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  1. L

    gtx 1060 6gb cpu recommendation

    sir..i want buy gtx 1060 6b graphic card....i have i7 870 processor is it enough for that graphic card to play recent games at 40-60 fps at 1600 to 900 resolution without any much bottleneck..pls tell me
  2. O

    Boot logo stuck until restart

    Hello, I have a problem every time I turn on my computer normaly there is an asus tuf logo which loads for a few seconds but now it is stuck for ages. If you click restrart it will boot to windows for just a few seconds, no problem still fast but it is kind of frustrating. Do you have any idea...
  3. A

    New watercooled will not boot

    Hey there i have a new system transfered from my define r6 to pc-o11 D I have built the system and the system fails to boot at all i have played around with the front i/o connecters and they change nothing, when jumping the psu the pump operates so the psu is fine,no fans spin, no fault code, i...
  4. R

    I believe gpu issue

    I was playing warframe and then my screen turned pink and purple and restarted my pc. so I turned it off for 5 minutes and retried and same thing happened. can someone help me figure out my issue. specs: gtx 1050 ti ryzen 5 1600@4.0 ghz and 12 gb ddr4
  5. J

    Upgrading my PC

    I'm planning on buying a gtx 1070 gpu. Is it okay to upgrade GPU first before the processor? Specs: i3-4330 / r7 370 gpu / 12gb ram / b85m-d3h gigabyte mobo Thank you in advance!
  6. H

    is my hard drive working OK? (see screenshots)

    i have an used hard drive that came out of an pc that someone did away. its a 2 TB samsung hard drive model hd204ui. the thing is that i find it making a lot of noice. when you are doing stuff on the computer and when it is starting up, you can hear it really well. i used some programs to test...
  7. T

    Gaming Graphics Card Upgrade

    I have a question on what graphics card would be an upgrade from my current XFX R9 270x because im considering upgrading. i have an AsusTek M32CD motherboard, a Thermaltake TR2 600W power supply, and windows 10. I am considering a nvidia in the $200-$250 only if it is an improvement from my...
  8. G

    Would this work out?

    Mobo: MSI Gaming Z97 GAMING 5 LGA 1150 Intel Z97 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard Gpu:Sapphire Radeon R9 FURY X Cpu: i7 5820k Psu: Corsair 750w Case: Fractal Design S RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2x8GB) I have a HDD already and I was wondering if this build works. I am new to pc...
  9. J

    Hitachi Hard Drive Not Loading - Please Help. URGENT.

    I was wondering if someone could help me please, this is urgent. I have a 500GB Hitachi hard drive that I've stored all my photos, videos, music, basically all my files are on it. It's been working fine until last night. Whenever I plug the Hard Drive into the USB ports of either my Chromebook...
  10. D

    Which faster CPUs I can put in a GA-MA78GM-UD2H motherboard ?

    hi, I got an old motherboard GA-MA78GM-UD2H , with an old CPU : AMD Athlon 7750 dual-core. I will keep the motherboard but would like to know which faster CPUs I can put in this motherboard ? With moderate price... I found this list ...
  11. I

    Difference between 750ti w/ 6pin and w/o 6pin

    I want to know the difference with these cards. w/ 6-pin
  12. W

    27 inch monitor for gaming

    Hello I’m looking to buy an 27 inch monitor wich will mainly be used for pc-gaming. Currently I’m looking at: - Asus VE278H - Asus VS278H - Asus VS278Q - … Wich all settle in the same price range, but any other suggestions would be welcome too!
  13. M

    Multiple Drivers Not Working

    Hey guys I got a very serious issue..I reinstalled my windows 7 due to some reasons & now my wifi,Bluetooth,USB ports(all) are not working..I have installed all the drivers taken from HP's website.. But they are not working.. I have HP d15-002TX notebook..
  14. oxtis

    Upgrading 3.5 years old build. CPU + Mobo ($400)

    This is my current build. CPU : AMD Athlon x4 640 MB : ASRock 880GXH GPU : GIGABYTE 5770 RAM : G.SKILL 4GB HD : WD Blue 500GB PSU : OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W CASE : COOLER MASTER HAF 912 This pc has worked fine for me for the past years. but i recently want to start streaming (excuse to...
  15. M

    Do i need an upgrade?

    Hi all! Looking at upgrade options, if any! Total pc noobie here. I have: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H i5 3570k (no overclock) gtx 670 16gb ddr3 600 or so+ psu What would be a decent upgrade? If anything? Im more looking towards a new gfx card, something with a bit more vram than what I currently...
  16. J

    need help with getting a new graphics card.

    So i have this computer that i recently bought for a cheap price :) just wondering ifanyone has any ideas on what will best the best grphics card to fit into this. Power Supply : 400 Watt With Power Cable Supplied Motherboard : Latest Asus A88XM-A (HDMI) CPU : AMD FM2 A8 6600K APU Quad Core CPU...
  17. N

    Ram-CPU compatibility (new pc)

    I bought yesterday this pair of Ram: RipjawsX F3-10666CL7D-8GBXH (Dual Channel DDR3- 1333MHz 7-7-7-21 timings, 1.5Volts). I want to build a new PC with the following processors: INTEL CORE I5-4670K or INTEL CORE I7-4770K and i would like to ask you if i wll have problems between Ram and CPU...
  18. J

    Is the Zalman Z11 a Good Case?

    I'm building a PC with an FX6350, R9 270X and a Titan triple copper heat-pipe cooler and I want to get the Zalman Z11 and I was wondering how good the cooling and noise levels are and how good the case is in general.
  19. G

    AD1980 sound for windows 7

    Hello, I want to ask, is there a sound for windows 7 with type matherboard 4PS533.
  20. Z

    set@home temps...

    Ok, so I finally dled seti@home and run it on my machine. But my temps on average are now 59-64C. I have 7 case fans (3 in, 2 out, 2 PSU). Stock AMD HSF. I was wondering if I should just take the next step and get a better HSF. Any suggestions on a HSF. I have an AXP 1900+. Any other...