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  1. L

    AMD Transtiioning To 12nm LP Process For Vega, Ryzen In 2018

    At the Global Foundries Technology Conference, AMD’s CTO Mark Papermaster announced that the company will be transitioning “graphics and client products” from the Global Foundries 14nm LP FinFET process it uses today to the new 12LP process in 2018. AMD Transtiioning To 12nm LP Process For...
  2. E

    I3 7100 with GTX750 ti or GTX 1050ti

    Hello!!!! I am gonna upgrade my pc and I am confused,again. My current Specs. are : Intel Pentium G4400 Zotac GT 730 2gb DDR5 4GB ram 2400mhz ddr4 So,should I just get an I3 7100 with GTX 750ti or just go for GTX 1050ti and another 4gb of RAM?? The games that I play are: Dota 2 LoL(League of...
  3. K

    Windows restart fails/Startup Repair freezes

    My brother's desktop pc is having a critical startup error that I'm hoping someone knows how to fix. According to him, he had set it on sleep mode, however when he started it back up it encountered an error and he tried to restart. Ever since, the startup failure goes through this series of...
  4. G

    Hdd support for ddr2 motherboard

    Will g31 ddr2 motherboard support 2tb hdd
  5. B

    One of two fans stopped working on AMD R9 390 GPU

    Just the other day I noticed that my computer graphic card was running hotter than normal (55+ at idle) and thought maybe it was nothing. It continued and today I noticed fat the RPM was way lower than normal (at about 200 rather than 800 or so) and I opened it up and sure enough one of the fans...
  6. M

    A new case

    I'm searching for the best case for my price range 30-40 dollars, I have a micro ATX board and a R9 380 dual fans, I want a case I can look into and see all of the components I bought, as well as good cable management, also I have a cryorge mini cooler so it needs to fit it, and suggestions...
  7. D

    240w PSU with a GTX 750TI

    Ok so I have an old computer that I'm going to upgrade to the max w/o replacing the motherboard or case. I'm thinking about buying a GTX 750 TI for it. Unfortunately, I noticed that it "recommends" a 450w psu. Will it work with my 240w psu? SPECS: 8GB DDR3 RAM 600GB Hard drive Intel Core 2...
  8. T

    Recommendations for a low budget gaming mouse

    Hello everyone! So a few weeks back i've started playing a few online FPS games like overwatch, payday 2 and battlefield 1. Though i know these games need skill I've decided that i would like to upgrade my shitty all purpose mouse to a decent gaming mouse. The gaming mouses on the market are a...
  9. I

    Dell Inspirion 11.6 VS Lenevo 110s Premium

    Dell Inspirion 11.6 VS Lenevo 110s Premium. Which one should I buy..
  10. Saturnity

    MSVCP100.dll is missing (HELP)

    Ive tried like everything, am I missing something? I have the most recent version of C++, and I updated windows, and its keeping a lot of my games from starting and its really annoying, any suggestions? I even searched for MSVCP100 and theres a file... Its in system32... So whats the problem...
  11. E

    No power at all

    So I built a new pc around a month ago, put it together and it to worked great, until two days ago. I had gone to the toilet and when I came back I noticed my pc had turned off completely. I tried to turn it back on but it wouldn't, nothing would happen, no fans would spin up, no lights...
  12. V

    4gb vs 8gb single channel ddr3

    Hi, please can somebody tell me the difference on laptop 4gb ddr3 single channel vs 8gb ddr3 also single channel (because on my laptop have only one slot for ram memory), it is for wow gaming.... does will be some improvements in stability on fps or etc?
  13. R

    Should I upgrade or leave it.

    Should I upgrade my motherboard that supports DDR4 or should I just stick with my DDR3L. I am using an Asus H110M-A-D3 that I got used (It was fairly new) and I was planning to get an Asus Strix B250F motherboard. Current Specs: Asus H110M-A-D3 Pentium G4560 Crucial DDR3L 1600mhz No GPU yet...
  14. I

    ANY way to run a DirectX 9+ game on a weird type of DirectX that my GPU has?

    Specs will be below So I hooked up my old build and tried to run this game: Special Force 2 -by PlayPark It says that my video card requires at least pixel shader 2.0 or higher to run. So I ran the DirectX tool to see what version I have, and surpringly enough... I have the no-longer used...
  15. Chad Ashton

    Upgrade or start new...

    Ok...I need a new or upgraded computer. I want something for light gaming (World Of Warcraft) and some photo editing with LR and PS. I was looking at what I currently have and wonder if it can be upgraded to perform better or am I better off just starting fresh. Here's the current system and...
  16. Y

    Dell L501X/Win10 won't boot after upgrading RAM

    Hi all, I'm trying to upgrade the RAM on my Dell L501X Win10 from 2x2gb to 2x4gb. I'll get to the Windows 10 loading screen but then it'll go to the "Your PC has ran into a problem" screen and shut down. When I put the old RAM back in it boots up fine besides having to reinstall the drivers...
  17. M

    A little help whit psu

    Ok in my country have a gaming computer is like sell you kidney for it. I find a "Good" deal for a pc whit 6600k and gtx 1060, 16gb, and a asus z170m ( aprox $1280) but they put it a 600w thermlake psu, i know enought of computar to say that, That is much. so looking and using a online...
  18. J

    Need help please on a install loop question

    Windows 10 continuous loop for install. Recently my computer started freezing so I figured a fresh install would be good. I already had the installer on my computer and cdkey written down. I started the windows installereverything went good till I got to the *hi there custom or express installer...
  19. J

    Case fan connection to the computer

    Hey guys, I bought a Noctua NF-F12 PWM. It is 4-pin PWM. Using it as a fan on the liquid cooling unit, or whatever that may be called. My liquid cooling unit seems to have a fan in front (visible) and behind it (blocked from view as it's facing the back ventilated panel of the tower case)...
  20. E

    Nvidia GTX 1060 WF2 3GB

    My Specs: CORSAIR 450W POWER SUPPLY 16GB HyperX FURY (2 x 8GB) (Ram) ASUS H110M-R: Micro-ATX, DDR4, LG1151, USB 3.0, SATA 6GBs (Motherboard) Intel Core i7 Quad Core Processor i7-7700 (3.6GHz) 8MB Cache Don't know a great deal about computers but i'm looking to upgrade my graphics card to a...