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  1. Z

    Question Advice on earbuds around 50eur.

    As the title says... Looking for budget earbuds around 50eur. I was thinking of MEE M6 PRO or maybe 1MORE Triple Driver (can get them for 50e), but i'm open for suggestion. I would use them mostly when i'm going to work or when i'm traveling somewhere. Most important thing would be sound quality...
  2. T

    Question Static sound around the CPU

    I recently changed my motherboard from a MSI gaming M5 to a Gigabyte z390 Aorus master. But now there is a static sound around the CPU, when i move my G502. Try to hear the video. Have tried to switch between all USB ports. I have try with a new gfx card, power cord, another power outlet, new...
  3. H

    Question Co1u pro condenser mic quality sounds bad

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased a Samson CO1U pro condenser USB mic to do some voiceover work. I've done all I could acoustically to help this tunnel or hollow-like sound and yet it doesn't seem to help! I even have a mini sound booth that I made, on top of surrounding it with clothes and...
  4. S

    Question Microphone only picking up static after resetting PC

    I recently reset my custom build because I had messed something up trying to transfer things from 256 SSD to 1TB HD. I didn't reinstall Windows, but I reset all my files (basically wiped everything except the OS, since I save everything in the cloud anyway). I have a turtle beach recon 200...
  5. T

    Question How does Spatial Sound work with Exclusive Mode Audio... Technical Question!

    I noticed earlier that enabling and disabling "Spatial Sound" (using Dolby Atmos or Windows Sonic etc) while listening to audio in "Exclusive Mode" from MusicBee crashed the playback. My question is this: Is the Spatial Sound effect causing the application to run in Shared mode and...
  6. Lynked

    Question Game freezes while sound loops- event id 10016

    Hey there, I have an issue in Rainbow Six Siege where the game will randomly crash. It will freeze, and if there is a sound at the time of the freeze, it will loop continuously until I either sign out of my computer or it craps out. I have just now run the event viewer, and there is one specific...
  7. G

    Question Can't use headset mic while connected to HDMI

    Good day everyone, My current set up consist of a msi GT72 Dominator Pro G Laptop (i7 6700Hq, 16 GB DDR4, GTX 980m), Samsung 43 Inch LED TV and set of Claymore keyboard and mouse. I'm also running windows 10 64 bit. My problem lies in trying to use my headset (with Microphone) while connected...
  8. summerhous4

    Question DISDIM PC Microphone not showing in Sound panel and may be not working?

    Following request (birthday) I was sent the condenser microphone ordered from Amazon (DISDIM PC Microphone - Amazon) but I can't tell if it's working when I connected it to my PC. The company site doesn't help. There's no power indicator light so I can't even tell if it's on and I don't see it...
  9. N

    Question Sound Settings Messed Up

    I use both headphones and speakers but they are set to the same output called "Dual Speakers." When I don't have headphones in, sound only comes out of the speakers, and when I have my headphones plugged in, sound only comes out of them. How can I separate the two into different outputs, and how...
  10. U

    Question RAM at 100% and sound crackling issues.

    Hi all, this is my first time using this forum, excuse me if i've posted in the wrong section or any problems whatosever. I've been having an issue since long ago with this computer; i'll expand. When doing high-taxing tasks, such as using graphic editing software, the RAM goes up. This is...
  11. B

    Question Robotic/choppy audio on PC

    Hey guys, recently I started having an issue with my PC. When im playing games sometimes my audio gets screwed up during the game, discord voice gets robotic also the sound from the game gets choppy/weird noises.The games seems to be laggy a bit once the lag is over the audio goes back to...
  12. mekyle99

    Question Sound Issues

    So how come whenever I boot up my PC, it will make literally no sound, even with a headset. But, when I restart it, it fixes everything?
  13. M

    Question MSI Z97 Gaming 5 Audio Issue: Audio output only on the left-hand speakers

    Hi All, For some time I have an Audio issue with my MSI Z97 Gaming 5 motherboard: The motherboard outputs both the audio for the left-hand and right-hand speakers through the left-hand speakers of my audio devices. The issue came after installing a clean install of Windows 10. I then installed...
  14. C

    Question Windows 10 not using GPU properly

    So I just upgraded to windows 10 today, the install worked fine but I found when I opened TW Warhammer 2, BF5 and a few other games they would either crash on launch, or shortly after in the menus. After some troubleshooting, I found that disabling my graphics card causes all these games to...
  15. D

    what is proper cut off voltage for my battery??

    Hello everyone.. :) Recently I have made an inverter by myself.I am about to use a 12 volt 100AH battery.( But I am confused for the battery full or low cut-off..With the battery I didn't find any datasheet by which I could have...
  16. E

    Question 144hz monitor only letting me set it to 120hz

    Hey guys! I have a 144hz viewsonic xg2402 monitor. I connected it to my gaming laptop (asus gl553ve) thru hdmi 1.4 (supports 144hz 100%) and it only lets me do 120hz. i tried setting a custom resolution but when i press 144 the screen goes black and it goes to 59 hz. ive tried 3 different cables...
  17. E

    Question Keyboard and Mouse not Working after Upgrade

    Hi guys! My last time on this forum was 11 years ago when I built my last pc! Have upgraded my desktop to Gigabyte B360M DS3H, Intel i5 8400, Samsung 860 Evo 500Gb SSD and 16Gb of Kingston RAM. I’m using the old case, PSU and IDE DVD Writer connected to mobo using a IDE to SATA converter...
  18. strea

    First time installing a GPU, will this be an easy install / plug and play? (Pictures inside)

    Hello everyone and thank you for your time. I am upgrading from a 980 Ti Hybrid (1x6 pin / 1x8 pin) to a 2080 Ti Hybrid (two 8 slot pins). Will I be able to simply remove the 980 Ti and put the 2080 Ti in without any problems? I figure I am just using the 6+2 pin into the left slot of the 2080...
  19. N

    Does hyper 212 evo fits in this case? this is the case
  20. S

    Best way to expand my WiFi signal

    I’d like to know the best way to expand my WiFi signal, my sky modem is downstairs in my living room, but upstairs in my bedroom, which is above my living room but on the other side of the house, WiFi signal is weak and sometimes cuts out. I’ve looked at WiFi extenders/boosters but I’ve read...