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    Moved to software

    figured i put this in the wrong section
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    PC underperformes and games stutter !!!

    CPU: Ryzen R3 1200 no OC GPU: GTX 1050 2gb RAM: 8gb DDR4 2666Mhz SSD - Samsung 750 evo 250gb HDD- Hitachi 250gb PSU: XFX 550w (had problems with it before - the PC randomly turned off and wouldnt want to turn on, got it replaced) I'm playing TF2 and CS:GO and im getting low low fps(under 100)...
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    Should i upgrade

    I have a i5 3470 with 12gb ram and a gtx 1050ti gegabyte oc edition what should i upgrade in budget around 200$
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    13.3 in Laptop for programming student carrying an external 15.6 in monitor

    Hi, I am a computergame development student and I'm out for a new laptop and I'd like some advice. I have found an HP ENVY 13-ah0015 (Intel Core i7-8550U, 13.3 in FHD screen, 512 GB SSD, 8 GB LPDDR3-2133 SDRAM, Intel UHD Graphics 620, very lightweight@1.3kg and good battery life). I'm also...
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    1600x vs 2600x which is better???

    so I was on pcpartpicker looking to build a new pc because I'm currently gaming on a crappy hp laptop and I saw the Ryzen 5 1600x and the Ryzen 5 2600x they both had 3.6 ghz clock speed and both 6 cores oh and I will get a 1070 ti or 1070 with either
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    Why does my stream stutter

    Hi, I built my pc 3 weeks ago and I used to stream with 0 stuttering lag when I had google and skype open and now when I try to stream without anything open and only my game, I stutter a lot and when I am in obs it doesn't seem to lag. So do I have to change my specs are G4560 8gb ram rx 550...
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    graphics card problem

    The graphics card driver does not work. AMD Radeon (TM) R5 M420. Notebook is bought for 3 days. It is a great disappointment, Asus with drivers that do not match.
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    i7 4790k OC 4.6Ghz at 1.25v

    So i stressed tested my 4790k at 1.25v with a 4.6ghz multiplier and seems stable, before this I tried stress testing at 1.2v and got a BSOD, so I was wondering if I could get away with something in between 1.2v - 1.25v with a 4.6Ghz multiplier or should I just not risk it and leave it at 1.25v...
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    Worth it to upgrade from HDD to SSD for gaming?

    I have a gaming rig except for the HDD It's very normal and honestly not that fast I have a Ryzen 1600 and GTX 1080, and 8GB RAM My question is can a SSD prevent micro stutters and is it worth it to upgrade ?
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    Samsung 840 EVO worth upgrading to 970 PRO?

    I've had a Samsung 840 EVO for a few years now which has been excellent! As I'm about to build a new PC I was wondering if I would notice much difference in general performance upgrading from my 840 EVO to a 970 PRO NVMe? I understand that the main benefit of NVMe would be faster transfer of...
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    malware back after wipe

    I wiped my computer to remove a malware. When i ran a virus scan after the wipe it still found malware. How can the malware still remain after a wipe of the computer?
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    Would i get shocked touching fan header??

    Hi, sorry for dumb question, but, if i touch a fan header with the pc on or off will i get shocked?? Like, will the electricity hit me?? Because i bought this product - - And all the pins are exposed!! I bought that...
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    I need help for my setup!!!

    This will probably my last thread I will make because i gathered all the information I needed for building my pc etc. Now I need YOU GUYS help! Before I tell you my specs I want to say that I want to game on 1080p 60+ fps on ATLEAST high on newer games like bo4, origins, bf 5 etc. And I also...
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    Power button issue

    I have recently built a PC and everything work except I can't turn it off via the power button at the front any ideas why
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    Would disabling my integrated gpu of my amd a6 7400k will give me better performance with my gt 1030

    Would disabling my inegrated gpu of my amd a6 7400k will give me better performance with my gt 1030? I only play league of legends
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    Audio randomly bugs out with white noise

    For the past few months, I've had this problem where my audio bugs out and all I can hear is solid white noise for 5-15 seconds. It occurs completely randomly, sometimes every few days, or even every day And another issue probably related to that - For example, with this video, especially at...
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    Fn+F4 and F7 shortcuts not working anymore (Y520)

    I have Lenovo Legion Y520 laptop, and since yesterday my shortcut keys with Fn; F4 (mic mute) and F7 (airplane mode) haven't been working. The airplane mode is not an issue, but I use the mic mute button daily so it's been really handy. The keys itself are still working (tested it) so problem...
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    what do i need to get 3 monitors running seperate windows offf of my asus k550m with gtx 950m its also an i7. ty

    im unable to get a 3 monitor display running from my laptop. has nvidia 950m card.
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    windows update issue

    Hello guys, I own a lenovo ideapad 100s with 32gb stock storage. Unforunatelly I'm running out of free space because of the microsoft's updates. After a long search, I found that there is a way to redirect the path where windows updates are downloading. So that i used that guide till the end...
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    Need help for buynig electric power stabilizer for my pc and monitor

    Hi I need to buy eletric power stabilizer for my pc and monitor and i have near zero knowledge about eletric current. I have and So what would I have to look when buying eletric power...