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  1. ShawnSMB

    Question Why does my microphone produce white noise, even when it's unplugged?

    I have a condenser microphone ( the Audio Technica 2020), and I have it connected to a phantom power supply. When I listen or record the microphone audio, I hear a constant loud hissing sound, there is no sound in my room that should be producing that loud of a sound. I thought it was my...
  2. E

    [SOLVED] Do i need a sound card to use the DT770 Pro with full performance?

    Hello, here is my specs RTX 2080TI FE i7-8700K 32gb ram H100I Cpu Cooler Z390 Aorus Pro Motherboard I'm willing to buy the DT770 Pro headphones, but my question is do I need a separate sound card or a mixer or something, like a sound blaster to use the headphones with all performance? or my...
  3. I

    Question Route optical sound through pc to my headset

    Hey everyone, I was wonder if it is possible to connect the optical output from my PS4 Pro to the sound card optical input and back through the output into my headset (arctis pro + gamedac) Reason being that I can record the sound from my ps4 pro + party chat and also listen to sound from my pc...
  4. Aceina

    Question DDU removed my PC's ability to see my sound card

    I used DDU to fix an issue I was having with a display driver. It said it was attempting to create a restore point when I opened it, so I figured it made one (no idea where though cause I don't see it as an option in the system restore menu) Once I got the new Nvidia driver all set up, I found...
  5. B

    Question Brand new sound card won’t show up in device manager

    I just bought a new sound card because I thought my old one “died”. Since I like the old one so much I bought the same exact one and when I get it I plugged it in yet nothing happens and it doesn’t show up in device manager. So I play around with it restarting the computer, playing with drivers...
  6. T

    Question Is the ALC269 a bad onboard audio?

    Ok so here's the thing. I'm looking for a new set of headsets that by not breaking the bank, still offer quite good sound quality. Thing is, I've decided for the Coolermaster MH752s (Rebrand and sligth upgrade of the TakStar's Pro 82s) (If you got any other recommendation I'll gladly check them...
  7. A

    Question No sound, only a static noise

    Hello! I have an issue with a new PC regarding the sound. There is no sound coming out from the speakers or headphones! The only sound is a static noise. It's really bothering, because it was the least issue i expected to have and im scared that the motherboard is faulty. Those are the speca...
  8. J

    Question Are sound cards integrated into motherboards?

    I am looking to buy a microphone but it is not USB, it is plugged in through an audio Jack. Someone said you 'need a good sound card' and i'm wondering if i need to buy one separately, or if the audio on my PC is all i need. My motherboard is the ASUS Rog Strix x370-f gaming...
  9. P

    [SOLVED] ASUS Xonar Essence STX sound card: dolby headphone on or off?

    I'm aware that selecting 8 channel output in the STX's menu provides surround sound audio for gaming when using headphones, but what I can't seem to figure out is if that surround sound audio is enhanced or degraded when the dolby headphone option is selected. Can anyone explain to me what...
  10. H

    Question How to best set up two headsets

    I have a hyperx cloud two and ath m50x. The m50s are stereo and the hyperrx is the stereo and mic. I have an adapter for the hyper x that only fits on the mobo stereo and mic out (hard plastic and metal). I would like to have both headsets plugged in the back of the pc at the same time. (One for...
  11. Vergil.Y

    Question External Sound Card in a Desktop Computer

    Hello. My Sound Card is Sound Blaster Audigy LS. a very old card from 2003 i think. and sometimes when even my headset is plugged in that sort of pressure is enough to move it a little bit and crash my pc. then after restartingthere is no audio. so i must open my computer case and adjust it...
  12. D

    Question speakers not working with my PC anymore

    Hello, Recently my PC speakers is not working anymore while the same speaker works very well on ps4 and xbox one via monitor AUX plug please advise me which things i should check to get it working again my motherboard Gigabyte z77x-ud3h and I use razer ultimate blackwidow keyboard and I use...
  13. aieth

    Question Sound card, amp/dac or for my Sennheiser 58x Jubilees?

    As the title suggests I'm wondering if I should pick up a sound card or an amp/dac for my Jubilees that I got recently. The one I'm looking at right now is the Creative Sound Blaster Z. Should I invest in one or should I just use my onboard soundcard? (My onboard sound card is Supremefx)
  14. T

    Motherboard and CPU upgrade questions

    Hello experts. After the holidays I intend to upgrade my motherboard and CPU to handle the next wave of PC game minimum requirements and I have some questions I hope you all can answer. First off, I'm a borderline noob when it comes to DIY PC stuff. I can change graphic cards and I just did...
  15. ISetsunaI

    EVGA KBoost Temperature

    When i crank up my fans all the way up and K-Boost is on for my EVGA SC 970 Card, it always seem to stay at a temperature of 35-45. Is this a green flag for me to allow it to be on K-Boost the whole day or am i missing something?
  16. T

    First PC Build. Please critique.

    Got tired of bad graphics and sluggish performance... I originally wanted a good gaming laptop, but I can't spend $2,000+ right now. So I went with the next best option: building my own PC. I would appreciate any feedback (both positive and negative) on my desktop configuration. I'm still...