build sets on this forum, and I ultimately came up with this one. I want this to be created as a Gaming PC, and I will eventually SLI two 970`s together. I know there are some flaws with this build especially when it comes to...
  8. B

    3 way vga dvi hdmi female adapter?

    Is there such thing? I'm looking to hook my smartphone and tablet up to any external monitors using vga, dvi, or hdmi. I imagine vga might be a stretch, but I don't know much about the capabilities. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. G

    Is it possible to hook up my laptop to my computer/monitor so I can switch between the two?

    Too poor to have a second monitor, but I can see the benefit of one. Unfortunately, my laptop is not within reach, so I was wondering if I can use the mouse on my desktop to interact with it somehow. Thanks!
  10. Y

    Making A New PC Build! (General Questions)

    I am upgrading my PC! (PC Specs: (I bought a prebuilt, and then upgraded) Graphics Card: GTX 650 (SuperClocked) Processor: AMD APU 3850 Power Supply: 750 watt ThermalTake Ram: 8 gigs of a random brand Hard Drive(s): 465 Internal, 1TB External) I am planning on upgrading to this...
  11. Meat Shackles

    Steam Games Disconnecting Internet?

    Specifically Dark Souls 2. When I start the game my internet connection goes from perfectly fine to non existent. It shows that i still have a signal to the router but the router has no connection to the internet. As this happens all other devices on the Wifi network work just fine only my...
  12. L

    msi gs70's gtx 870 overheating?

    I recently got an msi gs70, and while I don't have many games i find that when I play black ops II with most settings maxed out and fps at 60 it heats up pretty hard. While the rest of the computer seems to be fine, the gpu core goes up to 87 degrees and could likely go higher if I pushed it...
  13. G

    Gaming Server Build Help

    Hi everyone, I have been looking at some parts to build a simple gaming server. I am not really worried about huge performance as it will mostly be used to run only 1-2 servers for games like minecraft and tf2. I would like it to be around $400-$600 and relatively small. (looking at mini or...
  14. B

    Drivre downloads

    Hello, where did i found windows 7 vga drivers for intel 865 motherboard.
  15. G

    printer not printing

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support (More info?) I recently got a new dell computer which included Microsoft Windows XP. The problem is that I have a Epson Stylus Color 880/880i/8 printer which includes printer drivers for Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000...
  16. Spartin503

    Minecraft Lag

    So I just got a Windforce 7950, and replaced my recferance Radeon 6570. On the 6570 I was able to get about 180-220 FPS, after upgrading I can't even hit 100 FPS. I have the most up to date version on java 32-bit and 64-bit. I have tried with and without optifine, and non of my components are...
  17. G

    Bauble [rules]

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Bauble Type: Action Requires: Vicissitude Cost: 2 blood +1 stealth action. [vic] Put this card on the acting vampire. Search your library and put a non-unique, non-location equipment card on another minion you control. Do not pay...
  18. U

    Asrock Z77 Mini ITX CPU Cooler for OCing

    The motherboard I'm not new to building computers, but I'm new to overclocking. I want to try and overclock my 3570k to 4.5ghz when I build my rig. I was planning on buying a Hyper 212 evo, but I found...
  19. mazasrb


    Hi all! So I have this problem regarding BIOS and I don't know how to solve it. I have ASUS P5 KPL-VM motherboard in CPUz it says Jooyon ver. 1.6 P5 KPL-VM MYEDU→ I don't know what is this MYEDU doing here? What is Jooyon? I've tried to update BIOS but it persistently rejects me saying that BIOS...
  20. G

    format c

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.newusers (More info?) I have 2 copy of windows xp on my c hard ware and I want to delete one of them safetyl Thank you Saaid Saleh N