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  1. G

    MSI Announces Immerse GH60 Gaming Headset

    The Immerse GH60 doesn’t do much to differentiate itself, but its no-frills, all-analogue approach might be attractive to those who are just looking for something comfortable, convenient, and reliable. MSI Announces Immerse GH60 Gaming Headset : Read more
  2. lillozzer68

    Is my PC better than a PS4

    Im a hardcore PC gamer (pcmasterace) Im trying to convince my brother in law that PC is better than Console and he doesn't believe that my PC is better than is PS4 My PC specs CPU -- Intel Core i5‑6500 3.2 GHz Quad‑Core Processor SkyLake GPU -- MSI Radeon RX 480 4GB GAMING X Video Card RAM...
  3. J

    Acer Liteon 220W Power Supply PE-5221-02 PE-5221-02AB replacement needed

    Looking for a better replacement to the PSU above. I want to get better gpus. So far in stuck with a GT720
  4. B

    PC not booting "Proper boot decice not found" error

    When ever I turn on my PC I get this error stating "No Proper boot device was found". Please help, Thanks.
  5. A

    Mixing different amounts of RAM

    So knew about mixing different rams from different brands is a bad idea. But I am not entirely sure how a 4gb and 2 8gb doesn't April together well. They are both a Patriot Signature DIMM DDR3 CL11 PC3- 12800 (1600 MHz). The difference is the memory module. 4gb is PSD34G160081, and the 8gb is...
  6. N

    How to get better wifi strength

    How can I get better wifi signal from one house to another?. We currently have an extender (located in the garage) but that doesn't seem to always reach the other end of the house. We have 2 homes(yes we own both homes, not trying to rob wifi!!) on 1 property(approx. 150' apart), rural setting...
  7. Sithex

    CPU Usage Problem

    So I have no idea what to do to fix this bs. My cpu only runs at 20-30% in games, and I also tried passmark. In passmark my cpu should get around a 7000 score, I get 1500, during passmark the cpu still only runs at 30%. I just did a factory windows reset as well and the same problem occurs...
  8. V

    how to factory reset old laptop (Toshiba portege r) ?

    i tried pressing 0 with power button F8, F5 , F2 all F keys yet no warning for factory reset found can be fix or not? and how to fix ( i need to reset it because my COOL and HANDSOME friend use his USB without my permission and thanks i got a AWESOME virus thank you) forgive my grammar
  9. S

    Cpu Mining on Ryzen

    Recently I have seen people talking about cpu mining and that u can farm coins by cpu mining. I would like to know if my Ryzen 5 1600 cpu can mine, and does it come with any sort of sideeffects? I dont want my cpu to die. Also my pc is on all day and I dont have electricity bill issues...
  10. glytch5

    12v water pump with a 3 pin fan header... a little spooky

    I got a little phobya 12v water pumps... its a 3 pin fan cable for power... and it advertises the 3 pin cable for motherboard voltage control. I have an MSI x370 pro carbon, and it even has a "pump fan" header. Now this phobya pump is 8w!!!! at 12v... so thats nearly .7amps.... on a single...
  11. J

    how to make a hard drive smaller

    hi, for my mac, I want to use bootcamp but my hard drive (3tb) is way to big to make it into a masterboot format. Is there any way me to make a smaller hard drive? (I can only select the original format of the hard drive)
  12. M

    Bios pasword lock

    I have toshiba satelite laptop and i lock he bios with pasword butvi forgot the pasword .Haw can i disable the pasword??
  13. J

    Laptop display discrepancy

    Just bought this laptop for my nephew, brad new from here... I have a weird problem with it though, I have turned it on and noticed that half the screen is completely different to...
  14. S

    Check Disk while windows updated and now getting driver errors?

    I was working on a friends computer and wanted to check everything so I scheduled a chkdsk without knowing that there was an update going through. After it completed the update looked like it pushed fine but the scan now jumped to 100 % super quick. I also couldn't find a log of it at all...
  15. S

    Getting lower fps than before

    Hello, experts :) I bought a new graphics card gigabyte geforce GTX 1060 6gb OC, it was running fine as expected but recently for some reason I took my GPU out of It's pcie slot and then put back in and I've also formatted my system in order to clean my hard drive but now I'm getting lower fps...
  16. A

    Upgrading AMD to Intel... help?

    I am trying to upgrade my pc from AMD to Intel. I have a lot of questions about my hard drive. Will I get to keep all of my files and programs after rebooting my OS? How do you even reboot an OS? Another question is can I completely wipe my Hard Drive and then reinstall Windows from there? My PC...
  17. S

    Nvidia Control Panel Freezing

    Nvidia Control Panel used to act normal until it then would freeze upon applying changes (should be normal since I’m changing display settings). However now as of last night whenever I go to open the Control Panel it freezes my computer until it opens (5-10 seconds). Then whenever I go into...
  18. R

    Computer freezes randomly, without bluescreen. Lots of different stopcodes.

    Alright, so I've been getting a lot of freezes lately. I turn on my computer, and about 5-15 minutes of having my computer on, my computer will randomly freeze - without a bluescreen, and sometimes with a blue screen. I've tried resetting my PC but the new Windows reset option is very...
  19. O

    Netflix causes my Computer to freeze for split seconds

    Hi guys, Today i've noticed that Netflix causes my computer to freeze every 1-2 seconds for a split second. And it only happense when i start a video on Netflix, if i just open the site i can browse lag free. I've tried this with Chrome, Firefox, Edge and even the Windows App. I have the same...
  20. S

    will windows 7 be 64 bit automatically on first installation?

    So i bought new Pc has 8gb ram and im about to install a first windows on it and i was wondering if i will have to upgrade it on first installation or will it be 64 bit automatically?