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    What ram do I need?

    I have a Dell Optiplex 7010 I5 3470 MT. I wanted to upgrade the ram from 4gb to 8gb. What specific type of ram would I need to add to the computer and where is the cheapest place to get it? Any help would be appreciated. I believe the ram already installed is 4gb ddr3 1600
  2. H

    Improve Your Mining Strategy With The New 'EVE Online' Expansion

    You'll also get to attack pirate bases and protect your mining fleet from computer-controlled enemies. Improve Your Mining Strategy With The New 'EVE Online' Expansion : Read more
  3. M

    Mild electric shock from Logitech G413 Carbon Metal frame

    So i bought this keyboard and i really liked it but now it scares me. I guess the fault is with the earthing of my house. But still an electric shock from a keyboard was the last thing in my mind lols.I googled the issue but it seems i'm the first to experience an electric shock from this...
  4. E

    Can I overclock my monitor to 75hz?

    I'm using Samsung SyncMaster S22B350. Can I overclock it from 60hz to 75hz for FPS games? Will there be a risk of damaging it?
  5. K

    650w psu enough for 980ti?

    I am looking to replace my 1060 with a 980ti due to how cheap I can get one. I want to know if my system is capable of using a 980ti specs: 4670k OC @4.3ghz 16gb ram ddr3 @ 1866 500gb ssd 2x 1tb hdds gigabyte z97x seasonic focus plus 650w gold
  6. A

    will my PC support a 8GB DDR3 RAM with a 4GB DDR3 RAM in dual channel memory configuration?

    hello there ! i already own 2 4GB Corsair Vengeance CL10 RAMs @ 1600mhz speed, 1.5V Voltage and 9-9-9-24 SPD timings. my motherboard which is Asus H81-M CS supports upto 16GB RAM in dual ram configuration as 8GB max in each slot. My motherboard has 2 RAM slots. my question is that if i buy...
  7. A

    Best Budget CPU for my Gaming PC

    I'm building my first gaming PC and while I do want it to be budget-friendly, I'd like to future-proof as much as possible. Here's what I have so far: GPU: GeForce GTX 1070 Mini ITX OC 8GB RAM: 2x8GB DDR4 2600 Case: Thermaltake ATX Full Tower Case I can't decide between an AMD or Intel CPU (my...
  8. D

    Some keys doesn't work properly

    Hello. I have a really weird problem with my laptop keyboard (asus x555lb). Most of the keys on left side doesn't work for few seconds/minutes or even more, for example (1, a, q, z, tab, caps lock). I tried to reinstall my keyboard drivers via device manager, but it didn't solved the issue. I...
  9. J

    IP address assigned automatically in bridge network

    i am student , i have to make LAN connection in my university department which is composed of more than 50 computers , now i have two LAN card in my PC , one is builtin and second LAN card of 1000 gigabits i installed. i connected the main internet connection to my 1000 gigabits LAN card and...
  10. Q

    CPU & MOBO change

    Hello there, I've got a couple of questions because I'm not really tech master. I recently upgraded my MOBO and CPU AMD -> i7-7700k + z270 carbon pro I've heard that it is necessary to reinstall windows. But I'm wondering, do the files in general ,for example games, stay the same? Will I be able...
  11. N

    [SOLVED] Black screen randomly throughout the day [SOLVED]

    Hey so my 2 monitors go black several times a day randomly this has been happening for a while now any help is much appreciated. Event viewer error from System: Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered. Event viewer error from Application: The Desktop Window...
  12. T

    CPU Overheats out of nowhere!

    Hello, I have a Toshiba satellite laptop sadly I have no model but I do have specs. It rocks an AMD A10-4600m with radeon 7660g hd graphics. With enough resources to run a few games that is just what I do. Recently, like yesterday the hard drive fell out and windows crashed so I put it back in...
  13. Malefic Grindylow

    Is the gtx 960 still decent?

    I'm looking to make a major upgrade to my pc, I'll be able to keep my ram, case and HDD so mainly looking to upgrade my CPU, Motherboard and GPU. I have a gtx 960 not yet installed so I'm wondering if it still stands up to current gpu's? And if so what kind of build would you suggest around a...
  14. S

    transfer printer driver to new computer

    I have changed from a Dell OptiplexGX520 32 bit with Windows XP to a Dell Optiplex GX 780 64 bit. I have an old Panasonic KX P1540 printer which I ran on the old computer having downloaded Epsom LQ1540 printer driver for which drivers of both are now unavailable on the `net. Is thtre a way of...
  15. J

    opening cd drive

    how to open cd drive on Lenovo ideapad 110?
  16. C

    Sleep issues (Windows 10)

    With my windows 10 install on my m.2 SSD (THNSN5128GPU7) the amount of time to put the computer into sleep mode is pretty bad - ~80 sec+. Moreover, attempting to return from sleep always results in a PC crash with the BSOD and the error CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED, no other code information. It goes...
  17. M

    4K Monitor Help

    I'm looking to get a 4K UHD monitor for the upcoming Xbox One X and my GPU upgrade and I'm struggling to find a monitor with HDR capabilities that isn't too big for a desk setup. Ideally I would like a 27 or 28inch monitor that is 4K UHD, HDR, IPS and 5ms response time if possible. I'm really...
  18. E

    First build in over 10 years.

    So my last build was in 2006. I put gaming down a few years later after getting married. Now that I got divorced I can get back into old hobbies my Ex didn't care for. This is a budget build because currently going through a divorce. I did get a lot of help from a PC gaming group on Facebook...
  19. E


    My title is my question. I bought the Ryzen 5 1600 and now I dont know which motherboard I should choose. I am between b350 pc mate or the tomahawk (both from MSI). Thanks in advance.
  20. P

    AMD Ryzen 7 1700X underperforming - bottleneck somewhere?

    Dear Community, I was very excited to put together my new Ryzen System with the expectation that it will perform much better than my 2 year old i5 intel as a workstation. However it seems to be fairly laggy in comparison to my old intel using windows 10 64bits. I notice it when I have...