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  1. R

    Is My Specs compatible with GTX 1050 ti

    Guys I was wondering that my specs: ~Processor - i5 6402p ~RAM - 8 GB ~Mother Board - Gigabyte H100M - S2 DDR 4 ~OS- Windows 7 64 bit Compatible With GTX 1050 ti 4 GB DDR 5 graphics card?????
  2. A

    How to overclock?

    Does anyone know how to overclock this processor?
  3. S

    PC Hangs While Playing CS:GO

    Hello All, right to the question my problem is that whenever I play CS GO on my PC after some time my whole PC hangs and I am unable to do anything even restart I have to manually shut my PC. Also this was not the problem back recently this week this started happening I changed the thermal paste...
  4. W

    Netgear LAN keeps dropping

    Hi I have a Netgear R7000, for me the connection is stable and good for my brother it is unreliable and is constantly dropping. He drops speeds on his PS4 and PC. Speedtest shows that down speed for him is 0.30. When I test I get 40+ He has one wire going to room, then into a mini switch. I...
  5. T

    Hyper 212 LED 1366 Socket Fit

    Hey guys, Been trying to find this info, but not getting it anywhere. Will the hyper 212 LED fit into a 1366 socket? I know the 212 EVO does, but CM's website doesn't list it as sa supposed socket. Anyone know?
  6. A

    Lenovo ideapad yoga 11 cant boot into windows nor bios

    Lenovo ideapad yoga 11 cant boot into windows nor bios. Stuck in windows loading and loop. And after few search this kind of yoga books only enter bios from windows and since this cant boot into windows i cant reinstall windows. Any idea. Thanks
  7. Siddhantha

    asus rog front base dual-bay gaming panel

    Will it work with my mai b150m mortar ?
  8. Y

    Need some help with my first gaming PC build ;)

    Hey, so i want to buy a $1,300 gaming computer, the purpose of the PC is to run all games for the next 4 years on High/Ultra/Medium settings on 1080p. Please tell me if all good with this build and all will work for the next 4 years at those settings on ALL games, And no, i'm not going to...
  9. S

    which cooler will fit?

    Ight I have a i5-6600k , Asus z170-A mobo and a would like ripjaw v series 2x8g, Im looking for a cool that will fit these parts. Im cool with paying up to 90-100 for this. I really would prefer air coolers, not really looking to have a liquid cooler. Any ideas? PS; I want to overclock
  10. P

    Power supply turns on pc and fans when plugged

    I have this thermaltake se 730w gold and everytime i plug it it it automatically turns on and i tried doing this power supply test but without using a pin it still turns thenfans on? So i assume i have a bad supply right now?
  11. L

    System Upgrade with GTX1080

    Hi All, I'm an architect and often do a bit of VRAY rendering. I'm looking to move into GPU rendering with Octane and planning a system upgrade. I don't have the cash to upgrade the whole system and was wondering if the following upgrade will be ok? My concerns are the compatibility of the...
  12. S

    power for graphic card

    I just purchased an HP Envy 750-414. There are no visible plugs from the HP 300 watt power supply or any available statistics for this PSU. I was trying to figure out how to power this thing to the 6 pin graphics card on a old HP AMD RADEON HD7770 2GB (680254-001). I don't even know where to...
  13. E

    MSI z270 motherboard

    Hi, I am wondering which msi motherboard I am going to buy for my middle tier gaming PC. I have checked the specifications of msi z270 m3, m5 and krait gaming and I think there are some minor differences in them (of course m5 is better due to killer lan and etc but I am wondering if it is worth...
  14. D

    Loading off SSD, not HDD

    I installed an SSD to strictly use for gaming and it works as intended, but upon loading, it's going to the SSD instead of the HDD (which I'd prefer, had a ton more space and is easier to use for the family). I set the priority in BIOS and did everything I know to get this to work, but it's not...
  15. T

    Historical CPU price drops when new CPUs released

    I'm debating buying the AMD A10-7890K CPU for my new build now or waiting until the new AMD CPUs come out in late February or early March. Does anyone have historical data on how fast and how much CPU prices drop when a new CPU architecture is released?
  16. Z

    Systems Capable of 1080p streaming while gaming.

    The title says it all. I'm currently looking for a build that is able to stream at 1080p @60fps and also not experience any stuttering or lag while gaming on ultra or higher, I do not want to use 2 PCS to do this. I thought I could achieve this with what I have currently but maybe I am missing...
  17. M

    XFX RX 480 Running hot

    Hi, I got the XFX RX 480 gtr black yesterday and I've tried it in a few games, except its running at around 70-80c with the fans around 2500-3000rpm. I live in the UK (currently winter) so it's pretty cold here and I'm worried how it would be on a hot day. I bought this because it supposedly...
  18. enderkevin13

    How do I install Intel HD Graphics onto a custom built PC?

    And how do I identify which version is compatible with my CPU?
  19. S

    bf 1 - fx 8350 gtx 970 low fps problem

    Hello everyone, I am experiencing 30-40 fps on Battlefield 1 for ultra settings(1080p-%42 resolution scale- vsycn on-dx12 on) with the pc specs below: FX 8350 (4.0 ghz - stock speed) Asus gtx 970 Kingston hyper ddr3 2x4gb - 1600 mhz CL9(dual channel) Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0 WD black 1 TB 7200...
  20. S

    Power setting help

    Is it bad to always use high performance mode?