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    Question No sound, only a static noise

    Hello! I have an issue with a new PC regarding the sound. There is no sound coming out from the speakers or headphones! The only sound is a static noise. It's really bothering, because it was the least issue i expected to have and im scared that the motherboard is faulty. Those are the speca...
  2. S

    Question Realtek audio glitch after changing motherboard

    I used to have an Asus m5a97 plus motherboard and when I went into the realtek hd audio manager and plugged my headphones in it always asked me what I plugged in. There were two options: one was speakers and one was headphones, and now I changed my motherboard to an ASRock b450m pro4 and I...
  3. K

    Question Buzz/hum after 10s of NOT playing audio, stops when I open sound configuration

    I recently (last week) bought a new laptop (Asus UXFN533). When it's plugged in to my speakers, it makes a humming/buzz sound when there's no audio output for <10 seconds. The buzz/humming STOPS when I go to sound configuration. It only does this with one of my speaker-sets so my guess is that...
  4. B

    Question Tv sound go on than off loop

    When i play games such as pubg or outlast those 2 games , have sound issue , when i play , sound of the tv go on than go off and repeatadly every 10 sec? Tv : sharp Spec Gtx 1050 ti Xeon 3460
  5. J

    Question Are sound cards integrated into motherboards?

    I am looking to buy a microphone but it is not USB, it is plugged in through an audio Jack. Someone said you 'need a good sound card' and i'm wondering if i need to buy one separately, or if the audio on my PC is all i need. My motherboard is the ASUS Rog Strix x370-f gaming...
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    Question IS my sound module damaged?

    I had sound working fine from the start (new system- aorus motherboard) but after i tried to connect a faulty rbg cable, the system shutdown, after a restart the sound stopped working but no driver errors. the only way i got sound was to connect it to my monitor via the graphics card. A system...
  7. K

    Question Very confusing sound issue

    Hello. I have a very strange sound issue that doesn't seem to make any sense to me. The other day my computer crashed and ever since then my sound will not work whatsoever. I've tried trouble shooting and it says it can't find an issue. I have a logitech g430 headset which comes with its own...
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    Question I think I broke my audio in my motherboard

    Recently I have tried putting my mobo into a new case and that didn't work so well so I put it back into my Dell Inspiron 3847's original case, since then, the audio hasn't worked, my pc came with Realtek audio and nether does the mic or the sound work, I have tried installing the drivers...
  9. MrPoop

    Question Exterme noise on new microphone

    Hello everyone! My friends were angry that I am using a webcam microphone (because it is really unusable), so I decided to buy a some great one. Based on some reviews I choosed a kit with nw700 and power supply nw100. The problem is that it is really quiet and really noisy. I don´t know what...
  10. E

    Question GTX 1060 6GB making strange sound

    I found a video of almost the same sound I'm getting, Weird GPU sound . It only appears when GPU is under load usually while playing games. I also experimented a bit with MSI Afterburned and found out that this noise appears when GPU fans are spinning on about 60-70% If I go below 60 or above...
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    Question Need help on choosing Gaming headset

    Hello, I need some help to choose a good gaming headset. I'm looking for something close to 100€, even a little more if it really worth it. I now headphones are better but I prefer to have an all in one system instead of a separate mic; suggestion are open but I will probably go for the headset...
  12. KnowItAllKing

    Question Microphone Not Working

    Hi there, My PC's parts are: Ryzen 5 2600 @ 3.6 GHz ASUS B450M PLUS TUF Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB DDR4-3000 XFX Radeon RX 580 8 GB GTS XXX SeaSonic - EVO Edition 620 W 80+ Bronze Fully-Modular Fractal Design - Meshify C Mini Dark TG MicroATX Mini Tower Case I just got and built this PC, but...
  13. C

    Question Everyone in discord or any other sound application can "Hear What I Hear"

    Windows 10 64 Bit Soundblasterx G6 USB DAC An updated occurred 5-6 months ago that must have reset my Windows sound settings. People started telling me they could hear anything that I could hear in Discord. I then bound a key for push to talk, and once I would click that bind, others could...
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    Question PC slowly but surely stops working properly.

    Just a couple of days ago, my PC started acting strange. After running the PC for a short while, it would lose all sound, and all videos no matter what site or program I use will stop playing and just buffer for all eternity. Going even further, all programs I try to start will never actually...
  15. L

    Question Sharkoon Skiller SGH1 not working properly, probably

    So I bought this gaming headset, it came in good condition, but I can hear the sound without putting them on, like a few steps far from the headset.. Not because of a high volume but guess its an insulation problem maybe? Also I havent found any drivers if thats the problem.. Edit: Also the...
  16. Question Individual program sound constantly being lowered for no apparent reason?

    Hi. For quite a long time now I've been experiencing an issue where individual programs keep having the sound lowered for no apparent reason. Every single time I will have to move the sliders back up, but randomly after a day or two they will shift again. See here: I've made sure to disable...
  17. C

    Question Extremely annoying static noise from audio interface

    So recently I bought a Universal Audio Arrow 2x4 Thunderbolt 3 Interface and a gc titan card to hook it up through, and I get this really loud irritating static noise when I try to monitor my inputs such as an instrument or microphone. I have no clue of why it's doing this except the fact the...
  18. P

    Question No sound unless power cycle

    Hello all. I have an HP Spectre x360 13 laptop that I recently installed Ubuntu 18.04 onto alongside Windows 10. Everything worked fine for the first few days. Switching from Windows to Ubuntu and vice versa took 30 to 45 seconds, and I was pleased with it. But today, I had been using Windows...
  19. J

    Question macOS don't allow sound on my monitor

    Hi all, I recently purchased a mac and two monitors BenQ GL2580. One is connected through the HDMI cable and the other one has an adaptor HDMI-USB Type-C (it handle 4K with no issues). My problem comes when I try to connect the sound on the screens. It does recognise the monitor on the sound...
  20. Mo.R

    Question Gtx 1060 quietness

    Hi, I want to know if the Gtx 1060/ti is a quiet card.if there are could you give me the names. I'm not looking for single fan ones, due to dual and triple look better in my opinion. Thanks