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  1. C

    Question Screen Strange Artifacts

    Hi all I have a really strange issue, wondering if anyone has been it before? I acquired a Xeon based system, it doesnt have a hard drive. And I have replaced the RAM, CMOS battery, VGA cable and monitor and I still get the above screen strangeness. I think it might be...
  2. froggy14

    Question Laptop screen issues

    Hello. From time to time, my laptop screen gets some pink and green lines and the lower part of the screen stops working. The issue seems to appear only on darker backgrounds as when I open the Chrome it somewhat comes back to normal, but it still keeps a little flicker. The current operating...
  3. kuldeep.jadeja.09

    Question Gtx 960 2gb OC is showing 0 MB VRAM ? can any hardware expert repair it ?

    Greetings Experts , i have a Graphic card which shows flickered display as per shown in the attached JPEGs,. Also i check with the GPU-z and it showed every details of this card except Bus Width and Bus handle (something , sorry , i don't know much about this stuff...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] Three Black rectangles on left side of screen

    Hi all, I am not sure if this is the correct thread to add this question, if not please let me know. Since yesterday, I been having this problem with my computer where three black rectangles are on the left side of my display and they do not go away. I never seen this before and after searching...
  5. K

    Question Bad screen tearing! RTX 2080 i9

    I have screen tearing in EVERYTHING full screen, youtube, netflix, literally everything. I get screen tearing in every game except rust i have no clue why. I have tried turning V-Sync on, off , adaptive, adaptive half, and fast. Everything is the same. I dont know if i have some setting...
  6. subanta

    Question AMD Graphics Issue

    Hi, My PC is old and I have never had any problem in the past with any component. Recently small square boxes fill my screen randomly and hangs my pc. This happens mostly when I play games. Now it has become very frequent, and I have unplugged my graphics card. Without the graphics card, there...
  7. S

    New GPU but when i turn pc on it turns off after 1 second

    Spec I5-750 Asus p7f-m 500 watt psu GTX 660 Ti 1.5 gb Got a new GTX660 Ti 1.5 gb and when i turn on the pc it turns off after one second. When i disconnect the PSU to the GPU and leave the G{U in the PCI e slot the pc boots on and is fine but whenever i connected the GPU to the PSU the computer...
  8. G

    The Best VPN Services and Apps of 2017 (Including Free Options) (Archive)

    If you care about your privacy, travel frequently or often work on public Wi-Fi, these are the best VPN apps to keep your data safe. The Best VPN Services and Apps of 2017 (Including Free Options) : Read more
  9. A

    Should I upgrade?

    Hey guys, I currently have an AMD Athlon X4 640 and I would like to upgrade to an AMD FX-8320E. Is it worth it for me to upgrade the CPU? I would like to play the most current games on moderate settings that would get me stable frames. Also, keep in mind I am a budget gamer.